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salikcell - 21/08/2010 06:21 PM

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kunci dr kpanikan resesi ini terutama pnguatan kembali EUR n GBP terletak pada ekonomi China yg juga dikhawatirkan mngalami bubble economy
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Analysts at UBS AG advise traders to sell the euro against the Swiss franc when EUR rises because economic “conditions remain bearish”.

EUR/CHF resistance lies at 1.3320, key support level at 1.3074 — the record low it reached on July 1.

The euro has fallen 11% against the franc this year.

Analysts claim that with daily and intraday momentum studies pointing down, 1.3074 is now key support. If cleared it would expose the psychological 1.3000 threshold.

The franc was little changed at 1.3160 per euro.

Swiss National Bank President told Tages-Anzeiger on Aug. 21 the threat of inflation reduces the likelihood it will intervene to weaken the currency.
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salikcell - 26/08/2010 07:42 PM

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning economist, think the European economy is at risk of falling into a recession as governments cut spending to reduce their budget deficits.

“Cutting back willy-nilly on high-return investments just to make the picture of the deficit look better is really foolish,” said Stiglitz.

Euro-area governments stepped up efforts to cut their deficits to below the European Union limit of 3% of gross domestic product after the Greek crisis earlier this year eroded investor confidence in the 16-member currency union. While the economy expanded at the fastest pace in 4 years in the II quarter, the recovery is showing signs of weakening.

“Because so many in Europe are focusing on the 3% artificial number, which has no reality and is just looking at one side of a balance sheet, Europe is at risk of going into a double-dip,” Stiglitz said.

Growth in Europe’s services and manufacturing industries slowed more than economists forecast in August and German investor confidence slumped to the lowest in 16 months. Moody’s Investors Service said yesterday that “risks to economic growth are clearly to the downside” in the euro-region economy.

The average budget deficit in the euro area will probably widen to 6.6% of GDP this year from 6.3% in 2009, the European Commission forecast in May. The Greek government aims to pare its shortfall, the region’s second largest, from 13.6% of GDP last year to 8.1% this year and to within the EU limit in 2014, it has said. The country has cut wages and pensions and increased taxes to stave off a default.

At 14.3% of GDP, Ireland had the highest deficit in the euro region last year. The shortfall will narrow to 11.7 percent this year, excluding the cost of bank bailouts, the commission forecast.

“Obviously, Ireland by itself is too small to determine what happens to Europe as a whole,” Stiglitz said. “But if Germany, the U.K. and other major countries follow this excessive austerity approach, Ireland will suffer.”

Stiglitz said that with companies still cutting jobs, he doesn’t expect economic growth to strengthen anytime soon.

“The problem is that we aren’t getting out of this current crisis very quickly,” he said. “What we’re doing is setting ourselves for a longer-term Japanese-style malaise of weak growth for an extended period of time. It’s very disturbing that people are talking about a new normal” with unemployment as high as 10 percent “which would be devastating.”
salikcell - 27/08/2010 02:12 PM

EUR/USD Order Board
Bids reported starting at 1.2680 and again between 1.2665/70
Stop-loss sell orders starting below 1.2650
Light sell orders starting at 1.2735/40
Stop-loss buy orders building above 1.2775
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salikcell - 29/08/2010 01:01 PM

demi terciptanya kenyamanan trading client, FBS membuka server baru di China dan SIngapore..
Klik kiri koneksi anda, rescan server dan pilih SG
FBS akan terus berusaha meningkatkan pelayanan dari waktu ke waktu
salikcell - 30/08/2010 01:19 PM

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demi terciptanya kenyamanan trading client, FBS membuka server baru di China dan SIngapore..
Klik kiri koneksi anda, rescan server dan pilih SG
FBS akan terus berusaha meningkatkan pelayanan dari waktu ke waktu

FBS akan terus meningkatkan pelayanannya hari demi hari
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salikcell - 31/08/2010 09:12 PM

The single currency jumped from the session’s minimum at 1.2625 to trade slightly below 1.2710. Such move stimulated bullish momentum for the pair.

