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dracheta - 05/12/2008 02:09 AM

Sandman - The Dream Hunters

Vertigo Comics
The original Illustrated Novel (1999):

The 2008-9 comics adaptation of the illustrated novel:

Vertigo ComicsVertigo ComicsVertigo Comics
The Sandman - The Dream Hunters 01 (2008) (Archangel-DCP).cbr
The Sandman - The Dream Hunters 01 (of 04) (2008) (Minutemen-Starsky & Hutch).cbr

The Sandman - The Dream Hunters 02 (2008) (Archangel-DCP).cbr
Sandman - The Dream Hunters 02 (of 04) (2009) (Minutemen-RosieZone).cbr

The Sandman - The Dream Hunters 03 (2009) (Archangel-DCP).cbr
Sandman - The Dream Hunters 03 (2009) (Vertigo) (Minutemen-Rosie & Kingpin).cbr

[code]http://rapidshare.com/files/170242362/The_Sandman_-_The_Dream_Hunters_01__2008___Archangel-DCP_ .cbr
http://rapidshare.com/files/170245650/The_Sandman_-_The_Dream_Hunters_01__of_04___2008___Minutemen-St arsky___Hutch_.cbr

http://rapidshare.com/files/170240811/Sandman_-_The_Dream_Hunters_02__of_04___2009___Minutemen-RosieZ one_.cbr

http://rapidshare.com/files/183295629/Sandman_-_The_Dream_Hunters_03__2009___Vertigo___Minutemen-Rosi e___Kingpin_.cbr[/code]
piterus - 11/12/2008 05:09 PM

Swamp Thing Vol.3

Vertigo ComicsVertigo Comics

Soylent Green - 17/12/2008 01:46 AM

Vertigo Comics


"Brimming with eroticism and intrigue, VEILS incorporates computer-manipulated photography and lushly painted art to tell the story of Vivian Pearse-Packard, who, newly married to the abusive, alcoholic son of a British ambassador, finds herself in an exotic land thousands of miles from her home and family. Vivian embarks on a sensual journey of self-discovery as she visits the Sultan's palace and is invited to enter that most forbidden of places: the harem. Is the lure of the forbidden worth the ultimate price?"

Written by Pat McGreal; Art by Stephen John Phillips, Jose Villarrubia, and Rebecca Guay; Cover by Phillips and Villarrubia
Soylent Green - 19/12/2008 11:11 AM
Egypt #1-7
Egypt #1-7

Vertigo Comics Vertigo Comics

Soylent Green - 19/12/2008 11:18 AM

Vertigo Comics

Soylent Green - 20/12/2008 10:55 AM
Vertigo Pop - Tokyo #1-4
Vertigo Pop - Tokyo #1-4

Vertigo Comics

Soylent Green - 20/12/2008 11:02 AM

Vertigo Pop - London #1-4

Vertigo Comics Vertigo Comics
Vertigo Comics Vertigo Comics

Soylent Green - 20/12/2008 11:12 AM
Gifts of the Night #00-04
Gifts of the Night #00-04

Vertigo Comics Vertigo Comics

Soylent Green - 20/12/2008 11:15 AM
Brave old world #1-4

Vertigo Comics


Written by William Messner-Loebs / Illustrated by Guy Davis & Phil Hester
"It's the story of a handful of students and teachers at Cornell University discovering the ramifications of Y2K, and then having to deal with them when it hit -- and pushed them all back 100 years. What happens when people so used to the luxuries of the late 20th century are suddenly fish out of water? And how do they get the world back to the way it was before they messed it all up by jumping back in time?"
Soylent Green - 20/12/2008 11:24 AM
Tell me, Dark
Tell me, Dark

Vertigo Comics


[code]In the horror mystery TELL ME, DARK, a haunted man enters a world of demonic sacrifices, fallen angels and dark magic when he goes in search of his lost lover. Michael Sands's world was destroyed on the night that his girlfriend inexplicably vanished. Consumed by her memory, the lovesick man returns to England on a quest to discover the true secret behind her disappearance. But after learning that an ancient evil is responsible for his girlfriend's mysterious fate, Michael becomes trapped in a deadly game of personal betrayals and eternal damnation.[/code]
Soylent Green - 20/12/2008 11:33 AM
Seven Miles a Second
Seven Miles a Second

