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Sweet.tooth. - 11/02/2012 11:14 AM
Mainan Anak, Edukatif, Interaktif dan Lucu (Baby and Infant Toys)

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Permisi agan dan aganwati, ane numpang buka lapak mainan dari Bright Starts Mother Care & Fisher Price akan segera masuk (Akhir bulan Mei 2012) yah gan, ditunggu update an dari kita

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NEW!!! Curious George Soft Book

Age: 3m+
Price: IDR 45.000
Dimension: 1kg


8863 Flexi Ball™

Age: 3m+
Price: IDR 70.000
Dimension: 1kg

Your baby will have a Ball with the Bright Starts™ Flexi-Ball™!

[*]Flexible, colorful plastic makes this ball fun and easy for little fingers to bend and squeeze
[*]Rolling rattle ball inside makes a fun sound
[*]Caterpillar character with multiple textures and colors to stimulate baby


NEW!!! 9100_Having a Ball™ Giggables™

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 80.000/each [elephant, pig, frog, lion, elephant and dog]
Dimension: 1kg

Delight toddler with these cute, animal themed balls that make silly sounds as they wobble and roll across the floor! With 6 different characters to choose from, your toddler is sure to laugh out loud!

[*]Animal themed character balls that wobble and roll when pushed
[*]Push balls along to hear silly sounds


9001_Rattle & Stack

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 85.000
Dimension: 1kg

Brightly colored rings of different shapes and textures making stacking fun!

[*]5 brightly colored, different shaped rings for baby to stack
[*]Rattle with colorful beads adds something extra to the top
[*]Multiple textures promote tactile development
[*]Rings are easy for baby to grasp


8667_Pretty In Pink™ Traveling Trio™

Age: 0m+
Price: IDR 90.000
Dimension: 1kg

This set of three entertaining characters offers crinkle, rattle, and squeaks in all the right places. Each character includes a secure strap or a Fun Link™ to keep it fastened to carriers, strollers, and more!

[*]Plush flower makes fun rattle sounds
[*]Butterfly with crinkle wings develops early sense of touch
[*]Flower shaped water-filled teether soothes baby's gums
[*]Secure strap or Fun Link™ keeps each character fastened to carriers, strollers, and more


8994_Buzzin' Around Bee

Age: 0m+
Price: IDR 90.000
Dimension: 1kg

Playful bee hanging above with its dangling activities will delight and entertain baby.

[*]Large, plush bee character
[*]3 smaller toys dangle to keep baby entertained: Mirror, Rattle ball, and Soft bug
[*]Multiple textures and colors are fun to touch and enhance visual development


9051_Clack & Slide Activity Ball™

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 145.000
Dimension: 2kg

This colorful ball will keep baby entertained with loads of fun and sounds! Fun activities include bead chaser, rattle ball, squeaker, and mirror!

[*] Spinning frog character and caterpillar bead chaser
[*] Spinning paddle with mirror
[*] Squeaker and clacking rings
[*] Roller ball with colorful rattle beads
[*] Handles with multiple textures are easy for baby to grasp


9000_Cruizin' & Sort Bus (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 150.000
Dimension: 2kg

The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round!

[*]Large, bus shaped sorter with 4 rolling wheels
[*]8 unique shapes fit into holes in bus
[*]2 character shapes, 3 letter shapes and 3 number shapes
[*]Push motion encourages baby to crawl
[*]Teaches shapes, letters and numbers



Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 175.000
Dimension: 3kg

Let the good times roll! This sweet little plane rolls along and features 3 pop-up characters!

[*]Large airplane with 4 rolling wheels
[*]Slide, push or unlock the key to pop-up the 3 cute character windows
[*]Melodies play each time a character pops up
[*]Airplane sounds play when baby rolls it along


8493_Drop & Giggle

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 180.000
Dimension: 3kg

Fun action and reaction play keeps baby engaged!

