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andreya - 22/08/2012 02:53 PM
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
Developer : Valve Corporation
Publisher : Valve Corporation
Distributor : Steam (online)
Director : Erik Johnson
Designer : IceFrog
Composer(s) : Jason Hayes ,Tim Larkin
Engine : Source
Platform(s) : Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Release date : TBA 2012
Status : BETA


DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
Dota began as a user-made modification for Warcraft 3 and has grown into one of the most played online games in the world. Following in the tradition of Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Portal, and Alien Swarm, Dota 2 is the result of Valve hiring the community developers who built the mod and giving them the chance to finally build a full product out of their idea with the help of a professional team of developers and artists at Valve.

As for the gameplay, it’s a little hard to describe. The camera is set in the traditional RTS perspective, but it wouldn’t be fair to call Dota an RTS. And while each hero starts at level 1, and many times hits the level cap of 25, it wouldn’t be fair to call it an RPG.

Lots of people have tried to assign various genre names to Dota, but we think Action RTS is probably the most descriptive. And while we don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out what genre the game is inventing, we can’t stop playing it internally!

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA


System Requirements

Windows XP
Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz
4 GB free HDD space
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 128 MB or ATi Radeon X800 128 MB
DirectX compatible sound card
Internet access for Steam activation
Keyboard and Mouse

Windows 7
Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
4 GB free HDD space
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 256 MB or ATi Radeon X1600 256 MB
DirectX compatible sound card
Internet access for Steam activation
Keyboard and Mouse

*game ini masih beta, masih dalam tahap pengembangan, sementara cuma bisa di windows dan belum di optimalin buat laptop

Spoiler for how to get the game
download steam disini

terus install

setelah install

buka program steamnya

terus bikin id steam

terus login steamnya

terus buka mozilla
buka website ini

lapak betakey gratis
terus klik get the key
liat dibawahnya ada angka berapa coy
kalo belom angka 0 brarti masih ada keynya

nah terus daftar id alienware
kalo udah daftar alienware ntar dapet betakey nah itu keynya di copy
terus buka steam client
terus klik +add game terus klik activate product on steam terus masukin keynya terus next next next ntar install automatis bisa di resume/pause


#LO INSTALL STEAM http://cdn.steampowered.com/download/SteamInstall.msi
#LO BUKA http://www.alienwarearena.com/giveaway/dota-2-closed-beta-key-giveaway/
#LO MAEN DOTA2 shakehand

Spoiler for
kalo dari alienware abis lo orang silahkan kesini

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

CoolasFcuk - 22/08/2012 02:54 PM



Spoiler for To aru majutsu no Index.. Lhoo??


Spoiler for Hall of Shame
Update Later


Spoiler for Application Form
Khusus bagi yang belum dapat dota 2 beta key

[CENTER]DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

[code][SIZE="3"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Official Dota 2 Indonesian Facebook Page | Dota 2 Beta Key Giveaway Part II

E-Club Malaysia telah menunjuk kami D2ID sebagai Official Facebook Page Dota 2 Indonesia untuk Regional Indonesia. Untuk itu member dari D2ID bisa meminta Beta Key langsung dari kami melalui prosedur yang telah ditentukan.

Rules :
1. Like & Share Official Dota 2 Indonesian Facebook Page
2. Join Official Dota 2 Indonesian Community Steam Group
3. Messages ke facebook page dengan link id steam untuk request dota 2 beta key
4. Satu akun facebook & satu akun id steam yang boleh request dota 2 beta key
5. Tidak boleh diwakilkan apabila ada kawan-kawan agan request dota 2 beta key
6. Dilarang keras memperjualbelian dota 2 beta key dalam bentuk apapun.
7. Apabila sudah memenuhi syarat diatas maka salah satu staf kami akan secepatnya memberikan dota 2 beta key.

