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Rossimoncelli - 18/06/2012 10:42 PM

Video: Road trip to London for Sic Vespa riders on stage at Day of Champions

Posted: Monday 18 June 2012 by Toni M.

Spoiler for news

Moricano’s Vespa club and their initiative a Road trip to London for Sic was met by highly appreciative audience and a resounding burst of applause when the reached the Silverstone circuit for last Thursday’s Riders for Health auction.

This enthusiastic group of fifteen vintage Vespa owners rode from Morciano, Italy all the way to Silverstone in six days covering 1958km and bring some special items for the auction, including a very special AGV replica Simoncelli helmet designed by Davide Degli Innocenti.

Just the helmet raised £2,000 thanks to the generosity of somone and the proceeds will be divided between Riders for Health and the Marco Simoncelli Foundation.

Thanks to deanozx10r for posting this video and all the others on the 2012 Day of Champions on Youtube.

[spoiler=gallery]Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rossimoncelli - 19/06/2012 07:42 PM

Marco Simoncelli tribute song - Download Now!

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

The Rainband's single in aid of the Marco Simoncelli Foundation now available for download.

Spoiler for news
The Rainband, which performed its Marco Simoncelli fundraising single 'Rise Again' during the British MotoGP weekend at Silverstone, has asked us to highlight that the song is now for sale and pass on the download link.

So here it is:

The Rainband was contacted by The Marco Simoncelli Foundation after writing the track and will donate all profits to the foundation.

The Marco Simoncelli Foundation aims to build hospitals around the world for the disabled. The fundraising single is fully supported by Dorna, MotoGP and The Marco Simoncelli Foundation.

Pictured is a Fender guitar signed by the riders which will be auctioned when The Rainband perform in Misano.
Rossimoncelli - 22/06/2012 03:46 PM

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

World Ducati Week di* Misano

Courtesy of Nicky Hayden
FerryCobra - 02/07/2012 08:41 PM

Biar gambar yg berbicara berdukas

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You - 03/07/2012 11:16 AM


Dallara - 03/07/2012 01:36 PM

wah, lama ga mampir, masih teringat-ingat ama MS 58 berdukas
nicki10 - 14/07/2012 11:53 PM

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

Grande super sic
ajastafararawna - 16/07/2012 11:06 AM


udah lama yah...\)
aLLmanXD - 17/07/2012 07:38 PM

nyumbang pidio dulu


ini yg katanya mau di lelang sama marco simoncelli foundation?
FerryCobra - 18/07/2012 09:13 PM

Paying tribute to Marco Simoncelli (w/video)

Published on 18 Jul 2012 by Toni M.

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

Spoiler for news

Italian motorcycle group Traersù decided to pay tribute to the late Marco Simoncelli with this very moving video that includes a ‘minute of casino’ (noise or chaos) that Paolo Simoncelli had asked for during the Valencia GP.

Over 300 bikers from around Italy showed up for the event that took over two hours to prepare and film and this is the result of their eulogy, which after watching you’ll no doubt say Diobò che bello!

The video will be given to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation with hope that it will raise awareness regarding the charity work that the foundation does.
FerryCobra - 01/08/2012 04:20 PM

Marco Simoncelli - "Sic Supermoto Day" event be held in December

Published on 01 Aug 2012 by Toni M.

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You

Spoiler for news
During last Saturday’s fourth round of the Supermoto International Series at the Pomposa circuit (Ravenna, Italy) it was officially announced the latest event to help raise funds for the Marco Simoncelli Foundation..

The event created and organized by Federico Capogna is called “Sic Supermoto Day,” a supermoto endurance race that will be held next December 2nd and will be hosted at the Sagittario International Circuit (Latina, Italy) and promises to be packed with the partecipation of MotoGP stars.

On September 1st, Sic Supermoto Day will be opening an online registration site and with the last remaining open spots still available, will allow you the awesome opportunity to take part in the event as a competitor.

“The memory of Marco and the commitment of the Marco Simoncelli Foundation” - said Paolo Simoncelli, present at the presentation - “is the engine of our existence - everything revolves around several projects, such as the construction of a new hospital in Santo Domingo, near the Haitian border, but there’s also an abandoned hotel in the city of Coriano where Marco used to live that we want to turn into a day care center for disabled children. This isn’t an easy feat, but it allows us to be close to our dear Marco, and give us strength every day. ”
theracidzz - 04/08/2012 10:37 PM

kangen nya ane liat alm.Om kribo o
FerryCobra - 17/08/2012 01:18 AM

The Denny's Chronicles: Super Sic, Tim and The Tip

by chase winstead
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Former Superbike team owner Tim McCartney stands with his favorite
rider, the late Marco Simoncelli at an Indy Denny's in 2010.

Spoiler for news
As MotoGP returns to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the fifth consecutive year, it's impossible to ignore that there's a significant hole in the soul of the paddock due to the loss of Marco Simoncelli that's only starting to heal.

But memories of Simoncelli will be strong and fond this weekend at IMS because Super Sic loved America, and America loved him back. As detailed here in the past, Sic's last family vacation came in July 2011 in the summer break after Laguna Seca. Simoncelli, his girlfriend, his parents and his sister toured the Western states, including driving a big, honkin' American Jeep around the desert.

Super Sic also loved some of culinary peculiarities that can only be found in America. One of those was Denny's, the polished greasy spoon open 24/7 on corners across the U.S. of A.

