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Kumpy - 16/08/2010 01:15 PM
Hobby Maen Kendama, Masuk Sini
Halo Gan, ngumpul disini dong pemain ato yang punya ato penggemar kendama.

share aja apa itu kendama
Kendama: Japan’s Traditional Ball and Cup Toy
A kendama (けん玉) is a Japanese toy consisting of a hammer-shaped handle connected by a string to a ball. Made of wood, the ends of the base and the crosspiece of the hammer are cupped so that they can catch the ball, and the ball has a hole in it that can fit on a spike on the end of the hammer.

To play with a kendama, the ball is jerked or swung and caught in one of the cups or impaled on the spike. More advanced tricks involve sequential catches, juggles, and balances often not even involving the cups or spike.

Kendama History

There were kendama-like toys that predate the Japanese version. In particular a version called a bilboquet (or bilbouquet), which was missing the crossbar piece, was known in 16th century France, where King Henry II was said to have played it. A version of the bilboquet called the balero is still popular in Mexico.

Although the Ainu in Japan are thought to have developed a bilbouquet style toy, the kendama probably traces back to the introduction of the bilboquet from Europe at the end of the 18th century. In the early 20th century the Japanese kendama had acquired the two additional side cups and was called a nichigatsu ball (日月ボール). In 1919 Hamaji Egusa of Hiroshima successfully registered a sort of early Japanese style patent for the device. At this point the basic form of the kendama was essentially fixed.

The Kendama in Contemporary Japan

The kendama has a split personality in Japan. On the one hand inexpensive kendama toys of varying designs are common and most families have one laying around somewhere. Most Japanese children have a bit of experience in playing with them, but are not particularly skilled. Game machines or other more modern entertainment now hold the attention of Japanese children.

But a more serious form of kendama play is overseen by the small staff of the Japan Kendama Association (日本けん玉協会), founded by author and kendama enthusiast Issei Fujiwara in 1975 and reorganized as a nonprofit association in 2002. Headquartered in cramped offices a few blocks from the grounds of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, the JKA sets the technical specifications for licensed competitive kendamas, establishes rules and regulations, organizes competitions (mostly for children), awards kyu and dan level rankings to kendama “athletes,” much as in the martial arts world, and works with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in preserving the kendama as a piece of Japanese traditional culture.

The JKA supports itself with license fees from a small number of kendama makers who make competitive kendamas with the JKA seal, corporate sponsorships, and annual dues collected from members who wish to compete and receive an official level ranking.

Anatomy of the Modern Japanese Kendama

Kendamas approved by the JKA are composed of five parts:

The ball (玉 tama)
The ken (or stick, ken means “sword,” けん ken)
The crosspiece (or cup body, 皿胴 sarado)
The string (usually thin nylon, 糸 ito)
The bead (a plastic washer that holds the ball on the string, 太めのビーズ futome no biizu)
The tip of the ken is called the spike or point (けん先 kensaki). The ridge around the handle of the ken is called the slip stop (すべり止め suberidome). The base of the ken is the center cup (中皿 chuuzara). Between the center cup and the slip stop is the JKA seal, indicating authorization and certification by the JKA as a competitive kendama (日本けん玉協会公認シール Nihon Kendama Kyokai kounin shiiru). For each model of kendama the JKA selects a distintive colors in which to print the center portion of its seal.

The crosspiece has a small cup (小皿 kozara) and a big cup (大皿 oozara). On each side of the crosspiece is a small beveled hole for the string to pass through. The hole through which the ken passes is tapered to fit the conical shape of the ken.

Each cup has a reinforcing edge called the cup edge (ふち fuchi), to thicken the cup rim and prevent it from easily breaking when hit by the ball.

A hole large enough to accommodate the spike is drilled most of the way through the ball. At the entrance it is beveled to about 2 centimters in diameter to make it easier to spike the ball during tricks, and at the far end a small hole is drilled through to the other side for the string to fit through The string passes through a plastic bead and is knotted to hold it onto the ball. The other end of the string passes through one of the holes in the crosspiece and a knot (糸のむすびめ ito no musubime) is tied. There is no bead used at this end because it is usually pulled out and fixed by the friction of the ken penetrating the crosspiece. Another option is to further pass the string through a hole drilled through the spike, although this is hard to do without a special needle or thin bodkin.

The ken and the crosspiece on JKA kendamas are not glued together, to allow for disassembly to replace the string or convert the kendama to right- or lefthand use. Likewise, the strings are not glued or nailed into the kendama, but are attached through a hole in the crosspiece and held in by friction and a knot. Consequently, JKA kendamas are not for use by young children, as they can fly apart during high centrifugal force tricks and break windows or teeth if not frequently checked for tightness.