Link Terkait :
Official Dota 2 Indonesia Facebook Page
E-Club Malaysia
D2ID Steam Community[/code]

Note: Tidak melayani permintaan beta key via PM/VM


dutti - 22/08/2012 02:54 PM


ini adalah hasil hari terakhir

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA[/SPOILER]

dari kiri ke kanan

top : myzagamma, zick , dutti, ayii , dunhill, melen, link to heaven, aizan
bottom : boris, betmen (only), ryan (hadouken), ben , renge , dark knight
WALL of fame

AR + zick

Spoiler for maho
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA


Spoiler for asd

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

@_@ turney gagal aing galau


Spoiler for tim sukses paus
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

lalu momod dateng beer:

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

dan akhirnya rebutan page 1

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

evilfreakz - 22/08/2012 02:54 PM

Comparing LoL, HoN, and DotA, and what it means for DotA 2.
I've been meaning to write this article for a long time now, but I've had to think a lot about exactly what I want to say, and try to present it in a way that is fair and honest as possible. While most people who visit this subforum have probably played a lot of 1 game, maybe some of 2, I think it's very unlikely that the majority has really delved into all 3. Having played thousands of games of each, I thought it would be nice for the community to do an extensive analyzation of all 3 games, their strengths, their weakness, what they excel at, and what lies in store for them in the future. I'll try to be as fair as possible, though that doesn't mean I won't say something you don't like. If you get offended, it isn't necessarily because "your game" has been attacked, but maybe you need to keep an open mind and realize that all 3 games have their ups and downs. As always, I welcome discussion at the conclusion of the article, as long as you do it in a polite and logical manner.
Read More


DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
o[n]ly - 22/08/2012 02:54 PM

pertamaxkah ?

Cara pertama :
stay tune @ alienware beta key giveaway
biasanya suka bagi", udah 15000++ key dibagiin
kalo abis liatin aja terus entar suka ada lagi

Cara Kedua :

:addfriendsBETMEN^ DOTO RECOMMENDS :addfriends

Improve your dota knowledge by visiting these sites :
www.dota2.com >- berita terkini dari valve sendiri
www.dota2wiki.com/wiki/Dota_2_Wiki >- wiki dota
www.cyborgmatt.com >- berisi patchlog/prediksi update sekarang dan selanjutnya
http://joindota.com/ >- berita dan streaming competitive dota 2
http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/ >- redditnya dota 2
https://dotabuff.com/ >- isinya detailed stats tiap player dota 2
http://dendifacts.com >- superstarnya dota 2 nih D
https://twitter.com/Sing2X >- twitternya singsing #eh
dota2lounge.com tempat trade item, bet item dan lain lain
http://steamcommunity.com/id/duttiman/ >- paling maho disini, ati-ati shutup:
voodoo12 - 22/08/2012 02:54 PM
walaupun isinya penuh titits yang penting sampulnya bagus
pengen diedit tapi *udah* diedit

Original Posted By andreya
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA


DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

Original Posted By xiaolongnu
Siapa tau ada agan2 yang pengen ngoleksi suara2 di dota 2 (hero, music, skill dst), ane nemu caranya dr gugling, ane ud coba ternyata sukses dan langsung ambil suara pudge buat ringtone sms BOYY FRESH MEAT D

semoga bermanpaat, mohon maap kalo ternyata repost gan

Published on March 11, 2012, by Hatton

This is going to be a very short and simple guide on how to extract DoTA 2 sounds from Steam. This will be useful to you if you are after either the heroes voices or are wanting the musical soundtracks for a certain project, or for plain enjoyment. Steam doesn’t let you have access to the sound files right off the bat, instead they are compiled into a directory which is a rather peculiar file type ‘.vpk’.