Vertigo Comics


"Run. Run from your life, from the guys who pay a twelve-year old kid to get sucked, run for your life. Run fast enough, and you'll be free of all those people, run seven miles a second, and you'll be free of gravity, whatever that might mean. This is what David Wojnarowicz seems to be doing on the cover of this powerful autobiographical graphic novel drawn by James Romberger, a then-newcomer to Vertigo who later worked on short stories for various anthologies from this publisher.
This volume tells the story of Wojnarowicz's life, from his days on the streets as a kid, hustling and staying barely alive, to his adult self, an artist living with aids."
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 09:41 AM


Vertigo Comics


One-shot written by Lydia Lunch with art by Ted McKeever.
An outcast Cajun woman adept in the dark art of "swamp magic" travels into the toxic stew of the Louisiana Bayou, searching for adventure, wisdom and a safe haven. But her hallucinatory voyage of self discovery yields a gruesome truth: in a poisoned world, purity isn't necessarily a virtue.
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 09:43 AM

Paul Pope's 100%

Vertigo Comics


Written by Paul Pope; Art and cover by Pope
"All five issues of the edgy, groundbreaking miniseries from writer/artist Paul Pope are collected in one stunning package. This "graphic movie" tells three separate but interconnected stories in Pope's trademark dynamic style, shifting viewpoints and characters across the urban maze of 2038 Manhattan. Filled with wit, charm, sex and menace, 100% brings a surprisingly true-feeling future to gritty life."
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 09:44 AM


Vertigo Comics


"A new edition of the classic graphic novel, available for the first time from V* just in time for the major motion picture starring Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris and William Hurt! In this suspenseful noir crime story, Tom McKenna is a simple family man who instantly becomes a media celebrity when he takes down a couple of wanted murderers who attempt to rob his diner. But his newfound fame draws the attention of a group of merciless mobsters who have been looking to settle a score with McKenna for over 20 years. Now as the killers descend upon his small town in Middle America, the Brooklyn native must face the actions of his youth and relive his past history of violence as he attempts to salvage the life he has built."
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 09:46 AM


Vertigo Comics

Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 09:47 AM


Vertigo Comics


Weird War Tales was revived by the DC Comics imprint Vertigo. In 1997. it published a four-issue limited series followed by a single-issue special in 2000. It revives the classic Silver Age War/Horror Comics title from the 1960s. Several fine comics writers and artists worked on the series.
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 10:45 AM


Vertigo Comics


Written by Gaiman; Art by McKean
"A dark and frightening fully painted novella, MR. PUNCH tells the tale of a young boy's loss of innocence results from a horrific confrontation with his past. Spending a summer at his grandfather's seaside arcade, a troubled adolescent harmlessly becomes involved with a mysterious Punch and Judy Man and a mermaid-portraying woman. But when the violent puppet show triggers buried memories of the boy's family, the lives of all become feverishly intertwined. With disturbing mysteries and half-truths uncontrollably unraveling, the young boy is forced to deal with his family's dark secrets of violence, betrayal, and guilt."
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 10:46 AM


Vertigo Comics


"THE FOUNTAIN crisscrosses through three distinct time periods: 1535, during an ancient Mayan war; the present day, following one doctor's desperate search for the cure for cancer; and the far future through the vast exotic reaches of space. Interweaving these three periods, THE FOUNTAIN follows Tomas — warrior, doctor, explorer — as he feverishly tries to beat death and prolong the life of the woman he loves."
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 08:24 PM

CHIAROSCURO: The private lives of Leonardo da Vinci

Vertigo Comics


"The passions of one of history's greatest artists are captured in this volume collecting the dark and provacative 10-issue Vertigo maxiseries. Framed around the story of Salai, a young man whose beauty entrances the great maestro, Chiaroscuro follows the struggles and triumphs of da Vinci's illustrious career, from his early work in Florence and Milan to the painting of the Mona Lisa and his epochal rivalry with Michaelangelo."
Soylent Green - 22/12/2008 08:30 PM


Vertigo Comics


"Finals is a 4-issue mini-series published by DC under its Vertigo imprint from September to December 1999. Written by Will Pfeifer and illustrated by Jill Thompson, it is a black comedy about campus life at Knox State University, aka KAOS U, where the maxim “Strength Through Study” is taken very much to heart."
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