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aimonfire - 25/05/2008 06:11 PM

Original Posted By ManxMan
Prime Directive
[code]http://rapidshare.com/files/29946761/Transformers_Generation_One_-Dreamwave-_V1_-_00_Preview__2 002_.cbr

War And Peace
[code]http://rapidshare.com/files/29948127/Transformers_Generation_One_-Dreamwave-_v2_-_War_and_Peace __01_-_New_World_Order_-__2003_.cbr
http://rapidshare.com/files/29948128/Transformers_Generation_One_-Dreamwave-_v2_-_War_and_Peace__02_- _Brothers__Burden.cbr
http://rapidshare.com/files/29948129/Transformers_Generation_One_-Dreamwave-_v2_-_War_and_Peace__03_- _Cold_War.cbr
http://rapidshare.com/files/29948131/Transformers_Generation_One_-Dreamwave-_v2_-_War_and_Peace__04_- _Passive_Aggression.cbr
http://rapidshare.com/files/29948132/Transformers_Generation_One_-Dreamwave-_v2_-_War_and_Peace__05_- _Countdown_to_Extinction.cbr
http://rapidshare.com/files/29948133/Transformers_Generation_One_-Dreamwave-_v2_-_War_and_Peace__06_- _Revelation.cbr[/code]

The War Within
[code]http://rapidshare.com/files/29953877/Transformers_-_The_War_Within_-Dreamwave-_The_Dark_Ages_-_ _01_-__2003_.cbr
http://rapidshare.com/files/29953878/Transformers_-_The_War_Within_-Dreamwave-_The_Dark_Ages_-__02.cb r
http://rapidshare.com/files/29953879/Transformers_-_The_War_Within_-Dreamwave-_The_Dark_Ages_-__03.cb r
http://rapidshare.com/files/29953880/Transformers_-_The_War_Within_-Dreamwave-_The_Dark_Ages_-__04.cb r
http://rapidshare.com/files/29953882/Transformers_-_The_War_Within_-Dreamwave-_The_Dark_Ages_-__05.cb r
http://rapidshare.com/files/29953883/Transformers_-_The_War_Within_-Dreamwave-_The_Dark_Ages_-__06.cb r[/code]

Credit and thanks to the scanners and posters

makasi bang....
fredfty - 25/05/2008 06:38 PM

ManxMan, dude, u gotta post all these great titles...All Star Squadron - sets?
Justice League of America - sets? any other DC team titles pls?malu:

Original Posted By ManxMan
All-Star Squadron

Credit and thanks to the scanner and poster
dadnarna - 25/05/2008 07:51 PM

request Countdown Final Crisis donk......

sori ga jadi dah ketemu torrent-nya..... downloading.... D
biltwick - 25/05/2008 08:08 PM

Does anyone have Mr. Majestic #7-9 (Eric Canete pencils)?
nikwing - 25/05/2008 08:23 PM

I'm looking for DC kingdom come #4 & #5 if possible (art by alex ross)

fredfty - 25/05/2008 08:38 PM

Here you go, just checked, the link still works:-


**Note: these shares are not mine, many thanks to the guys who post it.**

Original Posted By nikwing
I'm looking for DC kingdom come #4 & #5 if possible (art by alex ross)

Mobiusorion - 25/05/2008 10:53 PM

Hey I was wondering if anyone had Superman V2 1-through the end and Adventures of Superman from the 1986 restart until about now. Sorry I don't know the issue numbers, but I'm at work and don't have access to look things up.
Nevark - 26/05/2008 01:33 AM

Thanks ManxMan \)
noriest - 26/05/2008 02:22 AM

Original Posted By ZenoArmani
No, according to what I've read GD #96 and GDS #17 should have been released the same week as the swimsuit special. 1.5 weeks ago or so.

Ok. Not going out with the other books just makes me wonder if they're forgotten.

Sorry, I stand corrected, they have indeed already been released (May 7th). However, I can't remember seeing them in the Latest Release-thread (pre-crash), and I can't find them anywhere (though I don't have access to kc, which might be the last "hope"), I guess they are not yet scanned.
ManxMan - 26/05/2008 04:01 AM

Original Posted By biltwick
Does anyone have Mr. Majestic #7-9 (Eric Canete pencils)?

Mr. Majestic #6-#9, hope that these are the ones you are looking for.

