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felixwinata - 06/06/2012 08:55 PM

Original Posted By elvanz
kangen bener ama D.Rose
semoga cepet balik :matabelo

taun depan doi bener2 gamain buat recoverynya gan ? hammer
pista - 07/06/2012 12:47 AM

Original Posted By felixwinata
taun depan doi bener2 gamain buat recoverynya gan ? hammer

klo prediksi dari analis2 NBA sih kemungkinan baru bisa maen stlh All-Star break or pas PO season depan, tapi yg pasti D-Rose harus bnr2 dah siap 100% secara fisik & mental wat balik ke lapangan lagi, krn yg dipertaruhin di sini adalah masa depannya, jgn sampe kejadian Penny Hardaway/T-Mac kena ke D-Rose..doakan yg terbaek aja wat D-Rose \)
elvanz - 07/06/2012 06:20 AM

Original Posted By felixwinata

taun depan doi bener2 gamain buat recoverynya gan ? hammer

mungkin gan. tapi semoga aja sblm playoffs dah balik
pista - 07/06/2012 11:22 PM

Rose gets in touch with his football side

June 6, 2012, 11:06 am

When Derrick Rose releases a new pair of shoes from his collection to the public, each have a special connection to Chicago.

His previous shoes represented the Windy City's public transit system, featuring the blue line, and displayed a Chicago Transit Authority map on the inside. This time, Rose is getting in touch with his football side by showcasing Bears' colors and displaying a new logo that resembles the look of the Bears' jerseys.

Derrick Rose Fans here !
Derrick Rose Fans here ! d?blockID=720320&feedID=10332

Former NBA star Tim Hardaway to Derrick Rose: I came back, and so can you

BY NEIL HAYES [email][/email] June 5, 2012 10:47PM

Updated: June 7, 2012 6:15PM

When Tim Hardaway saw Derrick Rose fall to the floor and grab his left knee in Game 1 of the Bulls’ first-round playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers, he knew what had happened. The former Miami Heat guard didn’t bother to watch the replay.

‘‘I saw the game when he did it, and I knew exactly what it was,’’ said Hardaway, who now works as a community liaison for the Heat. ‘‘I knew it was his [anterior cruciate ligament]. I don’t like to see guys get hurt anyway, but when it’s an ACL, I know how much it hurts. It’s a serious injury. It’s a long road back.’’

Hardaway contacted Rose through his niece Mieka Reese, who is Rose’s longtime girlfriend. He told Rose about how he tore his ACL and assured him he will be better than ever — in time. Hardaway, a former standout at Carver, told Rose about how he came back to be a first-team All-NBA player and All-Star despite undergoing the surgery at a time when complete recoveries were far less certain.

‘‘He was pretty devastated,’’ Hardaway said of Rose. ‘‘You could tell. You’re hearing people, but you’re not really focused. I remember listening to folks when I was hurt, and all I could think was: ‘I can’t play. I can’t play the game I love to play, and I can’t help my team.’ That will be the hardest thing he’ll ever have to go through. He won’t be able to help his team win ballgames.’’

What Rose is trying to do, Hardaway accomplished almost two decades ago. Hardaway split two defenders while driving for a layup during practice when it felt like the floor reached up and grabbed his ankle. He looked down and saw his lower leg move in a way nature never intended.

‘‘It was traumatizing to see something like that,’’ said Hardaway, who missed the 1993-94 season. ‘‘I couldn’t catch my breath. I thought I was going to die.’’

Like Rose, Hardaway was a point guard who learned his craft on Chicago playgrounds. Like Rose, his quickness and killer crossover dribble gave him a major advantage against opponents. That’s why the message Hardaway recently delivered to Rose still resonates: I recovered, and so will you.

‘‘Next year is going to be very hard for him,’’ Hardaway said. ‘‘I’ve been there. It was very hard for me. It’s hard to accept.’’

Hardaway said it took him 11 months before he could play in an NBA game and another full year before he felt like his old self. Technology has improved and rehabilitation techniques have advanced, but Hardaway said he doesn’t think the timeline has changed much.

