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morinoz - 29/05/2012 11:07 AM
■■ CHEVROLET SPIN ■■ - 7 Seater Mini MPV
■■ CHEVROLET SPIN ■■ - 7 Seater Mini MPV

■■ CHEVROLET SPIN ■■ - 7 Seater Mini MPV

■■ CHEVROLET SPIN ■■ - 7 Seater Mini MPV

■■ CHEVROLET SPIN ■■ - 7 Seater Mini MPV

■■ CHEVROLET SPIN ■■ - 7 Seater Mini MPV

Untuk Indonesia rumornya akan menggunakan 2 varian bensin dan 1 diesel, perkiraan harga setara dg Xenia, Avanza, Grand Livina, Ertiga:
1200cc bensin bertenaga 86 PS/63 kW@5600 rpm / 115 Nm@4000 rpm
1400cc bensin bertenaga 100 PS/74 kW@6000 rpm / 130 Nm@4000 rpm
1300cc VCDi diesel bertenaga 95 PS/70 kW@4000 rpm / 210 Nm@1750-2500 rpm atau
1300cc VCDi diesel bertenaga 75 PS/55 kW@4000 rpm / 190 Nm@1750-2500 rpm

Foto eksterior dan interior: e-de-acabamento/ 590.jhtm,,o-chevrolet-spin-o-seu-carro-para-curtir-com-todo-mundo.html a-estrada

Spoiler for Video




Spin 2013 Chevrolet 1.8 Econo.Flex

Model: Spin Econo.Flex 8.1
Body / engine: MPV, 5 or 7 passengers, 4 doors, front engine, front wheel drive
Construction: Galvanized steel exterior panels
Manufacture: Sao Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil

Model: N18XFH
Layout: Transverse
Number of cylinders: 4 in line
Displacement (cm3): 1796
Bore and Stroke (mm): 80.5 x 88.2
Valves: SOHC, two valves per cylinder
Electronic fuel injection: MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection)
Compression ratio: 10,5:1
Maximum net
(ABNT NBR 5484 - ISO 1585): Ethanol: 108 hp at 5,400 rpm / Gasoline: 106 hp at 5,600 rpm

Net maximum torque
(ABNT NBR 5484 - ISO 1585): Ethanol: 17.1 mkgf at 3,200 rpm / Gasoline: 16.4 mkgf at 3,200 rpm
Recommended fuel: Gasoline common and / or Ethanol
Maximum engine speed (rpm): 6300
Battery: 12V, 50 Ah (50 Ah with air-conditioning)
Alternator: 80 A (100 A air-conditioning)

Model: F17-5CR - Manual 5 speeds forward synchronized
Gear Ratios:
First: 3,73:1
Second: 2,14:1
Third: 1,41:1
Fourth: 1.12:1
Thursday: 0,89:1
Re: 3,31:1
Differential: 4,19:1

Model: GF6 - 6-speed automatic with Active Select
Gear Ratios:
First: 4,45:1
Second: 2,91:1
Third: 1,89:1
Wednesday: 1,44:1
Thursday: 1,00:1
Friday: 0,74:1
Re: 2,87:1
Differential: 3,72:1

Front: Independent McPherson with coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar pressurized
Rear: Semi-independent with torsion axle, rear axle stabilizer bar, coil springs and pressurized dampers
Steering: Rack and pinion with hydraulic power assistance
Directed Reduction: 16.0:1
Number of turns of Direction: 2.87
Turning circle (m): 10.88

Type: Ventilated discs front, rear drum
Disc diameter x thickness (mm):
Front: 256 x 24, Rear: Drum 230 x 45
Wheels: 15 x 6J
Tires: 195/65 R15

Wheelbase (mm): 2620
Overall length (mm): 4360
Body width (mm): 1735
Overall width (mm): 1953
Height (mm): 1664
Gauge (mm): Front: 1503; back: 1509
Ground Clearance (mm): 136
Weight in running order (kg): 1202 (LT), 1255 (LTZ)

Trunk (liters): 162 (LTZ, 7 Seater) 710 (LT, 5 seats)
Payload (kg): 510 (LT), 495 (LTZ)
Fuel tank (liters): 53
Engine oil (liters): 3.25 (3.5 with filter)
Cooling system (liters): 5.0
System cold start (liters): 0.50

Manual transmission
Maximum speed (km / h): Ethanol: 171/Gasolina: 170
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s): Ethanol: 11s4
Gasoline: 12s0

Automatic Transmission
Maximum speed (km / h): Ethanol: 165/Gasolina: 164
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s): Ethanol: 12s8/Gasolina: 12s9
morinoz - 29/05/2012 11:09 AM

Chevrolet Spin 1.8: Check out details and impressions

With 4.36 meters of length, width 1.74, 1.66 and 2.62 in height between the shafts, Chevrolet Spin weights between 1202 and 1255 kg. The platform inherited from Cobalt, ensures more sophistication, safety and comfort.