Although the shape and dimensions of the JKA kendamas are fairly consistent across models, the weights of the kendamas and their pieces can vary considerably, depending on the woods used. Balls, which are 6 centimeters in diameter, can be as light as 55 grams or heavier than 75 grams, and overall weight varies between 115 grams and 140 grams. In addition, the gloss and slipperiness of the ball varies by the type of paint and varnish, and there are at least a couple of JKA kendama models where the ball is unpainted or only painted with a thin translucent whitewash.

The strings can be any length over 38 centimeters (35 for youth), but the longer the string, the more difficult it is to perform tricks, so most kendama athletes use strings from 39 to 42 centimeters.

Note that the ken on JKA kendamas is a single piece that penetrates through the crosspiece. Many toy kendamas are constructed from a separate handle piece and spike piece, both glued into the crosspiece.

Ironically, many non-JKA toy kendamas are actually more difficult to perform tricks on than the JKA competition kendamas. The hole in the ball may not be beveled; the hole may not be drilled as far into the ball making it more lopsided and hard to spin accurately; the strings may be longer or stretchier; and the small and center cups are often smaller relative to the ball than on the JKA kendamas. Because of that, many kendama athletes own non JKA kendama to practice on in the same way that many competitive swimmers will use baggy beach swim trunks on occasion during training to give them more resistance and make swimming more difficult.

domomogi - 17/08/2010 06:15 PM

pertamax saved!! gan, bisa dijelaskan dengan pict kendama itu apa ? o
Kumpy - 19/08/2010 09:12 PM

oke gan.
penjelasan umumnya aja, kendama tuh kayak gini bagian-bagiannya

Hobby Maen Kendama, Masuk Sini
capunkgadog - 20/08/2010 06:46 AM
wah apaan yah ....ane ga bisa inggris ...
apa ga bisa tulis indo...aja ....
biar jelas dong ...
dancedetrance - 20/08/2010 01:11 PM

hadir. hahaha..

blm sempet maen sih, tapi lagi pengen beli nih.. temen temen banyak yang maen hehehe
Monaco88 - 22/08/2010 07:27 PM

berapaan tuh biasanya gan?
Kumpy - 22/08/2010 09:44 PM

macem2 gan.
kalo yg plastik sekitar 100rb keatas.
yg wooden 200rb keatas.
dederippernut - 28/09/2010 07:16 PM

WAAAAAAHHH baru liat ada thread ini! mantap2,,, kebetulan ane main kendama dari bulan februari gan, dan ane bikin page's official "Kendama Indonesia" di facebook, cekidot deh >--!/group.php?gid=113612978658172&ref=search

kalau mau liat video kendama ane juga langsung aja ke channel youtube ane >--

dan juga kalau agan2 pengen order JKA Official Kendama kayak Tk 16 Master, Ozoora, Shinfuji , atau bahkan Mugen sekalipun (Cuman siapin aja budget $150 ) , atau mungkin pengen order brand clone dari china kayak KC Winner atau KendamaCN, bisa message saya difacebook , search aja "Delly Afriadi" .

semoga membantu dan mungkin lain kali saya bisa posting photo2 kendama saya disini, thx!

keep swing ur damas buddy!
Wibiwibiwibi - 29/09/2010 08:00 PM

Ane kayaknya pernah liat, gan..
Itu sama ga sama maenan anak- anak yang kaa gendang- gendang'an gt...??
Tp kok harganya mahal ya, kayaknya yang maenan itu harganya ga nyampe 100 rb..
dederippernut - 30/09/2010 12:53 AM

Original Posted By Wibiwibiwibi
Ane kayaknya pernah liat, gan..
Itu sama ga sama maenan anak- anak yang kaa gendang- gendang'an gt...??
Tp kok harganya mahal ya, kayaknya yang maenan itu harganya ga nyampe 100 rb..

wah, yang mana tuh gan yg mirip gendang?? bingungs

coba deh buka atau untuk liat harganya, dan emang bener2 segitu harganya gan, trus kalau mau pelajarin sejarah2nya atau apapun, bisa buka

hehehe, semoga membantu ilovekaskus
dederippernut - 30/09/2010 02:13 AM

nah, sesuai janji ane, ane mau jelasin apa dan macam2 kendama itu apa2 aja,, btw TS, kalau bisa post'an ane dinaikin ya,, hehehe, :P

*Ok, dimulai dari kendama, mungkin diatas udah dijelasin sama TS, intinya, ini mainan tradisional Jepang yang punya 3 cup dengan ukuran beda (Big Cup, Small Cup, & Base Cup), sebuah bola yang memiliki lubang dibawahnya yang diikat seuntas tali,, untuk lebih jelasnya liat gambar ini deh..
Hobby Maen Kendama, Masuk Sini

nah, mainan ini sekarang mulai berkembang kemasyarakat luar diseluruh dunia, yang terus berkembang di USA, Belanda, Swistzerland, dan asia sendiri..

