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emaklo - 11/09/2011 04:09 PM

Original Posted By ferdynando.k
As a guy who grew up overseas, I can tell u some of my experience when I came back to Indo.

I have difficulties on Indo vocab, words that are rarely used, I have problems addressing people(cik, om, mbak, pak), I have problems identifying whether people is a Indo islander or Chinese and my family find me rude and too straight forward sometimes. I feel that the country is very religious and does not do much good deeps on the streets anyway.(Im a free thinker/atheist and I almost got bashed up for saying that in public and is forced to choose a religion in KTP) I find it strange that no one here greet each other much(good morning, hows ur day etc...) BUT u have to say "makan yach" or they will be pissed(my dad was complaining why didnt I say "makan pah" the other day)

I can speak Indo just fine provided there is no rare words, I can speak jawa a little and understand fully. And after a few months here, I learned how to address people and be more "sopan". But I still have a hard time differentiating whether an individual is an Indo islander or chinese and sometimes address them wrongly(calling a chinese mbak etc)

No hate intended \)

MAKAN YAH !! LOLZ... its a country full of hypocrites and back stabbers
ribeyraw - 11/09/2011 10:20 PM

Not sure, i need to teach my child with our original language, indonesia, but if my childs can speak indonesian properly i'll teach them about english Yb
escapeartist - 12/09/2011 01:11 AM

I'm gonna teach my kids with the easiest way that i have in mind, which is i'll give him a lot of movies that use English as main language.
Sry for the bad English, cause i'm trying not to use google translate for this post.
suikoden4 - 15/09/2011 12:40 PM

English is an international language, mastering this language could take you places. Same thing with Mandarin, with China's expansion these days it's safe to say if you master English and Mandarin you'll go to even further.
agrisatrio - 16/09/2011 01:14 AM

I think... just right to teach our kid english (although I have not had a children), but don't forget to teach them our mother tongue.
For example: your nephews study in an international school, certainly his/her always say english in school. But he/she must be speak Indonesian or traditional language at home.

agrisatrio = orang ganteng
tikawiriadipura - 22/09/2011 02:05 PM

Original Posted By putrakurniawan
Hi All,

Want to ask kaskusers view about something that makes me wonder. My nephews study in an international school since kindergarten, and their English accent is very good and they are outspoken.

However, I was thinking that they may lose the way Indonesian people think because language is part of culture. For example, if we talk to elder people, Javanese will call Mas/Mbak, but in English, we just mention his/her name.

I am just afraid that if I have children - hopefully soon -, if they speak English too early, they will hesitate to speak in Bahasa Indonesia or even in Bahasa Jawa as my mother tongue because they feel convenient with English.

Should we teach our kid to speak English very early? Will you?



Firstly. Yes, I will teach my kids to speak English early when I have one. Even I'm planning to use English as our everyday language at home, not that I don't want to teach proper Bahasa Indonesia, I will, but since English is not something we regularly use unlike Bahasa Indonesia, I'd really love to make my kids to be used to English.

Secondly, about culture and habits. Having to be good in English, doesn't mean that we are lacking manners or cultural awareness. It's completely two different things, we should know the boundaries between language and culture.
Language is simply a tool for us to communicate, but culture and manner is what we are raised with and how we are taught to act and live.

Hope this is useful! \)

labellavita - 22/09/2011 03:45 PM

of course i'll teach english to my child earlier ,, just tell them if you wanna call people older than you , there are a mention and u should use it ,,
ElectronGun - 22/09/2011 06:34 PM

In my opinion, English is a must-studied language. You know why, it's international language. Your passport to the world. D

But, make sure English and Indonesian go great together if you are Indonesian. About Javanese... Well, I advise you not to leave it although I can't speak Javanese fluently. Study it as much as you can D
mee.moo - 22/09/2011 09:47 PM

Sure.. I will teach them at very early age.. At least since they are in elemntary school..
We totally know and understand that english is an internatonal language and nowadays we have to be able to speak english correctly just to make our life easier (bcoz almost good information out there are written in english).

But.. Since im javanese and i grew up with two languages (javanese language n indo language), i will teach my children those language first. I want my children could interact and communicate with my whole family, for sure in javanese and indonesian language.. Will you teach your kid to speak English very early?
jester21 - 23/09/2011 08:09 AM

You just have to teach them to say Mr. Mrs. Miss Sir it's not rocket science. Will you teach your kid to speak English very early?
bonbul - 23/09/2011 11:33 AM

I will teach 3 language, Indonesia, English and Mandarin

I think there are 3 most important language now.
FukuneNarukara - 23/09/2011 07:52 PM

Not too early but bot too late. First year in elementary school is the best compromise. Later and my child's language capability will be limited, earlier means his/her Bahasa will be severely damaged and it will impact to my parents' relation toward my child. My mother can't speak English
semudtgatal - 24/09/2011 06:55 PM

hi, I'm an English teacher...

Actually, I don't agree to teach my kids from kindergarten. It is because they will lose way to speak Indonesian. Beside that, I'm considered to start teach them about english when they are at the fourth-fifth grade.
anakFK - 24/09/2011 11:38 PM

yes its true....i will teach my kid to speak english early...
coz to speak english is easy if we teach from the child...
soto.banjar - 26/09/2011 05:17 AM

sure p
someday i'll teach my kids from 4yrs maybe to speak english o
because now english is the main languange to interact with the world cool:
doctoRdraculea - 26/09/2011 07:46 AM

my kid is only 3 months of ages..should i start it by now.. Will you teach your kid to speak English very early?
koega - 30/09/2011 02:27 PM

just want to share about my ex boss

He has a daughter and before his daughter can speak properly, my boss and his wife always speaks to her in English, and when my boss and his wife is away, her babysitter speaks Indonesian..

Because of that, she can speak properly after she was 2 yo

so I think it will be better if we teach Indonesian language first
SuperSas - 01/10/2011 12:19 AM

rrr.. i will..

because i have a desire to work around the world so i must prepare my kid to speak english fluently. so, when we must stay in other country they will not difficult make a communication with other peoplecapedes . haha
libanliban - 01/10/2011 09:11 AM

I will D

but Bahasa comes first p

At this globalization era, English is a must.
So, there's nothing wrong to teach the future generation English at the earliest stage.
Mr.Numbernine - 06/10/2011 05:57 PM

yes I will.
it would be okay.
teach our childrens english and Indonesia language too and live in Indonesian culture.
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