In order to access the sound files you will need to download GCFScape. Now I know the site looks dodgy as fuck but don’t worry the download is safe. Find the latest version, click run and follow the installation wizard.
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

Open the following file:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk
This should bring up GCFScape displaying a selection of folders. Select the ‘sound’ folder.
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

Search for the file that you want to use, right click on it and extract to where you want to store it.
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

You now have your desired sounds from DoTA 2 on your hard drive and can do what the hell you want with them!

sumber aslinya: http://www.hattongames.com/2012/03/how-to-extract-dota-2-sounds/
z1ck - 22/08/2012 02:54 PM
F. A. Q.
andreya - 22/08/2012 02:54 PM

video buat total newbie
video ini gampang lo gak perlu ngerti bahasa inggris

pic singkat buat warding
Spoiler for tempat buat naro ward
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

merah=ward buat liat rune
kuning=ward diatas tebing(ngasih pandangan lebih)
Pink=ward buat agressif/defensif
ijo=ward buat hutan
biru=ward buat ngepush
putih=tergantung situasi
garis ungu=ward buat ngeblock krip hutan biar gak spawn/anti-pull
kalo lu naro ward ditempat creep muncul selama wardlu ada disitu creep ga muncul"
baca lanjut disini aja lebih gampang make gambar soalnya

kalo buat pertama main tuh pastiin pasang ward disalah satu titik merah

urutan warna sesuai kepopuleran ward merah kuning pink biru putih

role itu gaya maen wajib tahu nih biar gaya maen lo bener
gak sembarangan

ini cuma pengetahuan dasarnya kalo mau info lebih lanjut/ngerasa infonya kurang cari sendiri diluar banyak kok

5 role utama

tapi tiap game biar berjalan mulus dan balance
kalo carry support ganker itu ga ada sama sekali di suatu tim bisa jadi masalah serius dan timnya gak balance
(gampang kekounter/gampang kalah)

beda ceritanya kalo yang gak ada itu initiator/pusher
karna sebenarnya initiator/pusher tuh bisa dilakukan smua hero
tapi lebih efektif kalo yang melakukan pusher/initiator itu hero yang emang rolenya pusher/initiator

Spoiler for CARRY
[x]carry kalo mau sukses biasanya bergantung sama item
makanya biasanya carry tuh butuh waktu buat farm minimal lah sampe menit 20 dia full farm
[x]carry awalnya tuh lemah tapi nanti di lategame dia lebih kuat
[x]gua saranin sih kalo tim lo mau menang maximal 2 carry dalam satu tim
karna semakin banyak carry semakin gampang tim lu dibuli diawal game dan semakin banyak carry semakin banyak yang butuh farm sedangkan lahan farm terbatas yang ada malah sesama carry rebutan farm

kerjaan carry
[x]kill steal
[x]menangin war di late game
[x]jangan ke gank
[x]jangan banyak mati
[x]ngegank kalo memungkinkan

Spoiler for ganker

[x]ganker hero ganker neh maennya arus agresif jangan pasif
lo kalo mau maen pasif jadi support sono
ganker tuh butuh orang garang haus darah berani tapi gak goblok
kayak kata yurnero
There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity.
ada perbedaan antara berani sama goblok
[x]biasanya ganker nih punya skill disable/slow dan punya burst damage yang gede
[x]ganker gak terlalu bergantung sama item jadi lo gak perlu farm lama lama gak kayak carry
cuma modal botol doang cukup buat ngengank
[x]gank biasanya ngegank sama temennya kalo memungkinkan solo gank boleh" aja kayak misal darah musuh yang dikit/saat lu yakin musuh yang lu incer itu emang gampang mati
[x]kalo lo ngegank pastiin bener" lo bisa ngekill bukan buat nganterin nyawa lu

kerjaan ganker
[x]ngekill musuh
tambahan buat ganker http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/features/2735

