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giyo - 12/10/2010 07:44 AM
(Help me please!!)How I can get a Good value on TOEFL test?
Qualifications, iBT/PBT TOEFL & IELTS+All Related English Courses In Indonesia [Tips]

For all expert,please help me how to make my TOEFL value can be good,cz I would finish my education in college and one of its main requirement is passing TOEFL. So, give me a good tips and trick to get a good values in this thes!!

thanx for your views and I hope your help. malu

-i'm e newbie-
Ahazveroz - 12/10/2010 08:36 AM

Study hard? lol D
shine7 - 12/10/2010 09:10 AM

if we wanna get high score in toelf test, just study.

Learning english is a process, we cant learn english just one night
Kajitani - 12/10/2010 09:51 AM

learn about grammar, like subjunctive, pasten, because most of toefl test is about grammar ! -,-

And don't forget to learn how to read faster, you'll need it when it's reading time.

I didn't get a good score of my first toefl anyway, just 433, quite bad i know and this sunday i'll do my second toefl, wish me luck ! \)

Good luck ts. Sorry if my grammar is kinda mess.Qualifications, iBT/PBT TOEFL & IELTS+All Related English Courses In Indonesia [Tips]
Rue Jr - 12/10/2010 10:44 AM

study hard and do much exercises.
depend on my experiences, toefl test always have similar type like what a toefl preparation book gives.
good luck ilovekaskus
KLanese - 12/10/2010 11:28 AM

Original Posted By p1nk3d_books
Wow, 4 pages already matabelo:
Way to go!! D

Hi sista pink3d, wanna share your experience on taking TOEFL or IELTS in here? D

looking forward to your writing then.... beer:
maimunsari - 12/10/2010 12:33 PM

@TS: you can start by read this thread >- http://kask.us/5021642. I think this thread is very useful for preparing ourself to get good score.
good luck!
aditpsycho - 12/10/2010 12:38 PM

it's TOEFL score, not value.
nevermisery - 12/10/2010 01:54 PM

hm.. you know, i also looking for the trick how to get high score in toefl..
but, somehow i think that's not the most important, cause sometimes score can't assure the trully skill..
still, i know my english is so bad hammer
yakyuuk - 12/10/2010 05:08 PM

We're have same purpose TS.
Treat it like a game, Game will much interesting if we're play together.
Game record always beaten from competition.
Find a friend and compete with him/her.
p1nk3d_books - 12/10/2010 11:25 PM

^^^ I have never ever taken TOEFL/IELTS hammer:
p0congkaskus - 12/10/2010 11:54 PM

Original Posted By p1nk3d_books
^^^ I have never ever taken TOEFL/IELTS hammer:

Me too :mewek
brekelek - 16/10/2010 03:57 PM
[ask] about TOEFL test in bogor
urgent please

guys, can you tell me where is the best place in bogor that can do a TOEFL test and certified ???
el_stup1do - 16/10/2010 09:30 PM

Original Posted By brekelek
urgent please

guys, can you tell me where is the best place in bogor that can do a TOEFL test and certified ???

Seriously, just because it's urgent does not warrants using those ungodly font size. All of us can read it just fine with the regular font.

If you have time to make huge fonts with varying colors, you should've done your research. All of those information are available online, or the least you can do is check the first page of this thread.

This really grinds my gear!
sifireman - 17/10/2010 03:10 AM
Sharing tips for TOEFL Grammar questions..
Hy lads,
I just wanna share my findings which I got during my TOEFL preparation study (self study ^_^)
Hopefully, you can add some more that can enrich our knowledge about grammar in TOEFL test. What I want to discuss in this thread is not about general grammar rules, like tenses,modals, or etc., but about "uncommon grammar" ( grammar which we rarely use in daily conversation or general English).

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of "uncommon grammar" questions in the Toefl test which can lead us to answer them wrongly. I will start it with

"negative expression in the beginning of sentence"

Friends who have tried TOEFL test, perhaps you once met sentences which are started by
only recently...
I you find this kind of sentence, it needs inverted subject and object, meaning you have to put "to be" or "verb" before the subject.

I'll give you a simple example:
normal sentence: They have many books.
negative expression: Rarely have they many books.

Ups, it's 2 a.m now. Sorry for my bad explanation. I will share you some more next time, I'm looking forward some additional tips from you.
p3mp3kl3n73r - 17/10/2010 12:30 PM

my last TOEFL score is 380 . . . how about now ??? o
Liq - 18/10/2010 10:23 PM
SCORE TOEFL iBT/PBT, Share yours here!!
Hi Guys!! iloveindonesia
Have you ever taken TOEFL PBT (Paper Based TOEFL) or TOEFL iBT (Internet Based TOEFL)? Yes?? Great! Share with us your scores and comments after you took it.

To make it simple to read, let's make the format like this below:
     R = 30
L = 30
S = 30
W = 30
TOTAL = 120

So, who wanna start first? kiss
rahan - 18/10/2010 10:40 PM

hi all, I guess I'll take my time to share my IELTS experience here.
Usually people called my line of work as 'English Teacher.' However, I prefer the word 'English presenter.'

I took this test @ IALF Jakarta two months ago. Well, what i can say is this:
1. keep your concentration level high(what i mean is you need to focus) especially when you are doing the LISTENING section.
2. calm yourself during the interview session. This native speaker won't bite you. \).

It's not that difficult. You can do it. It's kinda fun.

Is it expensive? For me, yes it is. But it's worth the experience.

If you're in Jakarta and need a private tutor for this test, maybe I can help.
Or maybe not. Ciao
Siberian Dmitry - 19/10/2010 09:29 AM
Hi all,

I'll take iBT test at the end of this month, I have a question regarding copy of score report that will be mailed to our address.

I live out of my hometown and my ID card still use my hometown address, in this case I should put my address as written in my ID at the registration, right? Since I prefer to receive the hard copy report at my current address (although there will be online score report), how should I manage this?

Thank you for your input iloveindonesia
AngelicRayment - 19/10/2010 11:30 AM

623 on TOEFL, but that was in 2002 \(
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