Outside, the look is modern, with a grid divided by the tie bar with the Chevy pulled headlights, front upper and full-bodied, and creases that reinforce the impression of robustness of the model.

The rear is truncated and has cleaner look. On the side, three rows of expression also reinforce the rugged look of the Chevrolet Spin, from good impression. On the roof, especially the longitudinal bars to load these standard on LTZ.

Inside, the Chevrolet Spin presents modern look, with the front of the familiar double cockpit adopted by GM worldwide. The panel adopts the style similar to Sonic, but not equal.

Analog tachometer and digital speedometer share the limited space of the instrumentation, which also includes digital fuel gauge and trip computer functions, as well as gear indicator, including the manual version.

In the center, two storage compartments without cover, with Bluetooth/CD/MP3 audio system, manual controls and circular air conditioning, air diffusers horizontal (vertical adjustment only) and for objects based on the top. The look is contemporary, but not excited.

The set - in two shades and textures - is supplemented by practical glove box at the top where the lid opens upwards. On the basis of the set, a small platform for small objects. Below him, nothing else. GM declined to create a glove box whose lid battery always in the legs of the passenger. Although not small with lighting.

The steering wheel follows the same style as the Cruze and other latest models of Chevrolet. In the LTZ version, there are commands cruise control, audio and telephony. Furthermore, it is covered with leather.

The tunnel transmission Chevrolet Spin has a modern design, and the automatic version, with lighting of gear positions. Ago, presents a compact set parking brake handle with chrome, USB and auxiliary port-object and a three cup holders.

Leaving a bit of style, Chevrolet Spin has 32 ​​storage compartments including cup holders or bottles for all passengers, including the center of the second row and two to settle in the third row. Both also feature including port-object.

The doors come with double the style of the cockpit panel and fit the visual internal Chevrolet Spin. In finishing, part fabric stands. Banks also have a modern style, with compact and practical. Are lined with fabric and leather details on LTZ version.

Contents family

Spin Chevrolet deleted the LS version and the right to the LT and LTZ versions. GM's goal is to offer more content as the version entry. As standard, the Chevrolet Spin features air conditioning, power steering, power windows and locks, driver seat with height adjustment, key type knife, split rear seat (60/40), adjustable steering column, details of the color of the body car alarm, steel wheel rim 15 with tires 195/65 R15, dual airbags and ABS with EDB. Therefore, GM charges R $ 44,590 in an LT version.

Since the LT version 2, includes the most: alloy wheels rim 15 with tires 195/65 R15, CD/MP3/Bluetooth/USB and 4 speakers. Here, the price rises to U.S. $ 45,990. In LT 3, entry more complete version of the Chevrolet Spin also offers six-speed automatic transmission with manual changes, and cruise control with steering wheel control. The suggested retail price is U.S. $ 49,690.

Spin Chevrolet has only five seats in the LT version. For those who want more luggage space and has no family so much. But if the option is to carry two people, the choice will fall on the LTZ version, more complete and seven passengers.

The LTZ version only has a manual transmission, delivering more, electric mirrors, roof rails on the roof, headlights and fog lamp, computer, handles internal controls and HVAC chrome, fabric seats with leather details, darkened headlights with height adjustment, parking sensors and steering wheel with audio commands. The suggested retail price is U.S. $ 50,990.

Finally, the second version LTZ is only available with automatic transmission, and cruise control. The price is R $ 54,690. Chevrolet Spin can still have as an accessory items such as side moldings painted in car color, the protective bumpers, DVD screens with 7 inches for attachment in the front seat backrests, among others.

The colors available for the Chevrolet Spin are: Summit White, Black Global, Desert Beige, Blue Macaw, Polaris Silver, Gray Mond, Gray and Green Lotus Rusk. Metallic paint costs $ 1,150.


One of the most asked by readers about the Chevrolet Spin is undoubtedly the engine. GM decided to use the familiar block 1.8, but configured as Econo.Flex. Several changes were announced by the automaker in order to make the engine more economical, smoother and cleaner.

With gasoline, the 1.8 Econo.Flex - who will be present at the Cobalt - cva 106 delivers 5,600 rpm and 16.4 Nm at 3,200 rpm. With ethanol, the block delivers 108 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 17.1 Nm at 3,200 rpm. The tank has 53 liters.

The transmission can be five-speed manual or automatic six, the latter via a manual shift button on the lever itself.


Assumed successor of the old Zafira and Meriva, Chevy Spin presents style with striking lines and creases. High and compact, the MPV minivan takes the concept, providing greater versatility and use of internal space, but without the handy folding system for Flex-7 banks of Zafira.