Credit and thanks to the scanners and posters
ManxMan - 26/05/2008 04:06 AM

Original Posted By fredfty
ManxMan, dude, u gotta post all these great titles...All Star Squadron - sets?
Justice League of America - sets? any other DC team titles pls?malu:

If the attempt to get the database back and operational is successful then you will probably find all that you want in the various threads here. If the database is damaged beyond all repair then I will do my best, along with many others, to get this section of the site back to its former glory.
najorubi0186 - 26/05/2008 06:05 AM

I like to request all 7 issues of Green Lantern/Green Arrow from 1983, please?
inle - 26/05/2008 06:14 AM

Original Posted By inle
I have some reqs! Hopefully you guys can help me out. \)

Justice League of America v1 080 (all of the copies I've found are missing pages)
Justice League of America v1 182 (ditto)
Robin 86 (ditto twice)
All-Star Squadron 15


Oops, I meant Robin 84, which has the wrong page 10 in it. malu:

Thank you for All-Star Squadron, ManxMan!
comicnerdaz1 - 26/05/2008 06:50 AM

Does anyone have Fathom Volumes 1 and 2 please?
noriest - 26/05/2008 07:11 AM

Original Posted By comicnerdaz1
Does anyone have Fathom Volumes 1 and 2 please?

Here's what I was able to salvage from Google cache ...

Vol 1

The Request

The storyline revolves around a young marine biologist, Aspen Matthews, who finds she is the descendant of a race of aquatic beings who can control water with their minds. She then finds that her race values her highly because of the time she spent with humans on land. It is later discovered that there are two underwater races and that they have their own agendas. Aspen, her friends, and the rest of mankind are affected by the underwater dilemmas and the actions of the world below


Killian's Tide

The Request

Years before Aspen's birth, there is dissent amongst the ocean-dwellers. One of their cities has been unwittingly destroyed by humans, as a result of an atomic test. Rival factions clash over the right way to proceed, but, it seems, none of them wish for an all-out war. Even those who distrust and dislike humans - Killian included - know that to attack would lead to discovery, and chaos beyond their most awful imaginings. But when Killian discovers the terrible truth behind his parents' deaths, everything changes...forever...



The Request

The three-issue series introduces new characters Kiani, Casque, Brande, and Siphon. It also introduces the Black, a brother species to the Blue. At the end of the series, the Black kidnap Aspen and bring her to the bottom of the ocean. This acts as a precursor to Fathom: Dawn of War and the new Fathom series.


Dawn of War

The Request

Fathom: Dawn of War bridges the gap between the original series and Fathom volume 2. The story focuses on Blue warrior Kiani, who is forced to side with the rebellious councilman Marqueses in order to save her master, Casque, from the clutches of human military scientists. Marqueses, however, has engineered the situation in order to kidnap Casque, to secure the older warrior's immense power for an offensive on the humans. Kiani tracks down Marquesis and saves Casque, only to find he is part of the Black. The Black come for Casque as he is forced to rejoin them, leaving Kiani angry and lost.

Dawn of War emphasizes Kiani's loneliness and character development. It also introduces audiences further to the underwater world of the Blue.


Cannon Hawke

The Request

Cannon is an agent of the Blue to the above world of humans. Before the Blue Sun incident, Cannon had worked as an emissary for the Japanese and American governments on an underwater research base, the Deep Marine Discovery (short: DMD), 50 miles north of Honolulu, Hawaii. For the Blue he is a Paladin of the Elite Council.
The Cannon Hawke mini-series ran parallel with the first few issues of Fathom volume 2. They detailed Cannon's exile from the blue as well as his fight with Taras


Vol 2

The Request

Fathom volume 2 primarily focuses on the developments between the American government and the Blue. Volume 1 revealed that Admiral Maylander knew of the Blue's presence, and volume 2 sees him take action against the underwater race. The cast of Fathom: Dawn of War returns alongside main characters Aspen Matthews and Cannon Hawke.


I used the opportunity to carry over all Fathom-related stuff, just in case it's impossible to restore the database.

edit: eh, no idea how the thumbs down-icon made its way into my posting, just ignore it, was too busy checking links, and can't change the post icon retroactively.
comicnerdaz1 - 26/05/2008 07:56 AM

Thanks noriest! That is more that I hoped for! Thanks to all scaners and uploaders! \)
ManxMan - 26/05/2008 09:05 AM

Original Posted By najorubi0186
I like to request all 7 issues of Green Lantern/Green Arrow from 1983, please?

Green Lantern / Green Arrow all 7 in a single RAR ~90mb

Credit and thanks to the scanners and posters
Zechlin - 26/05/2008 12:52 PM

I'm looking for:

Batman: The 10-cent Adventure #1
Azrael: Agent of the Bat #91

They're part of the Bruce Wayne Fugitive/Murderer storylines.


Edit: Thanks Manxman
cheby - 26/05/2008 03:57 PM
Could someone post me 52 series. I haven't finished download and the thread was gone. Thank's
orenluz - 26/05/2008 05:07 PM
Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures 8-10

i've been looking for theses comic books for ages

The RequestThe RequestThe Request

p.s - the new list of all star wars comics ever!!! ( expet this three above \) )
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