‘‘My biggest thing was getting my head and knee on the same page, so I could do the same things I did before the injury — doing the crossover, exploding to the basket, not being afraid to lay the ball up over a big guy,’’ he said. ‘‘I had to get to a point where I didn’t fear leaping off my left leg. That was the biggest challenge I had to overcome. It’s something you just have to go out and do.’’

Hardaway returned to his roots during the most critical part of his rehab and encouraged Rose to do the same. Hardaway said it was the playgrounds of Chicago that best prepared him for the rigors of returning to the NBA.

‘‘I went home to Chicago and played some summer tournaments, and they got me back to where I needed to be,’’ he said. ‘‘They picked me up full-court; they pressured me. That’s the way we played. That’s how we play in Chicago. We play hard and tough, and if you want to get back to the way it was, you have to play against people in Chicago. They will help you get back.’’ rose-i-came-back-and-so-can-you.html
pista - 16/06/2012 01:32 AM

Gibson optimistic Rose will make full recovery

June 11, 2012, 6:31 pm
By Steve Wojcik

Most NBA players would agree that a torn ACL is one of the hardest injuries to recover from, which is why the majority of the league wonders if Derrick Rose will ever be the same.

Taj Gibson is not a part of that majority.

Gibson spoke to Adam Fluck of and expressed optimism about Rose's road to recovery.

"I think he's improving quicker than people have expected him to improve," Gibson told Fluck. "He's in there every day and he's pushing it to the limits every time I see him. I think he'll come back even better than he was before."

Gibson, who has been in contact with Rose since he underwent surgery to repair his torn ACL on May 12, says the point guard's spirits remain high.

Rose's injury is expected to sideline him for much of the 2012-13 season, but Gibson believes the Bulls will be able to win without their MVP.

“We just have to have guys step up a little more,” said Gibson. “Seeing that we ended the [Philadelphia] series on a bad note, I feel like we can take a lot of positives [from it]. We can take a lot of the negatives, switch them around and do better things."

Watching the heavily favored Miami Heat struggle to get past the Boston Celtics has many Bulls fans asking 'What if...?' And while fans will spend their summer continuing to wonder what could have been, the players have closed the book on the 2012 season, and are working towards getting healthy for a championship run in 2013. e?blockID=723144&feedID=10332
Xai. - 16/06/2012 05:59 PM

gimana kabar drose ? \(
back2papa - 17/06/2012 11:35 AM

salam kenal gan! ane juga fans mawar D

gmn kabar bang rose? udah ada perkembangan belum? ilovekaskus
elvanz - 17/06/2012 12:13 PM

GM Forman and the Bulls weigh delicate balance of short term needs and long term thinking
General Manager Gar Forman explains that while the Bulls will miss Derrick Rose while he is out, the team’s outlook for the future is as good as ever between players returning to full health, the eventual arrival of Nikola Mirotic, and a future first round draft pick with lottery potential
Bulls GM Gar Forman
“We talk about a five to seven year window where we’ve got an opportunity to have a lot of success and ultimately reach our goal of being a championship team,” said Bulls General Manager Gar Forman of the team's future.

By Adam Fluck | 06.14.2012

When he first discussed the surgery which repaired Derrick Rose’s torn ACL in mid-May, General Manager Gar Forman admitted that the team would take a hit in the short term.

But Forman insisted the team’s long term philosophy would not change, and in comments made this week during an interview at the Berto Center with BullsTV as part of a monthly feature to answer fan inquiries, he reiterated that and expanded on why the Bulls remain extremely optimistic.

“We’ve hit a bump in the road,” acknowledged Forman, noting the injury to Rose and also referencing Joakim Noah’s ankle injury suffered in the playoffs. “We’re going to take a step back short term. But long term, we’re in as good of position as we feel we’ve ever been in. We’ve got some quality young players and we’ve got some assets on the horizon. We don’t have a lot of financial flexibility right now, but we will in the future.”

With Rose expected to miss eight months to a year, life without their star point guard is a reality the Bulls will have to face when the 2012-13 NBA season gets underway. But based on what he’s seen so far, Forman remains upbeat about Rose’s recovery.

“He’s been diligent in his rehab, he’s made tremendous progress, and the surgery, obviously, was a huge success,” said Forman of Rose. “The biggest thing that’s been encouraging about Derrick has been his mentality towards the rehab. He’s working each and every day, putting a lot of effort into it, and we’re optimistic that if he continues to make the type of progress that he has, that we’ll see Derrick back on the floor at some point next season.”