*JKA Official Kendama

JKA (Japan Kendama Association) , adalah sebuah asosiasi yang menentukan standarisasi kendama2 yang bisa diikutkan kompetisi dijepang, dan mereka adalah pemegang penuh lisensi kendama official competition untuk dijepang sana yang tiap tahunnya di adain..
dan inilah kendama2 yang berlisensi official dari JKA, cekidot!

Hobby Maen Kendama, Masuk Sini
kiri ke kanan : ShinSakura (Ungu), Mugen (Biru), Ozoora (Kuning), ShinFuji (Hitam), TK 16 Master (Hijau), TK16 Junior (Hijau) *warna yang diliat bukan bolanya gan, melainkan logo dibawah kendama itu, hehehe, itu yang bedain dari tiap merk*

nah gambar diatas adalah kendama2 yang bersertifikat official dari JKA dan bisa digunakan untuk kompetisi dijepang sana.
(catatan : untuk kendama shin sakura dan mugen udah gak produksi lagi karena pabriknya udah ditutup, padahal kedua itu adalah kendama terbaik sepanjang masa gan!)

mungkin segitu dulu penjelasan saya tentang kendama, ini udah ngantuk gan, ntar saya lanjutin lagi biar lebih lengkap! hehehe, cheers up for all kendama lovers in indonesia! keep swing ur dama's! iloveindonesia
Kumpy - 30/09/2010 06:41 PM

thanks bro Delly...
JKA emang salah satu produk yg diakui di negri per-Kendama-an.

susah emang sekarang cari orang yang bener-bener suka sama kendama. bahkan orang yang ngaku cinta mati sama Jejepangan sekalipun belum tentu suka sama mainan ini.
dederippernut - 02/10/2010 01:02 AM

Original Posted By Kumpy
thanks bro Delly...
JKA emang salah satu produk yg diakui di negri per-Kendama-an.

susah emang sekarang cari orang yang bener-bener suka sama kendama. bahkan orang yang ngaku cinta mati sama Jejepangan sekalipun belum tentu suka sama mainan ini.

sama2 agan TS, ane juga lagi pengen bangun scene kendama di indonesia nih, ya salah satu caranya mungkin bisa bantu orderin itu kendama, hehe, btw, udah berapa lama agan main kendama? kalau ane sih baru mulai dari februari kemaren, hehehe,, :P
alfian.riyadi - 29/10/2010 12:00 AM

wah unik ya kendama ini.. sekian lama baru tau namanya.
dulu sempat punya dapet hadiah ulang tahun waktu masih kecil malus
kalo diinget2 bahannya kayu gitu, sayang kini entah kemana
aiman5252 - 25/02/2011 08:54 PM

ane tertarik gan main kendama, tp di FJB ada yg jual ga?
Oentoro96 - 02/03/2011 07:42 PM

Mang serunya apa sih gan...? Kayaknya kalo diliat dari gambarnya g seru gan. Tapi unik sih... iloveindonesia
Spoiler for awaass!
Masukin Nama ama e-mail doang dapat 10.000 Gan! Klik Aja!
Silahkan caci maki atau bata ane kl ini jebakan betmen... kagets:
oelpha_18 - 22/03/2011 11:18 PM

ternyata ada trit kendama lovers juga dimari ^^
ane sih punya. sengaja waktu ke jepang pas di kyomizu dera kyoto keliling nyari kendama dan dapet 570 yen (sekitar 57rb)
Ariel.Matsuyama - 31/07/2011 07:40 AM

Original Posted By oelpha_18
ternyata ada trit kendama lovers juga dimari ^^
ane sih punya. sengaja waktu ke jepang pas di kyomizu dera kyoto keliling nyari kendama dan dapet 570 yen (sekitar 57rb)

Wew, mahal juga ya.. Dimari ada yg jual gax?Hobby Maen Kendama, Masuk Sini
r3r3n - 18/09/2011 11:25 PM

pengen bgt belajar kendama tp g ngerti gmana...suka pas liat2 di manga n anime byk yg ngulas kendama n ketemu brang asliny waktu ada festival Jepang dulu tp g bisa dbeli coz barang milik Japan Foundation yg dipinjemin bwt dpajang
pasarterpercaya - 08/02/2012 01:54 AM

Wah macem2 y hobi kaskuser
Jd nambah wawasan hobi baru
Baru liat di tv c ane gan
Pst asik jg maennya cendols Hobby Maen Kendama, Masuk Sini
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