Spoiler for support
[x]support tuh kerjannya bantuin tim bikin temen aman dan idup
[x]biasanya support dilengakpin ama skill buff healing
[x]support tuh bukan budak jadi jangan manggil support dengan sebutan budak
[x]biasanya seline sama carry
tapi ngasih farm ke carry dan ngejagain carry dari gangguan musuh
[x]jadi support tuh gak perlu item bagus" dan gak bergantung sama item
makanya duit dia lebih baik dibeliin item" buat support teman kayak smoke/ward/kurir

kerjaan support:
[x]bantuin/jagain carry farm(tapi creepnya jangan lo ambil) jadi lo bantuin amanin daerah skittar jagain carrynya stacking creep kalo perlu
[x]support team beli ward beli kurir beli item" buat ngebantu tim kayak mekans/pipe kalo perlu
[x]mobile kalo memungkinkan(bantuin ganker)

Spoiler for initiator
[x]initiator itu hero war biasanya punya skill area yang berguna buat war kayak raigor/levi/
[x]biasanya sih initiator hero str karna darah banyak kuat dan bisa ngetank tapi ada beberapa juga initiator int kayak darkseer
[x]initiator yang mulai buat nyerang musuh duluan biasa dibilang hero ngebuka
[x]jadi kalo mau war nih initiator yang mulai warnya
maju duluan! ntar teman" yang lain ngikut dari belakang

kerjaan initiator
[x]maju paling depan/duluan
[x]ngebuka war
[x]mobile kalo memungkinkan (bantuin ganker)
[x]ngeblok krip kalo memungkinkan
[x]ngedisable musuh dan ngetank

Spoiler for pusher
[x]pusher role yang fokus buat ngancurin tower dan ngebunuhin creep/ngedorong creep
[x]biasanya punya skill buat summon anak buah/ngebunuh krip secara instant ato bahkan punya skill buat ngancurin tower secara cepat

kerjaan pusher
[x]ngepush line
[x]jangan sampe ke gank saat ngepush
[x]ngancurin tower
[x]selesain game secepat mungkin
[x]ngegank kalo memungkinkan

kalo mau tau role" hero liat aja di learn tab di dota2 lo
dan tiap hero tuh rolenya gak ngefix/ngunci disitu doang
misal venomancer
venom kan primary role itu pusher
tapi dia ada role laen dan bisa ngelakuin hal laen
kayak jadi ganker/support atau jadi initiator

jadi sebenarnya role tuh mixmatch
tergantung situasi dan kondisi juga
tapi jangan jadi aneh juga

lo role ganker tapi ngefarm terus tiap saat
kayak lagi itu gua ketemu raigor diajakin ngegank gak mau
gila dia minta waktu buat ngefarm dagger
udah dapet dagger minta waktu ngefarm aganim
kalo gini mah mending jangan maen raigor lo mending maen carry aja

lo role initiator tapi penakut buka war
kalo gitu mah mending lo maen jadi support

lo role support tapi gak mau beli item support macam ward/kurir
yang ada malah ngerush item mahal kayak aganim dll
inget bro support itu gak terlalu bergantung sama item
yang penting dari support tuh supportnya untuk tim

lo role carry tapi walaupun lo carry ada juga saat buat ngebantuin war/gank misal kalo kawan lo gak kuat(kalah mulu waktu war tanpa lu)

tetap utamain kerja tim dan keseimbangan team

sekali lagi ini cuma pengetahuan dasar doang sih
gua juga ngutip ini dari web" laen kayak wiki dota2 atau playdota
kalo mau lebih lanjut cari aja sendiri infonya banyak kok

bikin guide ginian udah kayak yang paling jago aja ngakaks

saran buat pemula
[x]biasain maen party sama temen kalo bisa temen partynya itu itu aja biar chemistrynya kuat :bettys
[x]biasain maen sesuai hero role jangan sembarangan carry jadi support support jadi carry (cuma dendi doang yang boleh begini)
[x]biasain gak ngomong jorok/kasar/thrash talk
[x]support tuh bukan budak; berenti bilang support itu budak
[x]buat yang gak tau usahain cari tahu/tanya tapi prioritasin cari tahu terlebih dahulu baru tanya
[x]buat yang tau tolong kasih tau kawannya yang gak tau
masalah buat di IH kadang gua nemu aja ada beberapa orang yang gak suka IH karna