[*] Drop balls in head and hands and watch them tumble out
[*] Play activates 12 silly sounds
[*] Convenient twist & store ball holder
[*] Action/reaction play develops hand-eye coordination

Sweet.tooth. - 11/02/2012 11:15 AM


9101_Having a Ball™ Roll & Chase Bumble Bee™

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 195.000
Dimension: 2kg

The Roll & Chase Bumble Bee™ brings learning and fun to life with its unpredictable bumbling and catchy melodies that begin with the touch of a button. With two modes of play, toddlers also learn colors, shapes, and numbers!

[*] Chase and Play Mode: With one press of a button, Bumble Bee will roll and tumble in a variety of different paths playing music, and encouraging your toddler to crawl and play along. Light-up buttons play 9 different melodies keeping toddler engaged
[*] Learning Mode: Press the buttons to learn colors, shapes, and numbers


9105_Having a Ball™ Cluck & Learn Barn™

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 325.000
Dimension: 4kg

The Cluck & Learn Barn™ brings animal learning and ball drop surprise together to spark laugh out loud fun! Toddler can drop balls into the chicken to activate fun barnyard sounds, and to see which barn door they’ll pop out of! Pressing the buttons teaches animal names and sounds while ball dropping fosters counting and playing all at the same time!

2 ways to play:

[*]Silly Sounds Mode: Drop balls into the top of the chicken to activate silly animal sounds. Balls will activate more silly sounds as they roll out of 2 different openings in the barn
[*]Learning Mode: Press the 3 light up buttons to learn animals sounds and names. Learn counting skills as balls drop through the barn. Open and close barn doors for funny barnyard sounds and to learn opposites. Clucking chicken will encourage toddler to play again

[*]Includes 2 AA batteries
[*]Includes 4 character balls
[*]Balls can be stored inside the barn


9103_Having a Ball™ Swirl & Roll Truck™

Age: 6M to 36M
Price: IDR 250.000
Dimension: 3kg

Keep play time truckin’ with endless fun from the Swirl & Roll Truck™! Toddler can drop balls into the truck’s stacker opening, see them swirl around, and then pop out the back of the truck as it’s rolled along. Fun sounds and phrases and light up buttons accompany the ball popping, making this truck a total entertainment experience!

[*]Drop balls into the truck’s stacker opening to see them spin around the tumbler while silly sounds play. Balls pop out of the back of the truck as toddler pushes it along
[*]Buttons light up and silly sounds play as the truck rolls along
[*]Press the 3 buttons to learn shapes and colors, and to hear fun truck sounds and phrases


9107_Having a Ball™ Get Rollin’ Activity Table™ - SOLD OUT

Age: 6m+
Price: IDR 570.000
Dimension: 9kg

Your toddler will never run out of new things to do and learn with the Get Rollin’ Activity Table™! From the ball ramp to the peek-a-boo gator and the caterpillar piano, this activity table provides hours of entertainment and learning! It even fosters bilingual language learning by teaching shapes, colors, numbers, and more in both English and Spanish!

Over 60 different songs and activities across 8 play areas:

[*]Unique ball ramp swirls balls around the table before dropping them down one table leg
[*]Electronic book features fun phrases and melodies and flipping the pages changes from Play mode to Learn mode
[*]Open and close peek-a-boo gator features fun sounds
[*]Merry go round spins balls around while playing melodies
[*]Press and pop “1,2,3” teaches numbers and animal sounds
[*]Cute caterpillar piano plays music while teaching colors and shapes
[*]Turtle gears play the ABC song and other melodies when turned
[*]Fun fish bead spinner plays melodies and sounds
[*]Develops and encourages motor skills, while teaching colors, shapes, numbers, opposites, and animal names
[*]2 modes: Play Mode or Learning Mode
[*]Legs are detachable for floor play
[*]Bilingual learning for toddler: English or Spanish
[*]Includes 6 balls

Sweet.tooth. - 11/02/2012 05:13 PM

fisher price


fisher price winnie the pooh spin & touch activity toy

age: 6m+
price: idr 175.000
dimension: 1kg

watch pooh spin the wheel as the ball, star and flower spin on a rotating stand.the ball, star and flower have rattle/chime sounds that invite the baby to touch.this toy attaches to the high chair, or any flat surface with the suction cup base.