While Rose continues to work, Forman and his staff are busy preparing for the NBA Draft on June 28. The Bulls have just one pick this summer, 29th overall.

“We feel pretty good about where we’re at with No. 29,” said Forman. “It’s a deep draft and we’ll be able to address a need with our pick and get a player that’s going to fit into our team, both from a culture standpoint and from a strategic standpoint.”

Forman, who will oversee his fourth draft as general manager, is hopeful the Bulls can obtain another contributing player along the lines of Taj Gibson (selected 26th overall in 2009) or Jimmy Butler (30th in 2011), both late first round picks who have had an impact as pros.

Forman also dispelled the notion that the team is looking to draft any particular position.

“As always, we’re not looking at specific needs,” said Forman. “We’ll draft who we feel is the best player available.”

Just a few days after the draft, free agency gets underway with teams allowed to talk with free agents beginning July 1.

Earlier this summer, a report surfaced that the Bulls could try and sign Steve Nash or Jason Kidd as a stand-in for Rose. But the team lacks the financial flexibility to make either player a realistic possibility.

What route the Bulls take to fill time at the guard positions remains unknown. But one certainty is that the team intends to do what it can to keep Omer Asik on the roster.
Omer Asik “Omer is very, very important to us,” said Forman of Asik. “We’re looking forward to getting a chance to sit down with him on July 1. But it’s certainly our intention to have Omer Asik in a Chicago Bulls uniform long term.”

Asik, a 7-0, 255-pound reserve center from Turkey, is a restricted free agent this summer, meaning the Bulls can discuss a new contract with him beginning July 1, while other teams will have the same opportunity to have dialogue and tender an offer. Should Asik accept another team’s offer, the Bulls would have the ability to match it and retain him.

“Omer is very, very important to us,” said Forman. “We see him as a key piece of our team moving forward. We think he’s shown the potential to continue to improve. We’re looking forward to getting a chance to sit down with him on July 1. But it’s certainly our intention to have Omer Asik in a Chicago Bulls uniform long term.”

Another big man who is in Chicago’s long term plans is Nikola Mirotic. Acquired in a draft night deal last summer, the 21-year old forward is currently a member of the Euroleague’s Real Madrid.

In April, Mirotic became the first two-time Euroleague Rising Star Trophy winner, an award which recognizes the best Euroleague player who was under the age of 22 on July 1 of the summer before the season started.

“We’re excited about Nikola,” said Forman. “He had another terrific year this past year for Real Madrid in Spain, the second year in a row.”

As for when Mirotic might be added to the Bulls roster, it likely will not be before the 2014-15 NBA season.

“He’ll remain under contract with Real Madrid for the next couple years,” stated Forman. “But it’s certainly our goal and our expectation that Nikola will be in a Chicago Bulls uniform somewhere down the line. We’ll continue to monitor his progress and feel really good about the development that’s taking place.

“He’s seeing major minutes for Real Madrid,” Forman added. “When he does come over, we think he’s really got a chance to be a key piece to what we’re trying to put together.”
Nikola Mirotic “Nikola is a very skilled player,” said Forman of Mirotic. “He can play inside and he can play outside. He can knock down the three-point shot. He’s a hardnosed player who we think will really fit in to our system.” (Getty Images)

Mirotic, listed at 6-10, 225 pounds, is projected to be a power forward in the NBA. But he possesses a deft shooting touch, which will inevitably draw comparisons to Dirk Nowitzki. This past season, Mirotic was the Euroleague's best free throw shooter, connecting on 56 of 61 attempts, good for 91.8 percent.

“Nikola is a very skilled player,” said Forman. “He can play inside and he can play outside. He can knock down the three-point shot. He’s a hardnosed player who we think will really fit in to our system.”

Another reason Forman and the Bulls are optimistic about what lies ahead goes back to a deal made on February 18, 2010. Chicago traded Tyrus Thomas to the Charlotte Bobcats for Flip Murray, Acie Law and a future first round draft pick.