kapten:kaptenya ngepick gak mikirin anak buah apa anak buahnya newbie apa bisa maenin role/hero yang dipickin
anak buah:kadang anak buah gak nurut kapten; disuru line bawah gak mau; disuru trilane gak mau;
makanya waktu pick/ban phase kasih pendapat; minta request hero; tanya" dulu ntar salah pick malah langsung leave lagi
flamer:nah ini ni ;kalo lo ngalesin flame lo. buat ngasih tau orang;
slow bang ngasih tau orang gak perlu make ngomong kasar
kalo ngajarin tuh pelan" ngomong dengan bahasa yang jelas dan bisa diterima manusia
leaver:inhouse leaver? ada beberapa sih yang leaver alesannya ga bisa make hero yang dipickin; makanya waktu pick/ban phase; ngomong dong ke kapten kalo kaptennya cuek bebek ya gak tau lagi dah ngacir:
seharusnya kapten kan mengayomi anak buahnya

dota tuh game TIM jadi kerja sama tim dibutuhkan banget kalo gak ada kerja sama tim dan saling pengertian gemana mau menang

what's gonna work?
what's gonna work?

Spoiler for pic

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
masalah dari dota1
Gak baik nih jangan dicontoh OK :addfriends

Settingan NET_GRAPH
Spoiler for pic

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

Gak Jamin Alat Ini Bisa Bikin Lo Pro
Spoiler for bisa bikin pro?
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTADOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

rntanak - 22/08/2012 02:55 PM

dutti - 22/08/2012 02:55 PM



@atas gw maho


bos kita = BUNCIS
id kaskus = andreya
in game nick = paus pembunuh
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/buncis/


indonesian dendi = gerry
id kaskus = cool as fuck
in game nick = enfalten maximus
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/CoolasFcuk


ryan hadouken
id kaskus= escapeartist
in gamenick= hadouken
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hadoukenn/
comment di form yang kemaren dia tulis = kenapa si gue mesti ganteng. ga bisa hemat dikit apa ganteng nya? boros bgt


raja kentang zick
id kaskus = z1ck
in game nick = kentang
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/z1ckl1/


raja titit thread dota 2 bertoon
id kaskus = nightfly
in game nick = tydii
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/tyDiii/
comment di form pendaftaran = HIDUP TITIT !


Raja troll dota 2 tom betmen
id kaskus = [o]nly
in game nick = bamboe doto/ betmen
steam url = private


yang paling ngaco di thread ini adrian ramadhan
id kaskus = adrianramadhan
in game nick = arrrrw
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/adrianramadhan/


raja mariana trench bracket FAIQ
id kaskus = faiqtheone
in game nick =livingcolours
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/somecolours/


tukang galau thread ini panji
id kaskus = linktoheaven
in game nick = panda kurus!
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/ShindaSora/


raja :genit andy
id kaskus = voodoo12
ingame nick = voodoo12
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/voodoo12/


loli master
id kaskus = dutti
in game nick = dutti
steam url - ada diatas


dota 2 trusted seller melen
id kaskus = evilfreakz
in game nick = melen
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/melen


carry galau lagi cari team dilip
id kaskus = dilip
in game nick = kathy/nessie
steam url = http://steamcommunity.com/id/pllld/

andreya - 22/08/2012 02:56 PM

[QUOTE=adrianramadhan]DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

Spoiler for Teams

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

Spoiler for Schedule

August 26 - 28
Games begin each day
at 9:00 AM PDT (UTC -7)
- Watch in Dota 2 with commentary
- Watch live at select community streams
August 31 - September 2
Games begin each day
at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC -7)
- Watch in person at Benaroya Hall
- Watch our live stream on dota2.com
- Watch in Dota 2 with commentary

How to Watch
Spoiler for How to Watch ?

