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josskeong - 14/04/2010 02:43 AM
Dijual Cepat Handycam DCR-SR45E Harddisk 30GB
Permisi juragan semuanya,numpang nawarin handycam Sony DCR-SR45E 30GB HDD Handycam PAL Touchscreen nech
Masih ada garansi, kondisi masih bagus, lengkap dengan dus dan buku panduan.
Info lengkap tentang produk bisa diliat dari sini
harga: 3,2 jt (nego)

Hybrid Technology – Record video to Hard Disk Drive or Memory Stick!
You now have the choice of recording high quality video to the 30GB HDD or Memory Stick. Over 20hrs of footage can be stored in the camera's 30GB Hard Disk Drive, while 5h 25min can be recorded direct to an optional 8GB Memory Stick. Movies recorded onto Hard Disk Drive can even be copied to Memory stick for easy file transfer!

40x Optical Zoom Lens
The DCRSR45 features a high-magnification 40x optical zoom lens. Now you can shoot faraway subjects such as buildings and bridges that are difficult to capture with conventional lenses. Using Optical zoom allows you to get much closer to your shooting subject, without sacrificing overall image quality.

Quick On
Pressing the "Quick On" button enables the Handycams "Stand By" mode – perfect for conserving battery power during shooting down time. Simply pressing "Quick on" again will wake the camera up, and let you start shooting in only 1 sec!

Film Roll Index and Face Index
By enabling Film Roll Index it is possible to preview the beginning of scenes and create scene indexes set at specified display intervals (3, 6, or 12 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes) – perfect for seeing what was recorded in a long take. This Handycam also features Face Index, allowing the user to play scenes simply by pressing the human faces detected during shooting.

Easy YouTube Upload
The supplied Picture Motion Browser software makes uploading your footage to YouTube (or your favourite online service) easy! PMB automatically converts footage to a smaller file size and assists you in uploading clips to the web.

2.7" Wide Touch Screen LCD
The Touch Screen interface makes using this Handycam a simple and enjoyable experience. Powerful features such as Spot Focus and Spot Metering allow you to adjust the focal and exposure points of your scene at the touch of a fingertip.

Backup Footage Direct to DVD Without a PC!
If you want to take advantage of the long recording times offered by a Hard Disk Drive Handycam, however don't have a PC, DVDirect (VRDMC5) is for you! Simply connect your Hard Disk Drive Handycam to the device and burn your memories to DVD. For more information on DVDirect, click the icon on the left. DVDirect is an optional accessory for Handycam.

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum - 30 Day trial included
Begin editing your footage straight away with the included Vegas Movie Studio Platinum edition 30 day trial! Vegas Movie Studio Platinum software has everything you need to produce high-quality movies, corporate videos, wedding DVDs, and more. The software supplied is a fully functioning 30 day trial version.

SD HQ 9Mbps (720 x 576): 430mins
SD SP 6Mbps (720 x 576): 640mins
SD LP 3Mbps (720 x 576): 1240mins

Key Features
40x Optical Zoom
Record for over 20hrs on 30GB Hard Drive
2.7" WIDE Touch Screen
Zoom Microphone
Film Roll Index & Face Index
HDD Smart Protection
Easy YouTube upload with included software


* Primary Video Recording Medium: 30GB HDD
* Additional Video Recording Medium(s): Memory Stick
* Movie Dubbing (Between Mediums): HDD >-- Memory Stick


* Carl Zeiss Lens Type: Vario-Tessar
* Filter Diameter: 30mm
* Zoom: 40x Optical (2000x Digital)
* F: 1.8 - 4.1
* f (Focal Distance): 1.9 - 76mm
* f (35mm Conversion) in 16:9 "MOVIE" Rec position: 41 - 1640mm


* Sensor Size & Type: 1/8" CCD
* No. of Pixels (Approx. Gross): 800k
* No. of Pixels 16:9 "MOVIE" Rec (Effective): 490K


