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mata.coklat - 07/07/2010 12:10 PM
Lindsay Lohan Menangis Ketika Divonis Penjara
Lindsay Lohan Menangis Ketika Divonis Penjara - A US judge has sentenced actress Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail after ruling she violated probation in a 2007 drug case by failing to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes.

Lohan burst into tears after Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel handed down her sentence in a court in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. The star of Mean Girls was not required to surrender immediately but will have to turn herself in on July 20.

She will also be required to enter an in-patient rehabilitation program after her release from jail. The ruling came during a hearing set for Lohan after she missed a court date in May. She has been required to wear an ankle alcohol monitor since then.

The monitor issued an alert after Lohan attended the MTV Movie Awards and after-parties last month. Prosecutors had hoped to introduce reports from the monitor to show the actress had also violated a court order against drinking, which was imposed as part of her probation.

Judge Revel said during the hearing that the device showed Lohan's blood-alcohol content was .03. However, the judge said she would not consider whether the actress actually consumed alcohol after attending the MTV Movie Awards. Lohan has denied drinking that night.

The judge said she would honour what she told lawyers for both sides in a closed meeting last month and not allow the negative report to be used at the hearing.

She said she would only consider whether the actress failed to complete the required number of alcohol education courses on time.

Cheryl Marshall, a co-founder of the education program, testified she did not report Lohan to be in violation of the judge's order when the actress missed nine meetings, then made up an undisclosed number.

Ms Marshall said she was aware the program received a phone call from the judge in December saying she wanted Lohan to attend classes each week. But Ms Marshall added she did not get a paper copy of the order and did not consider it active.

Ms Marshall's program fought against providing records and testimony at the hearing, but Judge Revel ruled the information was necessary.

Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley said she had not prepared to defend against the alcohol monitor report because the judge had said it would only affect bail for the actress.

Judge Revel doubled Lohan's bail to $US200,000 ($240,000) after learning of the alert last month. Lohan arrived about 10 minutes early for the hearing. Her father, Michael, and younger sister also attended.

The hearing immediately hit a snag as Ms Chapman Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers sparred on what evidence could be introduced. Lohan was arrested for driving under the influence three years ago. After a stay in rehab, she was caught two months later for drink-driving and cocaine possession.

She pleaded guilty to two misdemeanour counts of being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to two counts of driving with a blood-alcohol level above .08 per cent and one count of reckless driving.

She served a mere 84 minutes in jail in 2007 after the arrests. She was sentenced to three years of probation but had to ask for a year-long extension in October after she failed to complete her alcohol-education courses on time.

"It's just been such a long haul and I don't want you to think I don't respect you and your terms because I really did think I was doing what I was supposed to," Lohan told the judge.

Lohan has starred in films such as Disney's Parent Trap, Herbie Fully Loaded and Georgia Rule, and has worked as a model and singer. She is now working on a film about porn star Linda Lovelace.

Tabloids have covered her hard-partying lifestyle, her busy social life dating men and women, her run-ins with the law, and now her latest move: to a correctional facility.

Poor girl \( makanya jangan hidup seenak udel mad:
azkafilardh - 07/07/2010 12:16 PM

setuju. hidup seenaknya. kalo ngelanggar ya jelas aja dipenjara cd
spasi13digit - 07/07/2010 12:24 PM

nda usah sedih hati neng, abang setia menemanimu ... malu:
mata.coklat - 07/07/2010 12:39 PM

Original Posted By spasi13digit
nda usah sedih hati neng, abang setia menemanimu ... malu:

supirangkot - 07/07/2010 12:39 PM

moga2 bs tobat,sayang cakep2 edan
lefort - 07/07/2010 04:39 PM

biar dia sadar diri juga .. bagus lah
BlackEagle911 - 07/07/2010 04:41 PM

gw barusan liat di TV,MEWEK tuh orang,salah sendiri ngelanggar aturanD
toxico - 07/07/2010 04:48 PM

kasian....karirnya lagi nanjak malah carimasalah ma narkoba.....
denmasGIRANG - 09/07/2010 01:56 PM

tetep aja cantik,
Floit - 09/07/2010 02:21 PM

Original Posted By denmasGIRANG
tetep aja cantik,

Bisa syuting pelem di penjara dong!
.rage. - 09/07/2010 02:30 PM

abang setia menanti, neng hammer:Lindsay Lohan Menangis Ketika Divonis Penjara
fr33se - 09/07/2010 02:35 PM

hebat nich Amerika. hukum ya tetap hukum \)
gaji13 - 09/07/2010 02:38 PM

wuih, nangis.. serupa dgn cut tary semalem hammer:
maembul - 09/07/2010 02:42 PM

semoga jd pembelajaran hidup D
andyk02 - 09/07/2010 02:44 PM

k-lo nangis kok jadi jelek yah.. bingungs

di just my luck gw ngefans bgt.. malu:
WAMANUPUNYU - 09/07/2010 04:18 PM

dia nangis krn klo di penjara
gak bisa mamerin body lg gan, geto loh
h2dz - 09/07/2010 06:55 PM

harus gitu dong.. artis ga kebal hukum ilovekaskus
amhuzein - 09/07/2010 08:06 PM

aiir mata muna p
bushido06 - 09/07/2010 08:06 PM

sekarang udah gk cantik lagi
lebih demen pas dia main film mean girls
masih muda dan polos kiss
enemy.of.public - 09/07/2010 08:25 PM

waktu kecil anak baik2 gedenya mental perek sukurin lu dipenjara mad:
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