All games will be available to watch live in Dota 2. If you don't have the game yet, you can download the free Dota 2 Spectator client now available for all Steam users. Get the Spectator client here.

The Preliminaries will be covered by the broadcasters through their respective streams. We will link to live streams in the Preliminaries "Watch" tab as they become available.

The main show will begin with the Double Elimination bracket on August 31st, streaming live from Benayora Hall. Watch it here at dota2.com or through the game with commentary and spectator features.

Interviews, photos and other content, for both the Preliminaries and the Main Event, will be available in the Media section on dota2.com.


For those of you looking to follow The International spoiler-free, you'll be able to bookmark the Prelims Schedule and the Main Event Schedule pages.
(Then avoid our Twitter feed and Facebook posts.)

source : http://www.dota2.com/international/location/event/

The international 2012 winners
Spoiler for spoiler

1st place
invictus gaming
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA


2nd place
natus vincere
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

z1ck - 22/08/2012 02:56 PM

[quote=]Q : gan gimana cara bikin ID dota2?
A : dota2 beda sama dota wc3 kaka, jadi dota2 itu langsung terhubung lewat steam (itupun ID steam agan harus punya beta key atau sudah di invite ke dota2 sama valve), tanpa steam dota2 gak bisa dimaenin, jadi ID steam + betakey = dota2

Q : terus steam itu apa sih?
A : Steam adalah suatu platform (wadah) yang dibuat oleh Valve Corporation yang berfungsi untuk distribusi game, manajemen hak online, komunitas online, dan banyak lagi. lebih lanjutnya silahkan mampir ke trit steam kaskus

Q : saya minat nih, link donlod pliss
A : dota2 gak bisa dimaenin, kalo belom ada betakey

Q : terus cara dapetin betakeynya gimana?
A : ada banyak ko jalan buat dapetin dota2 betakey, salah satunya lewat survey atau yang paling gampang lewat playdota.com atau cek di sini

Q : kapan Dota 2 resmi dirilis?
A : mungkin bentar lagi abis TI 2

Q : saya uda ikutan survey buat dapetin dota2, tapi cek email tapi belum sampai surat cinta dari valve pdhl uda ikod Hardware Survey di pekiwan?
A : kalo dari survey emang rada lama, tapi semenjak awal bulan maret, valve udah ngebagiin dota2 secara massal bagi yang udah ikut survey

Q : saya main offline aja dah sama ai, gimana caranya?
A : main sama AI pun harus lewat steam dan konek internet

Q : saya kan udah ikut survey, terus cek email dapet surat cinta dari valve, key nya dimana ?
A: kalo agan dapet invite dari valve, biasanya udah langsung teraktivasi ke ID steam agan udah terdaftar di email, coba aja cek library agan

Q : temen saya kan baru dapet betakey, saya udah lama dapetnya. terus kalo mau pindahin file dota2 saya ke punya temen gimana caranya?
A : cek sini

Q : di steam saya ada Dota2 sama Dota2 test, jadi instal yang mana?
A: kalo buat saya sih mending instal dota2 aja, dota2 test cuma buat tes hero2 baru selesai dikerjain, jadi kalo udah fix, baru dimasukin ke dota2, selisih update dota2 test sama dota2 juga beda sehari

Q : bagaimana cara membuat screenshot?
A: Waktu in-game tekan F12 aj

Q : cara ganti nick di steam gimana?
A : buka steam, pilih setting, di tab friends ada pilihan profile name, nah itu yang diganti

Q : terus kalo ganti avatar gimana caranya kaka?
A : klik community di steam, pilih profile, terus klik edit my profile