Inside, the Chevrolet Spin presents standard of finishing in the middle category, no further pretensions. One goal of the model is to be practical and functional, the first scale of the emerging consumer and search a vehicle for your entire family.

Chevrolet Spin has many pieces in hard plastic material with different textures, but have good quality and free of burrs or assembly misalignment. Banks have soft fabric ensures comfort. There are many porta-objetos/garrafas/copos, which makes life easier for those who will be traveling with the Chevrolet Spin. There are also handles on the roof for all occupants, but there could be air conditioning outlets for those traveling further back.

The banks of the second and third rows are folding through leverage (only in the second) and handle. However, banks of the second row do not slide forward. In addition, to access the third row, you must bounce back and seat of the second. The two rear seats can also be folded, also the seat, but can not remove them.

The driving position is high, even with the seat all the way down, a person of great stature will still be feeling too high. Who will close behind is even higher, and finally, the third row height remains almost equal to the passenger in the middle.

How is the high driving position, visibility and easy maneuvering, despite aid parking sensor (LTZ). The overall visibility is good, and reduced at the rear, with the further presence of head restraints, which, however, been wisely molded to fit the seat, increasing visibility.

The mirrors have good size, but its electric adjustment would be better positioned next to the commands of power windows. Speaking of which, the central lock is positioned on the center console (panel). The backrest is adjustable by a lever, while the height is a rotary actuator and graph.

The steering column is of a good course as well as the position of the lever of the transmission. The hand brake is in a good position, unlike a competitor, who played almost on the floor of the car. Speaking on the floor beneath the front seats for a long empty space, which could have included one or two drawers for objects, since the glove box is quite small.

The seat belts have height adjustment and there are two interior lights with the central mirror. There is also the microphone of the speakerphone via Bluetooth. The audio system looks good and is easy to operate and tuning into the stations and even in remote locations. The four speakers are basic, but you can have good sound for those who have no intention of listening to music at deafening volumes.

The instrument panel has great read, and easy to interpret the information, and incorporate onboard digital computer, and gear position indicator on both types of transmission. The steering wheel controls and levers do not have secret s, as well as other commands. A caveat to position the transmission lever. In unit assessed, she was a little shifted from gear position, which confused drivers. Instead of putting in Drive, were placing the lever in Neutral.

Who goes in the "middle" of the Spin Chevrolet sits in a higher position than the driver and front passenger, but there is no difficulty in an adult with 1.90 or more to settle. In fact, the ceiling is very high and the head is far from the top trim. The backrest has two settings of position and the headrest is practical.

Finally, those going on the "precipice" must have the stature of medium to low. The space is quite small and the floor is very close to the seat. Still, someone with 1.90 meters, for example, can go with the legs tucked back and upright position (because of the back) on very short trips. Here's how to get the legs of someone with 1.90 meters in the picture. The head scraping the ceiling, but the width is good.

With banks set up to seven people, yet Chevrolet Spin has some room for grocery bags or shopping at the mall. The space in this case is 162 liters. In the version LT, which lacks the two extra seats, the volume increased to 710 liters. Overall, the new minivan can take up to 1668 liters internal volume with the folded seats.
morinoz - 29/05/2012 11:10 AM


We tested a unit with automatic transmission. The engine 1.8 Econo.Flex did better than expected, due to low power. However, the torque actually compensated for small horse. Although it is well to hear the engine when it requires a bit more with getting spins at 5,000 rpm at cruising speed or in heavy traffic, Chevrolet Spin did not disappoint.

At 100 km / h, in the rotation was 2300 rpm, while at 120 km / h, the pointer indicating 2,700 rpm. The average consumption was around 10 km / liter, which was probably fueled with ethanol and how it was a test, asking for more acceleration, which naturally raises consumption.

GM says that the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.6 / 11.1 seconds with manual transmission (ethanol / gasoline) and 11.9 / 12.0 seconds in the automatic version. The maximum recommended by the manufacturer is 173/172 km / h (ethanol / gasoline) in the manual and 168/167 km / h in the same order for the automatic.

In resume, the Chevrolet Spin suffered a little more demanding to be quite the Econo.Flex 1.8, but not create situations where you needed to step up to the bottom to get overdrive.

The internal noise was in the middle category, despite the sound of the engine breaking into the cabin with a bruised little stronger. Still, a trip on the Spin Chevrolet will not make anyone complaining of noise.

The steering is light and precise, but not the reference in the segment where you want to play Spin Chevrolet space with Fiat Idea, Nissan Livina, among others. The brakes worked accurately, and the suspension whose tuning is firmer. Still, in tighter turns, the body tilted a little more, but nothing that alarmed.