Given the Bobcats’ struggles, the draft pick could pay big dividends if Charlotte is unable to turn things around. While it’s protected for the next three drafts—protected for top 12 in 2013, top 10 in 2014 and top 8 in 2015—the Bulls will receive the pick unprotected by 2016 should they have not received it prior to that time.

“We see that pick as a real chip for us moving forward,” said Forman. “With the addition of Nikola at some point and the Charlotte pick, it will give us another couple quality players to continue to build this team.”

Between Rose’s injury and the limited financial flexibility possessed by the Bulls this offseason, patience is more than ever a virtue. But Forman believes the team’s future remains extremely bright. And perhaps most importantly, the success the Bulls expect to achieve will be built so that it is sustained over several seasons.

“We talk about a five to seven year window where we’ve got an opportunity to have a lot of success and ultimately reach our goal of being a championship team,” said Forman. “Our job in making decisions is that certainly we want to address some needs short term. But our thinking will be that we won’t do anything that damages what we feel is that long term window of opportunity.”
Xai. - 17/06/2012 11:29 PM

yeiyy !! mantapp !!! senang bacanya D
elvanz - 18/06/2012 10:33 AM

Original Posted By Xai.
yeiyy !! mantapp !!! senang bacanya D

iya, dah lama bener ga liat D.Rose kmaren baru maen bntr dah cedera lagi :matabelo
pista - 19/06/2012 02:26 PM

If Derrick Rose hadn’t gotten hurt, Bulls would have faced Thunder

BY RICK MORRISSEY [email][/email] June 6, 2012 11:04PM

Now that the Heat has again revealed itself as beatable, if not beaten, I thought it might be fun to take part in some alternate history. Fun in a cruel sort of way.

What if Derrick Rose hadn’t torn a knee ligament in Game 1 of the Bulls’ first-round series against Philadelphia? Would Chicago be considering parade routes right now?

As I said: cruel. When Rose fell to the floor in pain on that star-crossed April afternoon, it was one of the darker chapters in Chicago sports history, a history with the working title of “Darkness.’’

But after watching the aging Celtics win Tuesday and push Miami to the brink of elimination in the Eastern Conference finals, most Bulls fans have to be thinking the same thing: Getting to the NBA Finals would’ve been a fait accompli for a team with a healthy Rose.

But would it have been?

If Stephen King can write a novel about changing the outcome of the Kennedy assassination and call it 11/22/63, I can write “4/28/12.’’

Before I lay out the Bulls’ rampage through the conference playoffs, let’s try to maintain some perspective. Remember, Rose collected nagging injuries this season the way some wedding gifts collect dust. He missed 27 of the Bulls’ 66 regular-season games. Let’s also remember that the Bulls looked more worn down than most teams after a season of playing every game as if it were the last.

Now let’s suspend reality.

With Rose (and not a poor-shooting C.J. Watson) in the lineup, the Bulls have a clear and ever-present danger at point guard in their first-round series against Philadelphia. The team’s strut from having the league’s best regular-season record remains intact, and the idea of its best player going down with a knee injury seems unduly alarmist. The Bulls beat the unremarkable 76ers in five games. With Rose taking the ball up the court, Joakim Noah doesn’t sprain his ankle.

Evan Turner says Philly got robbed, and nobody notices.

In the second round against Boston, Rose goes against Rajon Rondo in a fantastic matchup. But Rondo is not Rose. After a season of nagging injuries, D-Rose somehow gets stronger as the series goes on and wears down Rondo.

When the Bulls come calling on the Celtics in the second round, Noah makes sure 36-year-old Kevin Garnett doesn’t get his 20 points and 10 rebounds. Also in my alternate reality, Carlos Boozer plays defense in the postseason. And gas is $1.25 a gallon.

The Bulls win in six games and speed up the aging process for the Celtics.

Soooooo … Bulls-Heat in the conference finals — what everybody has been waiting on for months.

Something is fundamentally wrong with the Heat. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are two of the most talented players in the world, but they don’t play up to their talents together. They’re just asking to be beaten.

But Rose is worn down. He went through toe, back, groin and foot injuries during the season. The only thing that can heal him is time. But he soldiers on. It doesn’t hurt that Miami’s Mario Chalmers is a level or two down from Rondo. It’s about the only thing that doesn’t hurt for Rose.