Q : Cara liat ping gmn?
A1 : Aktifin console dulu, klik kanan properties Dota 2 di steam, nanti di kolom launch options masukin "-console" ga pake tanda petik
ingame buka console pake (~) terus ketik net_graph 1
A2: -Aktifin console dulu
- Di console ketik "bindtoggle n net_graph"
- Tekan n didalam game utk nyala matiin ping

Q : dota2 jadi free2play ato buy2play?
A :DOTA2 will be free to play

Q : kalo f2p nanti banyak leaver/ruiner?
A : nggak nanti ada matchmaking sama hukuman

Q : matchmaking apaan? terus hukumannya apa?
A : diadu sesuai skill playernya kaka dicariin room dan musuhnya. hukuman buat leavers Akan masuk dalam "low priority pool" (waktu mulai MM akan terasa lama), tidak mendapat battle points, & tidak mendapat items

Q : Kaka kapan kita bisa bermaen bareng?
A: biasanya kami kumpul2 di channel kaskus , jadi kalo main bareng ajak aja penghuni disitu

Q : ko matchmakingnya lama yah?
A: kalo awal2 main emang lama , tapi kalo win diatas 10 biasanya udah lumayan cepet ko..

Q :apa Dota 2 support LAN & Dedicated Server?
A : Akan disupport tapi belum tau kapan

Q : saya mau jasa pembelian items di Dota 2 Store?
A : cek aja di fjb ada ko gan, penghuni sini juga ada yang jualan

Q : kenapa item2 yang uda dibeli dari dota 2 store koq gak bs ditrade?
A : Harus ditunggu 3x24 jam baru bisa ditrade

Q : Gan ane temukan bugs didalam game ini atau punya ide2 menarik untuk membuat Dota 2 lebih keren?
A : Silahkan kunjungi ke dev.dota2.com untuk menyampaikan keluhan ente & ide2 ente yang keren
andreya - 22/08/2012 02:57 PM

Original Posted By macro_brain
-Steam update stuck
Spoiler for Solusi

1.Download TCPViewer.
2.Extract dan double click TCPView.exe.
3.Buka steam, cari proses steam.exe di TCPView.
4.Klik kanan Steam.exe lalu click close connection.

-Unable to Patch/Update stuck at 98%
an error occured while installing Dota 2 (connection timeout)
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
Spoiler for Solusi
Steam\settings\download & cloud tab
ganti download region
ganti approximate speed


exit steam client
go to C:\Program Files\Steam
rename ClientRegistry.blob menjadi ClientRegistryOld.blob

-Error while installing
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
Spoiler for Solusi
a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\\config\localconfig.vdf
Shutdown steam. Back up that file and delete it, restart steam.
b. run steam.exe as administrador for windows 7 user
c. restart steam

-Steam crashed on startup
Spoiler for Solusi
delete semua isi folder steam
kecuali steam.exe, steam.dll and steamapps

-Ingame spike
Spoiler for Solusi
water quality=off
matikan vsync
sesuaikan render quality
main di fullscreen (borderless windows nyedot cpu)

network quality=off

unit speech=events

tambahkan command seperti gambar dibawah ini
PS: U cant play in fullscren if u have "-nod3d9ex" in set launch option
DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

-Dota 2 Tweaking for Low end PC
Spoiler for Solusi
paste ke C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steammaps/Common/DotA2/DotA/cfg

-Gambar gelap? Brightness ga bisa diubah?
Spoiler for Solusi
a. main fullscreen
b. masukin command "mat_monitorgamma 2.2" di console (1.6 - 2.6 atau 1.2)

-Stuck di "Connecting to the Dota 2 Network"!
Spoiler for Solusi
Relog steam atau CLOSE STEAM
DELETE " ClientRegistry.blob "

-Error Steam.exe (main exception): to run Steam, you must first connect to the internet. DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
Spoiler for Solusi
delete everything except steamapps folder and steam.exe from the main folder, and then ran Steam again.