The suspension fairly absorbed some imperfections asphalt, but it could still be a little softer. Overall it is quite acceptable. Finally, the Chevrolet Spin made ​​a good impression while driving, being a very practical vehicle with no surprises. But to find out more about the model, an assessment will have to wait a week IN.

With a forecast of 3000 units per month, targeting a segment that GM still has good attendance and some interesting options. With prices between U.S. $ 44,590 and R $ 54,690, Chevrolet Spin will be a well known figure in the country, more than 600 dealers rubbing their hands to start selling soon the new GM minivan.

Prices Chevrolet Spin:

Spin a Chevrolet LT MT - R $ 44,590
Spin MT Chevrolet LT 2 - R $ 45,990
Spin 3 LT AT Chevrolet - R $ 49,690
Spin a Chevrolet LTZ MT - R $ 50,990
Spin Chevrolet LTZ AT 2 - R $ 54,690


Chevrolet Spin 1.8: Initial Impressions driving

The Chevrolet Spin comes to market with a mission to replace the Meriva, but apparently not for Zafira. The new MPV Chevrolet, the brand definition rather than minivan, which has attributes superior to the Meriva, the Zafira but not. Check out the initial impressions while driving and also the details of the model.

Visual and interior

Beginning with the look, Spin carries some style details that are present in the Cobalt, as the front grille with a thick chrome frame and also by giving effect bending of light and shadow in the region of the fenders. The rear has less lines bold and a bit refer to Agile. Live, the end result is more interesting.

Inside, the new spin is finished with a modern design that combines bright colors and pleasing to the eye, with exactly the same quality standard of the Cobalt. So we can say that again is below the Zafira, which carries the platform, engine and trim derivatives segment hatches / sedans average. Regarding the Meriva offers an indoor environment with the most current and instrument panel of Sonic derived with analog tachometer and large digital speedometer. Many components, such as levers arrow and washers, buttons lights and air conditioning in addition to the wheel are the same as recent releases Cruze / Sonic / Cobalt, concluding with the lighting standard ice-blue.

Banks are also equal to the Cobalt, comfortable, but with the high lateral support which shall bother with long commutes. Despite all its volume, the space for passengers going in the middle is a bit limited, actually adopted to try to better accommodate the occupants of the third row. Speaking of the third row, has no magic. The two occupants, whether adults, traveling with his legs very high, being a little uncomfortable. The best transport configuration is actually carrying two children in the third row.

Mechanical Joint

During the launch event, the CARPLACE had the opportunity to talk with Paul Riedel, Director of Product Engineering for GM Powertrain. The first question was about why the choice of propellant Econo.Flex 1.8 8 valve instead of the modern 1.6 or 1.8 16v Ecotec Ecotec used in line 16 Sonic / Cruze, respectively. The answer was straightforward: the plan was to make a car with good cost-benefit ratio, and wear the new engines would not be possible to achieve the objectives (price) determined by the brand strategy.

The second question is related to relatively low power of the propellant 1.8. Riedel said that Brazilians' purchasing power, but directs torque ", adding that thanks to the weight of 1202 kg (LT) and 1255 kg (LTZ), the torque of 17.1 Nm caters well to the public that the car intended. "This car does not need to reach 200 km / h, as the Cruze."

Driving the New Chevrolet Spin

In fact, Riedel was right. We did a test drive top-line version, Spin LTZ, equipped with six-speed automatic transmission, the same as the Cruze / Sonic, and with seven seats. When you start the test has been possible to combine the driving style very similar to the Cobalt. Carrying three people, the accelerations in traffic has occurred satisfactorily with trade being carried out smoothly. The low level of internal noise is also commendable.

The steering with hydraulic power assistance provides direct responses and has light handling. Visibility is generally good, however, column A in vision interferes slightly diagonal, but it's still better than entering the competition situation J6.

Like the Cobalt, the suspension is firm but comfortable fit, and that during the trip, filtered and imperfections on the ground. By the time the car, as expected, the body leans a bit in the corners, but the feeling of safety is not affected.

The six-speed automatic transmission works well with the 1.8 engine Econo.Flex. Running at 100 km / h on the highway on Friday march, almost did not even hear the engine tachometer scoring about 2,300 rpm. When we reach the maximum permitted speed on the highway, 120 km / h, working with the engine speed between 2,800 and 2,900 rpm. The road performance was satisfactory, but overtaking, we must demand more of the engine with some reduction gears. In trade books, made via buttons on the side of the lever, the answers are a bit slower.

Despite being a measuring surface, with air conditioning on for 80% of the course and three people on board, the onboard computer showed that consumption ranging from 8.8 km / liter and 10.0 km / liter, probably fueled with ethanol, running the transit portion of highway.