The Bulls win in seven. Luol Deng steps up, his aching wrist be damned. Coach Tom Thibodeau’s gravelly voice finally gives out for good, and for the rest of the playoffs, he communicates with hand signals and his left eyebrow.

LeBron talks about a career change, “maybe something related to The Hunger Games.’’

And now it’s on to the Finals for the Bulls. Chicago is trying to reacquaint itself with how to act. It has been 14 years since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen led the Bulls to a sixth title.

And therein lies the problem. You generally need more than one star to win an NBA championship. Rose is the answer for Russell Westbrook, but the Bulls have no answer for Kevin Durant. That’s OK; nobody does.

Oklahoma City wins in seven. Rose walks away feeling older than Keith Richards.

But there’s a vibe that can’t be ignored. It’s that this Bulls team, with a superstar only four years into his career, a fine supporting cast and excellent depth is positioned to win an NBA title soon.

It doesn’t hurt that the Bulls make a major move in the offseason by signing … I won’t tell you which player. I’m saving it for the alternate-reality sequel. wouldhave-faced-thunder.html
pista - 20/06/2012 04:45 PM

Sources: Derrick Rose sees Andrews

Updated: June 19, 2012, 8:59 PM ET

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was in Alabama on Tuesday consulting Dr. James Andrews as he continues to rehabilitate his surgically repaired knee, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The rehabilitation is going well and Rose made the trip just to have the renowned surgeon, who has worked on many athletes, take a look, according to a source.

Rose, 23, injured the anterior cruciate ligament on April 28 during the first game of the Bulls' Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the Philadelphia 76ers. Without Rose, the Bulls became only the fifth No. 1 seed to lose to an eighth seed as the Sixers won in six games.

Dr. Brian Cole performed the surgery on May 12 and said the recovery period is 8-12 months.

Bulls general manager Gar Forman recently praised Rose's rehabilitation during a Q&A on the team's website.

"Derrick Rose is doing terrific," Forman said. "He's been diligent in his rehab. He's made tremendous progress to this point.

"The surgery obviously was a huge success. The biggest thing that has been encouraging about Derrick has been his mentality towards the rehab. He's working each and every day, putting a lot of effort into it. We're optimistic that if he continues to make the kind of progress that he has that we will see Derrick back on the floor at some point next season." -james-andrews

Doc: Derrick Rose 'ahead of schedule'

Updated: June 20, 2012, 10:50 PM ET
By Nick Friedell |

CHICAGO -- Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is "ahead of schedule" in the rehabilitation process on his torn left ACL, according to Dr. Brian Cole, who performed surgery on the former MVP last month. reported Tuesday that Rose traveled to Alabama to consult with famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews. But Cole, the head team physician for the Bulls, noted that it was actually a therapist in Andrews' office with whom Rose is working. Cole said the trip to Alabama had been scheduled before Rose's surgery. Andrews was not in the office nor will he meet with the 23-year-old All-Star, Cole said.

"Derrick is ahead of schedule," Cole said in a phone conversation Wednesday night. "This was part of the plan established before surgery. This was not a consultation with another physician, but rather it's working with another therapist in collaboration with the Bulls' training staff."

Cole also brushed aside speculation that Rose has had a setback in the process.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Cole said. "He's ahead of schedule. [The rehab] is a way to keep things fresh for Derrick, to help give him some variety."

Rose tore his ACL in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers on April 28. Cole said after the surgery that Rose is expected to miss 8-12 months. overs-knee-surgery-according-surgeon
pista - 22/06/2012 04:53 PM

Rose second in international jersey sales

June, 21 2012, 12:00 PM CT

The NBA has released its list of top-selling jerseys internationally for the first time, and Derrick Rose ranks second behind Kobe Bryant for the 2011-12 season.

Rose, who had the top-selling jersey in the United States this season, is second in China and Europe and third in Latin America.

The NBA bases its list on sales data from adidas locations outside the United States.

Bryant was also No. 1 in China for a sixth straight year and led the way in Europe and Latin America. Rounding out the top five sellers internationally were the Miami Heat's LeBron James, the Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett and the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard.
elvanz - 27/06/2012 09:37 AM

Spoiler for Pic
Derrick Rose Fans here !

