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IronFist - 29/05/2008 01:02 PM

Original Posted By Perboden
gw usahakan....

kira2 lebih prefer BB yg cowo atau cewe?

winzz - 29/05/2008 01:09 PM

waduh itu diatas2 serem bener picnya think:

neh versi cowo yg body nya oke , pas ga terlalu gimana2 banget o

Spoiler for pic gede
Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

mokacino - 29/05/2008 01:22 PM

fitnes model yg cew body oke oke banget deggghhh genit:
satazndebrandal - 29/05/2008 01:25 PM

ngeri D
Perboden - 29/05/2008 01:28 PM

BB = bodybuilder
konaksi - 29/05/2008 01:33 PM

Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS
play2win - 29/05/2008 01:44 PM

otot nya ts doong liat,...komentar2 ts kan mantap,.tentunya otot ts juga seharusnya mantap,.apa cuman bisa komentar doang kayak komentator sepakbola ?? he he he
winzz - 29/05/2008 02:01 PM

coba neh salah satu fitness model mantan diva WWE thumbup:

Spoiler for gambar gede
Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

look at his abs thumbup:
p1t3n6 - 29/05/2008 02:14 PM

Original Posted By Vendetta120
Cewe jgn yg berotot kyk ronnie coleman donk.. Agak gk enak nih liat nya..

ga mungkin ada cewe kaya Ronnie Coleman, ga mungkin, ga akan pernah ada.

yeah buddyyy!!!!
Perboden - 29/05/2008 02:15 PM


hehehe....masih dalam masa pertumbuhan...lemak di mana2....


abs yg mantab sekali...luar biasa....betul2 defined..


Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

Jamie Frontz


I was born in Tucson, Arizona on July 11th, which makes me an emotional Cancer astrological sign. My family soon packed it up and moved to a small little town in northern Arizona otherwise known as Show Low. I grew up being a tomboy of sorts, riding dirt bikes; riding my horses and anything I could find to entertain myself outdoors.

I have always loved being the center of attention.

I started competing in beauty pageants like Miss Teen Arizona and Hawaiian Tropics, taking a few titles along the way. I graduated high school a year early to pursue my dreams of stardom. Started modeling and traveling all over the world endorsing all sorts of products like Titan Motorcycles, HSV swimwear, Hawaiian Tropics, Hankook Tires, Ace Alloy Wheels, JW Marriott, Hilton and Nitro Fitness Supplements just to name a few. Aside, from all my print work I have a pretty active TV and Film career too. I have appeared in shows like MTV’s Dude This Sucks and Temptation Mountain, Vh1’s Rodeo Road, NBC’s Spy TV, Scare Tactics on the Sci-Fi channel and Fox’s The Dan Show as Miss High Maintence.

I am the resident columnist at Amore where you will find my column “Just Jamie” as a models perspective on dating and love. In addition, I am also the How To-Advice Girl on

I am extremely passionate about animals. In fact, I have two of my own. A teacup Yorkie named Gidgit, and a teacup Chihuahua named Lucy. When I am not working or traveling I love to spend time with my family, friends and pets. For those of you that know me I am sure you have met my dogs they usually travel with me, even for signings. Some of my hobbies include, horseback riding, motorcycles, traveling, mountain biking, weight training, yoga, and of course shopping. My favorite food is Mexican. My favorite color is pink. If there were only 5 things I couldn’t live without I would say, my pets, my family, true love , the gym and my Chanel lipgloss. I hope that you will find everything you are looking for on my official website. I am so glad you decided to come see me! I hope that I will get to know each and every one of you better!


Jamie Frontz

Fitness Model, Competitor History: Oxygen Magazine, Pump Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Nitro Fitness Supplements. 3 time Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Too many bikini titles to mention

Career Highlights: See Resume at

Sports/ athletics: Black Belt in Tae-kwon-do, Yoga, softball, hiking and mountain biking.