By sharing the same platform with the Cobalt, the new Spin offers a driving style similar to the sedan, which is more refined than the predecessor Meriva. The run is comfortable and quiet and will serve consumers well they needed a bigger car for family. On the other hand, in relation to the Zafira, consumers will not find in a car Spin pattern slightly, which is already perceived by the band lower price range. Thus, to say that Spin also replaces the Zafira would not be a correct account. With a gap in this price range than the mark space is already preparing to launch a car more refined, a role that should be left to the Future Trax / Enjoy.

source: carplace.virgula
morinoz - 29/05/2012 11:11 AM


On the sides, the Chevrolet Spin has creases similar to the Cobalt, with ledges and areas close to the fenders. Being a big car, the glazed area can be considered relatively small. At the rear, the lights referring to another type of brand, Agile.

Finishing and equipment

The interior follows the standard design and materials used in the Cobalt sedan, which in our opinion, is pleasant with light colors and although it looks simple, using good quality materials. However, some parts may have a quirk in the best alignment.

The list of standard items and appropriate to the price when compared to competitors in delivering basic version LT ABS brakes, front airbags, air conditioning, power steering along with power windows and locks.

The seats are very comfortable, but as soon as the Cobalt, the outriggers are very disturbing and can skipped a bit on long commutes. Access to commands is easy and convenient and hassle that the evaluated version, the LTZ, was still on the steering wheel audio controls, electric door mirrors and reverse sensor with audible warning. The audio system with MP3/USB/Bluetooth with appropriate adjustments provides good sound quality.

In the seven-seat version, the middle row of seats is located with in a fixed position and very vertical, which may disturb a bit. In the last row space is reduced, but still can carry two adults unless they have very high stature.

The system of folding the seats is done through latches that are not hard to drive and have a small cord to hold them when they are bent.

Impressions while driving

Upon entering the model we are faced with the high driving position as well, which is nice considering the proposal of the car. The visibility is also very good front and sides. When starting the engine is notable that the insulated satisfactorily absorb external noise and engine.

The 1.8 engine was modified to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and eventually had reduced power to 108 hp with ethanol and maximum torque of 17.1 kgf / m. The engine is running a little rough above 3,000 rpm. but the fact is mitigated by good torque available at low revs and good soundproofing.

The Spin has a good suspension wise, offering firmness and driving safety not showing excessive oscillations in the body while providing comfort when riding, one of the highlights of the model in our opinion. On the road also passes safety even though a car with high stability in curves more pronounced correctly.

In highways you can travel in sixth gear with rotation around 2,100 rpm at 100 km / h and low noise. For a model to be proposed family he was driven as such and consumption in urban stretches the mark was 6.2 km / l on the highway reached the mark of 9.0 km / l, always stocked with ethanol.

The six-speed sequential exchange makes exchanges with softness, but it is very slow in changes at lower speeds, a fact that troubles in city traffic. On the road, the automatic transmission works well and offers a better driving more pleasurable.

The braking are satisfactory with a little inclination and no deviation trajectory thanks to the ABS with disc front and drum rear wheels.


Spin is a model designed for emerging markets and yet has good build quality and finish as expected. The model replaces the Meriva with a design that adopts platform and exchange latest addition to better handling and comfort. Indeed Spin has the refinements and sophistication present in Zafira, as great Flex-7 system from the rear seats of the veteran, but offers modern design and good value for money.

The positive points highlight the good drivability, much like the Cobalt, interior trim with nice visuals, comfort and standard items. The consumption of the automatic version, though nothing absurd, and the absence of the Flex-7 system for the rear seats are the points that we consider negative.

Overall, Chevrolet Spin, the price and the intended application, has a number of positive characteristics that stand out and make it an interesting option for those who need space for up to seven people. The 1.8 engine, while delivering only 108 horses, caters well to the minivan thanks to its smooth torque of 17.1 Nm delivered at low revs.

Source: Carplace
morinoz - 29/05/2012 11:15 AM

Chevrolet Spin - Answering questions from readers

The Chevrolet Spin is certainly a controversial model, it was clearly noted in the reaction of our readers in all matters that our full evaluation. Not only controversy in the visual, but also in the engine, which was not very welcome by some.

We reached the end of the evaluation of Spin, and as promised, here are answers to several questions from our readers:

It is time for a replacement Zafira and Meriva? And in relation to competitors, who loses and wins?

This is quite concerning. Fans of the Opel models come speak even being launched in 2012, Spin does not have the same quality of design of a 2001 model. They are two different types of design, but we must remember that Meriva and Zafira were created for the European market, and Spin is made ​​to poor markets, is different. Meriva and Zafira are just so superior? I do not know, because they were well simplified to be sold here in Brazil. Therefore, I believe the Spin replace the Meriva with certain merits, but of course it can not replace the Zafira. Regarding competitors, we highlight the modern six-speed automatic transmission and also the good level of standard equipment for a lower price.