Simoncelli and his crew ate nearly every night at the same Denny's in Indianapolis during MotoGP's first four trips to Indy, whether it was with the Metis team from his 250cc days or the Gresini team during his two years of MotoGP.

Seeing a pile of guys speaking Italian, especially one with an burnt-orange mushroom cloud of hair, must have been a bit of a shock for the Hoosiers bellying up to the counter or a booth at Denny's and digging into their late-night Grand Slam breakfasts or grilled-cheese sandwiches. But MotoGP fans noticed, many with glee.

A friend of Soup passed along this story about Super Sic and Denny's that was funny and touching at the time but is recalled with a mixture of melancholia now that Simoncelli is gone.

Friend of Soup Tim McCartney ran a nice little Ducati Superbike team in the US in the 1990s and has been a life-long racing fan. He rides an S4Rs on the street and tries to hit as many races as he can each year.

In 2010 at Indy, Tim was digging into a Lumberjack Grand Slam at a Denny's next to his hotel after riding into Indy from a neighboring state when he looked up and saw Super Sic and the Gresini crew heading across the parking lot to eat. Tim alertly jumped from his seat and got a picture in the Denny's lobby with Simoncelli, who was happy to oblige, as the Gresini crew waited for a table.

Tim returned to the Denny's the next evening and told a group of fans from Kansas City about his chance meeting the prior evening with Simoncelli. An eavesdropping waitress then said Simoncelli and the Gresini crew rang up a bill of nearly $200 that night but didn't leave a tip.

An experienced traveler, Tim realized right away that it's standard practice for a tip to be included in the bill for large parties at European restaurants. So Simoncelli and the Gresini guys probably thought the tip was blended into the final tab.

The eavesdropping waitress said Simoncelli's server was counting on a healthy tip, as even Simoncelli and his crew complimented her for exceptional service. Tim asked if the serving waitress was there that night, but she wasn't.

Knowing that Simoncelli was a quality, caring guy who never would stiff a tip, Tim returned to the Denny's for a third straight evening, looking for the waitress. She had just left.

Finally, Tim went back to the Denny's for some coffee and cheesecake the next night, after the AMA Flat Track race at the Indy Mile. Simoncelli's original waitress was there, and Tim asked her to come over.

Tim explained the European practice of including tips for big parties and how Simoncelli wasn't the kind of ill-mannered superstar who forgot "regular people." The waitress was understanding but said she really needed that tip to help pay bills and still held a somewhat dim view of the goofy Italian kid with the big hair.

Troubled by the waitress' displeasure with one of his heroes, Tim said Super Sic was one of "his boys," and he wanted her to think highly of him. So Tim asked the waitress if she would forgive Simoncelli if she got her tip.

"For sure!" she responded.

Tim pulled $40 from his wallet and handed it to the waitress, instructing her to clear Super Sic's name with the staff at that Denny's. The waitress insisted Tim didn't need to show such kindness, but Tim persisted, and he was rewarded with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

There's no doubt that picking up Super Sic's tip showed Friend of Soup Tim is a class act. There's also almost no question that Simoncelli would have paid a proper tip if he knew American restaurant protocol. Those are the skin-deep morals of this narrative.

But dig deeper, and you'll see yet another example of the kind of bond Simoncelli had with American MotoGP fans. Super Sic truly was "our boy," and we'd go to exceptional lengths to love him and ensure even those who didn't follow the sport did, too.

He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered in equal measure this weekend.

genkcihuahua - 17/08/2012 02:49 PM

jadi kangen ama SuperSic...berdukas

ga berasa udah mau setahun ane make ava ini...:mewek
FerryCobra - 18/09/2012 09:20 PM

2012 Dedikato event a big success

Published on 18 Sep 2012 by Toni M.

Spoiler for news
The GP Aperol di San Marino e Riviera di Rimini racing weekend at Misano isn’t the only event that Adriatica Riviera has to offer for fans who flock to the east coast of Italy, for some sun (not so much this particular weekend), fun and top notch motorcyle racing.

Every year the city and Gresini Racing hosts the DEDIKATO event to remember the late and not forgetten Daijiro Kato (who has a street named after him near the Misano circuit) and raise funds for notable charities. This year the event was also dedicated to the late Marco Simoncelli (who never missed the event since it started in 2005) with the proceeds this time going to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation.

Over 15,000 fans showed up for Dedikato 2012 (that had to be postponed due to the weather conditions) and the event has held at the Arena 58 and started with an exhibition of parachute jumpers, while the highlight of the evening was a souped-up Ape Car Cross race, that numerous riders, paddock personnel and journalists took part in. The win went to Moto3 rider Kevin Calia (who would crash out during the Moto3 race on Sunday) who beat MotoGP riders Mattia Pasini and Michele Pirro.

Other riders who showed up were Randy De Puniet, Niccolò Antonelli, Simone Corsi, Federico Sandi, Romano Fenati, Alessandro Tonucci and World Superbike rider Marco Melandri (Andrea Iannone was upset because someone forgot to invite him). Former MotoGP rider turned to safety advisor for Dorna, Loris Capirossi, was also on hand.

The evening ended on the notes of Rainband performing their tribute song to Marco Simoncelli, Rise Again and the de rigueur fireworks display.

Check out the rest of the photos and a highlight video after the jump.


Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
Rest In Peace Marco #58 All Pray from Us for You
genkcihuahua - 20/10/2012 02:54 AM

Ga kerasa udah setahun kehilangan SuperSic...\(
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