* Max. Video Resolution: 720 x 576 (Standard Definition)
* Video Format: MPEG2
* Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
* Super Steady Shot: Electronic
* Focus System: Auto / Manual (via Touch Screen)
* Spot Focus: Yes (via Touch Screen)
* Spot Meter: Yes (via Touch Screen)
* Minimum Illumination: 6lux (Auto Slow Shutter on)
* White Balance: Auto / Outdoor / Indoor / One Touch (via Touch Screen)
* Shutter Speed: 1/3 - 1/3500
* NightShot: Yes
* Colour Slow Shutter: Yes
* Exposure Control: Yes (via Touch Screen)
* Iris Control / Gain Control: Auto Only
* Guide Frame: Yes
* Fader Functions: Fade to Black / White (via Touch Screen)
* Picture Effects: Monotone / Sepia / Pastel
* Digital Picture Effects: Old Movie
* Tele Macro: Yes (via Touch Screen)
* Easy Handycam: Yes


* Size: 2.7" (16:9 WIDE)
* No. of Pixels / Resolution: 123,200 dots (560 x 220)
* LCD Type: Standard


* Zoom Mic: Yes
* Recording: 2ch Stereo (Dolby Digital)
* Playback (via camera): 2ch Stereo (Dolby Digital)
* Recording Media: HDD / Memory Stick


* Max. Image Size (Still Mode): 0.3MP
* Compression: JPEG
* PictBridge: Yes
* Photo Capture from Movie Playback: Yes (In camera / via software)


* Weight Without Battery: 350g
* Dimensions Without Battery (W x H x D): 76x77x113mm


* SD Video / Audio Out (via Multi AV RCA Cable): Yes
* USB Terminal: Yes (USB2 Mini Jack)
* DC In: Yes


* SP HQ 9Mbps (720 x 576): 430 mins
* SP SP 6Mbps (720 x 576): 640 mins
* SP LP 3Mbps (720 x 576): 1240 mins


* NPFH40: 100mins (Supplied)
* NPFH50 (Actiforce): 165 mins
* NPFH70 (Actiforce): 350 mins
* NPFH100 (Actiforce): 555 mins


* AC Adaptor: AC-L200
* InfoLITHIUM Battery: NP-FH40
* AV Cable (Stereo RCA): Yes
* USB Cable (Mini >-- Full Sized): Yes
* CD-ROM: Picture Motion Browser 3.0: Yes
* CD-ROM: Sony Vegas Platnium (30 Day Trial): Yes
* Enjoy Handycam DVD: Yes


Alasan jual karena dah lulus kuliah dan handycam ini hanya digunakan untuk bikin skripsi aja gan,dan barang pun masih keadaan 95% mulus

Spoiler for "depan"
Dijual Cepat Handycam DCR-SR45E Harddisk 30GB

Spoiler for "dalam"
Dijual Cepat Handycam DCR-SR45E Harddisk 30GB

Spoiler for "bawah"
Dijual Cepat Handycam DCR-SR45E Harddisk 30GB

Spoiler for "belakang"
Dijual Cepat Handycam DCR-SR45E Harddisk 30GB

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josskeong - 14/04/2010 02:46 AM
siapa cepat dia dapat
lawuh - 14/04/2010 03:18 AM
lho yu knapa dijual handycamnya???
tak beli tapi dibawah 3jt boleh nggak???
josskeong - 14/04/2010 09:43 AM

Original Posted By lawuh
lho yu knapa dijual handycamnya???
tak beli tapi dibawah 3jt boleh nggak???

Berani berapa gan,tawar aja dulu gan???
BigInyiak - 15/04/2010 06:44 PM
ngantri 2 jeti, maap afgan ya..
josskeong - 16/04/2010 12:12 AM

Original Posted By BigInyiak
ngantri 2 jeti, maap afgan ya..

maaf gan udah terjual
Andyfredy - 20/04/2010 02:10 PM

Bos kmr d kaskus ada yg jual 2.5 lho...
pling aku tawar d 2.7 klau msh mlus & normal
yoan01 - 12/05/2010 06:21 PM

numpang lapak ni...
ane jual harddisk n jasa isi film di harddisk...
yang minat bisa liat film2nya di

pm aj gan
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