She is prettier in person or the case is serious?

Better yes personally. The front is very impressive, and the overall size is interesting. Already the rear remains well without grace.

Jokes aside ... the size of it becomes something remarkable driveability? How is the direction?

Do not disturb driveability no, she is not so huge. And when it comes to parking, the LTZ version has parking sensors.

Besides the internal space, which I suppose is good what else she has to appeal? argument which the seller has to use (to sell this car horrendous)?

The internal space is not so good. As noted in the assessment, the middle row does not have much space, and in the third it is tolerable. If this is an appropriate vehicle for seven little people, that's the reality. The seller will use some arguments known as the maintainability of the 1.8 engine, the size of the authorized network, etc..

The version LTZ is 7 or 5 places +2? Are comparable to the Zafira, Grand Livina etc.? You could make a comfortable journey of many hours in the back row? There forecasting adopting a stronger engine?

The LTZ version always has seven seats. If the person has a height up to 1.65 or so, will give a smooth ride back. If it is larger than that, no way. There forecasting GM to use a stronger engine.

My question is: Why the design of the rear door back was not as well resolved visually as the rest?

It depends on the brand designers. And the executives who approve of what designers do. Certainly not capricharam more because this would entail higher costs in the project and also in the production.

I wonder if the finish is more to her Zafira Meriva or more?

Well, the finish of the Zafira was not up to snuff. A person in my family had a for a few years, Elegance 2007, and it was not that interesting. Despite being a very simple design, the Spin well a good finish for a model of its price.

How are the visibilities front, side and rear? Undermines the very hour of parking front and rear high?

Front is very good, too side, rear gets a little prejudiced when we have the third row raised. The high front did not hurt at the time not to park. And in the back we had the help of parking sensors.

The car appears to have a finish fragile, susceptible to scratches and noises with normal use. The impression is this or am I mistaken?

We do not think the finish is bad. Is on the same level of interior trim Meriva.

How is marriage motor + Exchange? The account set to push the car in a situation of being completely filled / loaded?

Realizes yes, but you need patience. The marriage between engine and transmission is not 100% because we have an archaic engine and a modern exchange.

The space of the second row of seats is higher than that of Cobalt?

No, not even close.

Compared to Zafira in what he overcomes the Spin?

She has a more modern automatic transmission.

The texture of the fabric used in the banks are of good quality?

Yes, they are a kind of velvet fabric is a nice touch.

The 3rd row of seats actually steals much space when folded? What is the explanation for not adopting a system removable?

Steals, and the problem is that the LTZ version can not have just five seats, always has that bank. The explanation? Cost.

This panel bike that Chevrolet both like, what is your opinion about it?

It's a panel that served two purposes, to reduce costs and also spend an impression that this model is sporting in some sense.

For what reason they advertise space for 7 people? I have 1.86 and I could not comfortably accommodate even the bench in the second row (fixed), much less in the driver. The third row not to mention ...

If we're talking about seven people with height up to 1.65, it works. A Spin usually be used for large families, right? So there are always children 10 years old or less, that fit perfectly there. Who wants to carry seven people should buy a Town & Country, not a Spin.

3 adults can fit in the middle row?

Very tight fit. Or two adults and one child in the middle.

Whereas the Zafira has colection by top 68,900 and 55,900 by Spin top ..... which you choose?

The Zafira Collection is not really top, there are some equipment from Elite that do not exist in it. The Zafira is better equipped, but has the problem of devaluation of a model that is out of line.

I wonder about the internal noise ....... she is silent?

Until you step on the gas, it is. When you sink your foot, a severe snoring invades the cabin.

Is there any option to close the trunk vision of "curious"? I did not think the nonexistence of cool compartments that preserve objects of my vision of evil intent.

If it exists, will be sold in accessory dealership.

Foul air ducts for the rear ... The occupants of the third row vain frying, do not have any circulation, poor things. The air conditioning has good power?

But it also lacked the Zafira. And, honestly, it's the third row also frying. The air conditioning of Spin is good yes.

The suspension absorbs imperfections and holes as well?

More or less. She is soft, but when we see that hole in the shot is well felt.

source: noticiasautomotivas
morinoz - 29/05/2012 11:20 AM

Chevrolet Spin Diproduksi di Indonesia

Jakarta, KompasOtomotif - General Motors (GM) Indonesia melalui rilisnya, hari ini (13/6) menyampaikan bahwa ada kabar baik untuk konsumen Indonesia. Dari hasil rapat tahunan perusahaan di Detroit, Amerika, Dan Akerson, CEO GM mengabarkan bahwa produk unggulan GM berikutnya dari Indonesia dinamakan Chevrolet Spin.