2K Sports Crowns Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose as Cover Athletes for NBA® 2K13
2K Sports today announced that the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant, Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin and the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose have been crowned the cover athletes for NBA® 2K13, the next installment of the top-selling and top-rated NBA video game simulation franchise*.
”Being crowned as one of the NBA 2K13 cover athletes is a huge honor and something I always dreamt about,” said Durant, who won his third straight scoring title and led the Thunder franchise to their first NBA Finals appearance since 1996. “It’s definitely humbling to grace the cover after the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.”
“There’s so much young talent around the NBA, so it’s very exciting to be chosen for NBA 2K’s ‘New Dynasty’ alongside Kevin and Derrick,” added Griffin, who helped lead the Clippers to their first postseason since 2006. “The NBA 2K series has always been my first choice when I want to get a game in.”
“It’s a dream come true to be one of the cover athletes for NBA 2K13,” commented Rose, the 2010-11 NBA Most Valuable Player, who led the Bulls to a league-best 50-16 record this season. “I’ve worked closely with 2K Sports since NBA 2K10, and I’m honored to follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan as the latest Chicago Bull to be featured on the cover.”
In their young but impressive careers, Rose, Durant and Griffin have each taken the NBA by storm. All three are past winners of the NBA Rookie of the Year award, and have also amassed eight All-Star berths, three scoring titles, and one Most Valuable Player award between them.
“There are many young superstars in today’s NBA, but we’ve selected three incredible athletes for the cover of NBA 2K13 that represent the NBA well,” concluded Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports. “It’s clear to us that Blake, Derrick and Kevin are the most deserving guys to inherit the NBA 2K cover from Jordan, Magic and Bird.”
Developed by Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio, NBA 2K13 is not yet rated by the ESRB and will be available on October 2, 2012 in North America and October 5, 2012 internationally. The Wii U version of the title will be available during the holiday season. Fans are encouraged to pre-order now at participating retailers in order to receive the downloadable NBA All-Star content package presented by Sprite on day one at no extra cost - 04/07/2012 11:53 PM

Wah, rupanya ada 'rumah' Derrick Rose disini hahaha.

Perkenalkan senior-senior semua, ane newbie baru join. Seorang little fans dari jakarta sini yang banyak bicara sedikit usaha.

SO, D.Rose is ahead of schedule dari rehab ny y? Hope we can see him again playing. Sayang banget talenta muda NBA seperti dia ud ngalamin torn ACL, haiz, (teringat momen dimana doi nge-bully2 LBJ dan D.Wade dalam 1 fast break game, lalu duo itu duduk sambil ngoceh2 keki hahahaha)
NcR3w - 05/07/2012 09:18 AM

Original Posted By felixwinata

taun depan doi bener2 gamain buat recoverynya gan ? hammer

waduh, kasian juga yah.. berdukas
jangan smpe prmainan nya jadi kacau gara2 cidera lama..
gws D-Rose.. cendols
mollaghostz - 05/07/2012 10:00 AM

cmon drose get well soon
byk perpindahan pemain ke barat dan timur
mdh2an drose tetap explosive dan gamenya tambah ok:armys
pista - 10/07/2012 08:04 AM

Jerry Colangelo misses Derrick Rose

Updated: July 9, 2012, 2:18 PM ET

Team USA Chairman Jerry Colangelo said he misses having injured Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose on the team but believes this squad is the "most versatile, athletic group ever put together."

Rose, who won a gold medal with Team USA at the World Championships in 2010, is out of the London Games after tearing his ACL during the NBA playoffs in April.

"I have a world of respect for Derrick," Colangelo said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "We had a great opportunity to get to know him well during the World Championships in 2010 and was very proud of what he did, using that as a platform to become an MVP the following season in the NBA. It's just a terrible injury that really hurt the Bulls and their season. I had him kind of slated as one of our guards. You go with the cards dealt to you."

Rose, who has been working out in the Los Angeles area continuing his rehab, is missed by many of his teammates as well.

"I feel so bad for him, man," Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant said after Team USA's first practice Friday. "An unfortunate injury; I wish it never happened to him. I wish he could be here with us, but it's given us more motivation to try and win it for him. We know that he belongs here, along with a few other guys as well ... hopefully, we get it done for him."