-Steam won't run: says Windows compatibility mode but isn't.
Spoiler for Solusi
[CODE]HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Compatibility Assistant\Persisted
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
Delete the entry for steam.[/CODE]

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA
Dota 2 Smaller net_graph

DOTA 2 Crashing? Come Here Dota 2 Crash Fix and Fixes to Errors, Freezing, Lagging

Biasakan verify game cache integrity setelah selesai update/patching.

kalo post ini masih gak bisa ngebantu kamu
silahkan posting di thread ini
dan juga
jangan lupa posting disini
game ini masih beta bro
game final release aja kadang masih banyak masalahnya
voodoo12 - 22/08/2012 02:57 PM

lagi ah
andreya - 22/08/2012 02:58 PM

jangan pada posting dulu ya adek adek
jangan contoh abang abang diatas
pada bengal
CokoChiip - 22/08/2012 02:58 PM

Spoiler for FAQ

DOTA 2 - it's not MOBA it's DOTA

z1ck - 22/08/2012 03:01 PM

:kalo agan yang mempunyai warnet terus mau instal dota2 di warnet agan, ini ada beberapa langkah sederhana buat install dota2 ke masing2 client
PC 1
Login Pake Acc Steam 1, Install Dota 2, Backup Dota 2, Copy Backup Dota 2 ke Flashdisk, Sign Out.

PC 2
Login Pake Acc Steam 1, Verifiying Acc Steam Via Email dan Steam, Restore Dota 2, Install Dota 2, Sign Out.

PC 3
Login Pake Acc Steam 1, Verifiying Acc Steam Via Email dan Steam, Restore Dota 2, Install Dota 2, Sign Out.

PC 4
Login Pake Acc Steam 1, Verifiying Acc Steam Via Email dan Steam, Restore Dota 2, Install Dota 2, Sign Out.

PC 5
Login Pake Acc Steam 1, Verifiying Acc Steam Via Email dan Steam, Restore Dota 2, Install Dota 2, Sign Out.

Tahap installasi Dota 2 di 5 PC beres.
PC 1 - Login Pake Acc Steam 1.
PC 2 - Login Pake Acc Steam 2. *
PC 3 - Login Pake Acc Steam 3. *
PC 4 - Login Pake Acc Steam 4. *
PC 5 - Login Pake Acc Steam 5. *

* Dengan syarat Acc Steam 2/3/4/5 sudah teraktivasi menggunakan betakey/gift/invitation.

Klo syarat diatas dah dipenuhi, beres deh. Tinggal maenin aja Dota 2 nya di library masing2 Acc Steam.

tambahan :
- biar agan gak merasa repot harus aktivasi terus melalui email, agan bisa mematikan steam guard, lalu mengaktifkan kembali jika sudah selesai
Steam > Settings > Manage Steam Guard Account Security > Disable Steam Guard


- copy semua isi di folder steam ke dalem flashdisk atau hdd (termasuk folder dota2 di steamapps)
- salin folder steam dari flashdisk atau hdd ke komputer lainnya
- login steam seperti biasa (masukan kode aktivasi kalo diminta hammer)

* cara ini gak dianjurin, karena di beberapa komputer dota2 minta update
* cara ini udah dites sama ane di 3 warnet yang berbeda malus

2.b (kalo cara 2.a bermasalah silahkan pake cara ini)
0.install steam ke masing-masing client lalu login
1.exit steam
2.ke folder >steamsteamapps
3.paste game yg mw di copy ke dalem folder common(kalo belom ada buat sendiri)
4.ud selesai copy open steam
5.tulisanya masi install pencet aja
6.ke verifying data sendiri (max 5 menit)
7.selesai verifying game ud bs dmaenin
Credits to :
nightfly cendols

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andreya - 22/08/2012 03:02 PM

eh bisa diatur ga urutannya ini ya
CoolasFcuk - 22/08/2012 03:02 PM

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rntanak - 22/08/2012 03:03 PM

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