fisher price brilliant basics musical singin' snail

age: 6m+
price: idr 180.000
dimension: 2kg

part of fisher-price's be-bop building series, this buildin' snail promises all sorts of smiles for curious, industrious babies. Ten chewable, stackable, soft-plastic blocks in different shapes and colors all fit inside this 10-inch-long snail's circular


Fisher Price Laugh & Learn™ Learning Keys

age: 6m+
price: idr 210.000
dimension: 1kg

Open up a world of learning fun, with a set of keys that bring favourite songs and colours to life. The orange key has a blue car that spins and clicks, with textured rollers for added fun. The green key has sliding beads and a yellow house with spinning door. And the blue key has rattling beads and a red boat that slides along on the waves.... Sing-along songs relate to all three. Clip keys anywhere and take learning fun along! Requires 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries (not included).

Make learning more fun with the whole collection of Laugh & Learn™ toys. With rich music, sing-along songs, and lots of activities, they combine early academics and everyday experiences—for the way kids really learn!


fisher price laugh & learn cookie shape surprise

age: 6m+
price: idr 375.000
dimension: 3kg

putting a hand in this smiling cookie jar gives baby a special treat—learning fun with a magical surprise! Two different modes teach shapes or numbers, songs teach about making things happen, and fun phrases are sure to bring a giggle. Baby learns to identify and sort 5 cookie shapes, enjoying fun rewards with each success. Reach in for cookies and the music plays; pull your hand out and the music stops! Learning never looked so yummy! With volume control and on/off switch. Requires 3 "aa" (lr6) alkaline batteries.


fisher price laugh & learn™ learning toolbench™

age: 6m+
price: idr 435.000
dimension: 3kg

build baby’s learning with some great tools! This toolbench is full of delightful surprises that make learning more fun with every tap, pound, pull or slide! Lights dance and three charming characters pop up when baby taps colourful shapes and learns to count. Pull the tape measure to sing the alphabet, slide the ruler to learn colours... And shapes, or pound the hammer with rattling beads, just for fun! Convenient carry handle for learning on the go. Requires 3 “aa” alkaline batteries (not included).

Make learning more fun with the whole collection of laugh & learn™ toys. With rich music, sing-along songs, and lots of activities, they combine early academics and everyday experiences—for the way kids really learn!


Fisher Price Amazing Animals™ Tubtime Tugboat™

age: 6m+
price: idr 450.000
dimension: 4kg

Come on in, the water’s fine! Any bathtub will be full of squeaky-clean fun with this floatable boat and lots of adorable animal friends that have moveable, clickable heads! Baby can scoop and pour, fill and spill, click and play—even squirt water! And easy-drain features help keep everything clean.
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Sweet.tooth. - 12/02/2012 03:57 PM

sore semua
Sweet.tooth. - 13/02/2012 09:01 AM

Pagiii kebetulan cruisin n sort bus sama peek-a-zoom nya lagi sold out yahhh. Nanti kalau uda restock pasti dikabarin lagi
Sweet.tooth. - 13/02/2012 04:54 PM

sore semua
Sweet.tooth. - 14/02/2012 09:34 AM

pagi semua
tommikov - 14/02/2012 09:40 AM

harganya udah net gan?
tommikov - 14/02/2012 09:43 AM

harganya udah net gan?
Sweet.tooth. - 14/02/2012 09:49 AM

Original Posted By tommikov
harganya udah net gan?

pagi gan, harga sih net kalau belanja di atas 100rb (via multiply) free ongkir minat yang mana bos?
Sweet.tooth. - 14/02/2012 09:26 PM

Malam semua
Sweet.tooth. - 16/02/2012 12:46 PM

siang semua :cool
Sweet.tooth. - 16/02/2012 08:29 PM

Malam semua :sup2/
Sweet.tooth. - 16/02/2012 08:31 PM

Malam semua
Sweet.tooth. - 17/02/2012 02:39 PM

siang semua
Sweet.tooth. - 17/02/2012 09:48 PM

malam gan
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siang semua
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Sore semua :thumbup
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