Multi purpose vehicle (MPV) 7 penumpang ini, lanjut Akerson akan diproduksi di manufaktur GM di Bekasi, Jawa Barat, awal 2013.

Pernyataan ini menyusul pengumuman GM Agustus tahun lalu, yang telah menginvestasikan Rp 1,41 triliun atau US$150 juta untuk membuka kembali fasilitas pabrik di Bekasi seluas 11 hektar. Pabrik tersebut akan memproduksi 40.000 unit per tahun dan membuka 800 lapangan kerja baru.

GM Southeast Asia President, Martin Apfel menambahkan, keputusan membuka kembali pabrik kami di Bekasi adalah kelanjutan dari komitmen GM mempertahankan basis manufaktur yang kuat di Indonesia dan Asia Tenggara untuk memproduksi beragam produk kelas dunia.

Masuknya Chevrolet Spin ke pasar otomotif Indonesia yang sedang tumbuh, dibangun atas sejarah 100 tahun Chevrolet yang memproduksi beragam kendaraan terbaik bagi para pelanggannya.

“Chevrolet Spin adalah MPV kecil yang menawan, efisien dan fungsional. Satu-satunya MPV dengan transmisi enam percepatan otomatis di kelasnya. Spin menawarkan harga yang terjangkau – tak kalah penting – terjangkau untuk dimiliki.”

Berbagai kelebihan yang dimiliki Spin, yaitu kapasitas lima hingga tujuh tempat duduk, tergantung pada konfigurasi kendaraan. Kendaraan ini memberikan fleksibilitas, handling seperti mobil sedan, kemampuan mengangkut barang dan konsumsi bahan bakar yang sangat ekonomis dengan tampilan SUV berkat eksterior yang kokoh dan berdimensi lebar.

Interior kabin Spin menggambarkan komitmen Chevrolet untuk memberikan nilai lebih dari yang diharapkan. Juga dipenuhi dengan beragam detil dan fasilitas yang hanya ditemukan pada kendaraan yang lebih tinggi dari kelasnya.

Spin Siap Menantang Toyota Avanza

Beberapa waktu lalu, kami memberitakan dirilisnya gambar teaser Chevrolet Spin yang merupakan MPV andalan GM untuk negara-negara berkembang, seperti Indonesia. Dan tak perlu menunggu waktu lama untuk melihat wujud asli dari Spin. Ya, baru-baru ini Chevrolet Brazil baru saja memperkenalkan secara resmi MPV terbaru mereka kepada publik.

Seperti yang sudah diberitakan sebelumnya, mobil ini akan merangsek ke segmen MPV kompak. Untuk pasar Indonesia nantinya Spin akan bertarung sengit dengan duo Daihatsu Xenia dan Toyota Avanza yang sudah sangat populer, dan Nissan Grand Livina yang juga meraih sukses. Tentu bukan perkara mudah untuk melawan trio Jepang tersebut. Lantas, apa yang ditawarkan Chevrolet Spin ini untuk melawan rival-rivalnya tersebut?

Pertama kita lihat dari sektor eksteriornya. Desain Chevy Spin terbilang modern dan futuristik. Lampu utamanya memiliki bentuk yang apik sehingga membuat MPV ini terlihat gagah. Dua buah gril khas Chevrolet juga hadir di mobil ini untuk memperkuat identitas. Garis lekuk body kendaraan terlihat mengotak khas mobil MPV dan detil desain berupa garis-garis pahatan tak terlihat membuat Spin tampil minimalis dan simpel. Bagian belakangnya juga terlihat simpel dengan lampu belakang yang tampil dengan desain yang ciamik.

Chevy Spin ini terdiri dari dua tipe, yakni LT dan LTZ. Perbedaan yang mencolok di sektor eksterior adalah hadirnya aksen krom pada bibir gril untuk tipe LTZ. Sedangkan untuk tipe LT hanya diberi warna hitam saja. Selain itu lampu kabut dan roof rack hanya hadir di tipe LTZ. Perbedaan lainnya adalah kaca spion dua warna pada LTZ dan desain pelek yang berbeda pada kedua tipe tersebut.

Untuk kabinnya, desainer Chevrolet menghadirkan desain yang menarik dengan dasbor yang dilabur dua warna, yakni putih dan abu-abu. Elemen interior khas produk Chevy juga turut hadir di sini, seperti setir palang tiga dan juga panel instrument yang terdiri dari takometer konvesional dan speedometer digital. Tak hanya itu saja, indikator bensin dan transmisi otomatis, jarak tempuh kendaraan, dan jam hadir dalam bentuk digital. Fitur seperti ini hadir juga pada Chevy Sonic dan Spark. Di bagian kokpit tengah terdapat pengoperasian untuk menyalakan AC dengan model putar, central lock, dan lainnya. Sedangkan di sebelah kiri pengemudi terdapat pengoperasian lampu utama layaknya mobil-mobil Eropa.