According to the technical analysts, EUR/USD will be able to advance to 1.2750/70 zone only if it overcomes 20-day SMA at 1.2710.

Otherwise, euro will return to the levels below 1.2660 and then to the daily minimum and 1.2580.
salikcell - 01/09/2010 03:29 PM

Analysts at UBS AG advise investors to sell British currency versus Swiss francs at 1.5580 francs with a stop-loss order at 1.5825. Such recommendation is based on the forecast that pound will decline to the record minimum at 1.5000 francs. Yesterday sterling hit the lowest level since January 5, 2009 at 1.5551 francs.

The specialists expect that pound will fall when Britain’s government starts fiscal austerity program that implies reduction of the most departments’ budgets by a quarter. The measures will be announced on October 20. The Treasury’s fiscal monitor says they make public-sector lose 490,000 by April 2015.

The main reason why UBS thinks it’s necessary to turn to franc is that Switzerland’s economy is recovering faster than the European one. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg News predict that annual pace of Swiss GDP growth rose to 2.6% (data is released tomorrow), while euro zone’s economy gained only 1% during this period as it was reported last month.

Never the less, strategists stopped recommending selling the single currency versus franc. According to them, in the short-term investors are to buy back euro at 1.2868 francs.
salikcell - 01/09/2010 10:45 PM

Pastikan Close dulu OPnya ya
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Specialists at Standard Life Investments in Edinburgh claim that Japanese monetary authorities have to act in the near future in order to stem the appreciation of the national currency versus the greenback. According to the specialists, strong yen reduces competitiveness of the country’s exporters in comparison with their South Korean rivals.

Annual pace of Japan’s economic growth in the second quarter was equal only to 0.4% compared to 7.2% in South Korea. Yen becomes more and more expensive. Since the beginning of the year it gained 12% versus won.

The Bank of Japan added 10 trillion yen ($119 billion) in liquidity injections on August 31, while Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced that the government is ready to conduct decisive measures if necessary.

kpan ya intervensi najis
salikcell - 02/09/2010 11:36 PM

AKhir2 ini banyak broker yg jd scam ataupun claim lisensi organisasi keuangan tertentu, nah ane coba e-mail ke pihak FSC dan FBS memang Full Regulated, ini isi email tersebut:
Spoiler for email balasan dari FSC
Companies Division - GBC1 ke saya
perlihatkan detail 06.10 (16 jam yang lalu)
Dear Sir
The company FBS HOlding Inc is registered as a category 1 global business .Its registered office is c/o Worldwide Business Centre Limited,Office 113,2nd floor,Medine Mews,La chaussee Street,Port Louis.ANY FURTHER INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL.
Principal Companies Officer
For Registrar of Companies
230-2112867 (tel)
230-2126493 (fax)
- Perlihatkan kutipan teks -
Disclaimer Notice: This e-mail message (including any attachments) is intended for the addressee only, and may contain confidential information. The unauthorised use, disclosure or copying of this e-mail or any information contained within it is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the author and delete this e-mail (including any attachments) immediately in its entirety. This e-mail message has been swept by a virus checker for the presence of known computer viruses. Besides, any opinion or other information in this email (including any attachments) that does not have anything to do with the official business of the Government of Mauritius, is personal to the author, and therefore does not engage any liability whatsoever of the Government of Mauritius. The above statement does not constitute an acceptance of liability on the part of the Government of Mauritius or its employees in the event of technical or virus issues generated by this e-mail. It is the responsibility of the recipient to take adequate security measures. Further, the Government of Mauritius or its employees do not accept liability however arising, including liability for negligence, for any loss resulting from the use of or reliance upon the information contained in the email (including any attachments) and/or reliance or its availability at any time. The recipient must also verify/check any information with the relevant Government department(s) and/or other source(s), and to obtain any appropriate professional advice before acting on the contents of this email (including any attachments).
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