Even without Rose, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh, who also pulled out because of injuries, Colangelo believes his team is better than the 2008 edition that won a gold medal.

"We are very strong as probably the most versatile, athletic group ever put together," Colangelo said. "When you start with that you don't talk about weaknesses. People throw out 'Well, you don't have size.' I'll take athleticism, speed and quickness over size all day, every day.

"I think this team is a lot stronger than our team in '08 that had Howard, that had Bosh and had Wade because it's deeper. It's more experienced; back in '08 we had one gold medal winner playing for us, Jason Kidd. Today we have 10 gold medalists playing for us (five from the 2008 Olympics and five from the 2010 World Championship team)."

Team USA opened training camp Friday and will practice in Las Vegas through Wednesday, then play an exhibition game against the Dominican Republic on Thursday. -derrick-rose-team-usa
pista - 12/07/2012 09:20 AM

John Calipari supports Derrick Rose

Updated: July 11, 2012, 8:52 PM ET

Count Derrick Rose's former coach among those who think the one-time MVP will, at the very least, return to form when he comes back from the devastating ACL injury he suffered in the NBA playoffs this past spring.

"I think that you're going to see a player, you'll be amazed when he comes back," Kentucky coach John Calipari told ESPN 1000's "Carmen, Jurko & Harry" show on Wednesday. "(Rose's) skill set will be even better. I think his shooting will be even better because he only knows one thing.

"He almost has a fear, an anxiety about not being good enough. He's tougher on himself than anyone around him. I used to tell him 'you're too hard on yourself, man. You're going to get to the NBA, there's too many games. You can't on yourself like this. You gotta let it go. You gotta go on to the next game.'"

Calipari coached Rose in college at Memphis in 2007-08 and has remained a confidant. He found Rose's response to the injury encouraging.

"I spoke to him, it was about a month ago -- may have been a little longer than that," Calipari said. "We spoke for about 30 minutes, this was after the injury and I just wanted to make sure that he was, mentally, in a great frame of mind. As we spoke, I really didn't have to do anything to get him in the right frame of mind. He was in the right frame of mind.

"He looked at the whole thing in a bigger picture and basically said, 'You know this may have been a message to me to slow down and to really look at what's going on around me and to step back.' He said 'I think God was telling me things are coming at you too fast.' And he said 'coach I'm gonna come back (and) wait until you see my body when I come back.' And he said 'I'm going to be better than I was before I got hurt.' And if you know him, you understand when he gets on a mission that way, he's going."

Rose tore his ACL in Chicago's first playoff game against the Philadelphia 76ers on April 28. The organization has said it expects him to miss between eight and 12 months -- though team physician Brian Cole recently told's Nick Friedell that Rose was "ahead of schedule."

In the wake of Rose's injury, expectations for the Bulls have declined dramatically. Calipari wasn't so quick to dismiss the team's chances, however.

"If I'm in Chicago, I'm excited about seeing when he comes back," Calipari said. "It's going to be a process because this is one of those eight-month injuries. I think what'll happen is guys around him will make the team better, and when he comes back, the first couple weeks, they'll try to figure out each other. And as soon as they do figure out each other, now you've got one of the best players (in the NBA) surrounded by players who have all improved."

Calipari said the NBA's hectic schedule last season -- a 66-game lockout-shortened slate -- may have taken a toll on Rose and others around the league.

"I think part of what happened with (Rose) and (there is) no one to blame, but there were so many games, and he only knows one speed on that basketball court, which is I'm coming at you teeth and feet. ... Well when you start playing nine games in 12 days, come on," Calipari said. "I think there some of that happened this year not only to him but to other guys."

The Bulls drafted another Calipari pupil -- Kentucky point guard Marquis Teague -- and brought back veteran Kirk Hinrich to ease the burden while Rose is out. Earlier this week, the team cut ties with C.J. Watson, who backed up Rose the past two seasons. Chicago is likely going to add one more point guard to the mix before the season begins. -ever
Zilia - 12/07/2012 06:05 PM

Original Posted By elvanz
mungkin gan. tapi semoga aja sblm playoffs dah balik

wah, jangan smpe D Rose ky T-Mac gan. dia masih muda.
mungkin cara bermain nya harus di ubah. biar gk rentan cidera yah
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