Antara tipe LT dan LTZ terdapat perbedaan yang mendasar di bagian kabinnya. Untuk tipe LT, Anda tidak akan mendapatkan radio dan absennya tombol-tombol pengoperasian pada setir. Jadi kokpit tengah tipe LT kosong dan bisa dimanfaatkan untuk tempat penyimpanan barang-barang kecil, seperti kacamata. Sedangkan untuk tipe LTZ Anda akan mendapatkan radio, lengkap dengan CD Player, colokan USB, koneksi Bluetooth, setir yang dilengkapi dengan tombol pengoperasian, dan lain sebagainya.

Untuk akomodasi, mobil ini mempunyai dua pilihan, yakni 5 tempat duduk dan 7 tempat duduk. Sementara itu untuk bagasinya mencapai 168 liter untuk model 7 penumpang dan 710 untuk 5 penumpang. Angka tersebut bisa membengkak hingga 1.668 liter jika kursi dilipat.

Di balik kap mesinnya terdapat jeroan Econo Flex berkapasitas 1.800 cc yang mampu menghasilkan tenaga 106 dk. Mesin tersebut dipasangkan dengan transmisi manual 5-percepatan atau Anda juga bisa memilih transmisi otomatis 6-percepatan.

Chevrolet Spin rencananya akan dirilis di Indonesia tahun depan. Tapi sepertinya pada ajang Indonesia International Auto Show 2012, September mendatang kita bisa melihat wujud aslinya di booth Chevrolet.
d4nnysantos - 29/05/2012 02:20 PM

kl di indonesia akan bermesin 1400 cc, apakah harganya bisa bersaing dengan R3?

apakah uda ada bocorannya? i love chevy's design...more muscular than any jap's auto
morinoz - 29/05/2012 03:02 PM

Dari berita2 sebelumnya range harga Chevy Spin atau PM7 antara antara 150jt s/d 200jt. Mudah2an setelah launching di Brasil akhir Juni ini langsung bisa dipajang di IIMS Jakarta 2012 September nanti. Rencananya mulai dirakit di pabrik GM di Bekasi awal 2013.
nichokrisna - 29/05/2012 03:17 PM

mantab makin banyak pilihan.. iloveindonesias
semoga harganya wajar deh, ga kek kembar yg uda overpriced banget..
jay82 - 29/05/2012 03:36 PM

sayang masih lama keluarnya
etaugasilooh - 29/05/2012 04:00 PM

1800 cc ?
asal jangan bernasib seperti sepupunya aja : zafira
waregmangan - 29/05/2012 04:08 PM

lumayan.... masih bisa nabung dulu.... D
semoga harganya ga mahal2 amat...
d4nnysantos - 29/05/2012 04:19 PM

Original Posted By morinoz
Dari berita2 sebelumnya range harga Chevy Spin atau PM7 antara antara 150jt s/d 200jt. Mudah2an setelah launching di Brasil akhir Juni ini langsung bisa dipajang di IIMS Jakarta 2012 September nanti. Rencananya mulai dirakit di pabrik GM di Bekasi awal 2013.

kl 150 agak pesimis D tp mari kita tunggu tanggal maennya dah D ...lagi nyari2 small mpv....
pr3m4n - 29/05/2012 05:28 PM

Bagus jg bentuknya kaya orlando.
Bisa jadi pilihan neh.
metzh - 30/05/2012 01:37 AM

hidungnya tebel bener dah.. masih gantengan ertiga nih..
Ch_Z - 30/05/2012 01:47 AM

pilar C nya lucu deh D

bagus sih kalo dari depan....
nenglivi - 30/05/2012 02:29 AM

mirip orlando,masa iya chevy 7 penumpang harganya di mulai dari 150jt...kemungkinan diatas 180jtan keatas bahkan bisa 200jtan
morinoz - 30/05/2012 04:41 PM

Iya beneran.. range harga antara 150jt s/d 200jt krn dari awal Spin direncanakan utk bersaing dg Avanza Xenia.. cuma keduluan aja sama Ertiga. Makanya masuk akal kalo nanti yg di Indonesia Spin-nya pakai mesin yg 1400cc. Kalo yg 1800cc kan udah ada Orlando.
harisxyz - 01/06/2012 12:27 PM
bandingkan hidung2 MPV
coba kita bandingkan secara visual hidung-2 MPV yg kurang lebih sekelas
harisxyz - 01/06/2012 12:48 PM
bandingkan hidung2 MPV
coba kita bandingkan secara visual hidung-2 MPV yg kurang lebih sekelas
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