Bodybuilding: Just the gym

Modeling history: Please see resume at

Competitions: Hawaiian Tropics, Miss Teen Arizona, More bikini pagents than I can count.

Films: Rush Hour 2, Oceans 11, Hot Dead Zombie Chicks

Print: Titan Motorcycles, HSV swimwear, Hawaiian Tropics, Hilton, Hankook Tires, Ace Alloy Wheels, JW Marriott, HardRock, Bikini's, LV Condos, El Cortez, just to name a few.

What makes a great fitness model? Loving what you do! If you love what you do, no one has to motivate you.

What are the secrets to become a fitness model? Work hard, train hard. Network and get to know the people around you. Sometimes, the best opportunities are right in front of you.

What did you do to become a model? I first started modeling when I was 16. I started with pagents and my first magazine was EarlyRiders a Harley Davidson magazine.

What are the benefits to being a fitness model? You look and feel great! Lot's of travel. Best advice and fitness tips are within our industry, what beats that?

How do you stay beautiful? I work out 6 days a week, including cardio. I love facials! I get my nails and toes done every week. No matter what's going on in my life if my nails and toes look great it's guaranteed to put a little extra spring in my step.

How do you stay fit, do you have a personal trainer, chef, work out, what do you do? Gosh, I wish I had a personal chef...anyone know one? LOL No, I work out 6 days a week along with 45 minutes of cardio. Which ups to an hour if I'm dieting for something. I love being outdoors so I do a lot of hiking and moutain biking as well as yoga 3 times a week.

How do you keep you skin healthy and fresh looking? Always clean my skin with ProActive, lot's of sunscreen, and bi-weekly facials.

What do you believe is good health and fitness? I believe good health and fitness comes from within as well as your physical body. You have to have a strong mind and spirit to be totally fit and healthy. It's a lot of hard work. You can't eat all the stuff all your friends are eating you have to be very consious of what goes into your body. Weight training and cardio are also key fundamentals in building the body you want. The most exciting part of being in good health and fit is that it's all in your control. You have control over what you do and what you eat, always.

Do you prefer to tan or use tanning lotion? I do both.

First Interest In Fitness/Bodybuilding Dated a body builder my first year of college and fell in love with the determination and drive...not to mention the physical body is perfection.

Goal Within The modeling/ Fitness Industry To become better known in the fitness industry, more covers, endorsments for fitness products, and to motivate people to live the life they want.

Life Goals To be happy and live my life being true to my self.

Dreams More TV, Film, Covers, and someday a family.

Pre-contest Diet See Website at

Breakfast , snacks, lunch, dinner

Supplements you use Depends...on what I'm getting ready for.

Regular Diet I just try to eat pretty clean. Egg whites, fish, chicken, veggies, fruit, lot's of water.

Contest Work Out Routine: See

Off season work out routine


Favorite body part to work: Legs

Ideal vacation: Europe

Least favorite food : Egg whites

Ideal Man: Genuine smile, confident not cocky, fit, strong, successful, sincere, and family oriented and big rough hands that show me he's not afraid of a little hard work or the gym.

Relationship Status: taken

Personality: Flirty, persistant, fun, loving and sincere

Things I hate: Arrogance, bad manners, and when my dogs potty on the floor.

Things I love : Working out, being barefoot in the grass, bubble baths, spending time with my family and friends, my dogs, motorcycles and shopping.

Favorite animals: Dogs and horses

Favorite food: Mexican (my weakness)

Favorite movie: One True Thing

Favorite shoes: Manolo Blanik

Workout wear: BeBe Sport, Nike, any kind of cute little terry cloth shorts.

Favorite Spots Team: Yankees

Favorite thing to do: Be with my family and friends and dogs.

Favorite diet food: Fish

Favorite music: Country

Bits and Pieces:

Turn-ons: Big rough hands, sexy smile, good sense of humor, nice abs.

Car I drive: Mercedes

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake

Favorite Nutritional Supplements, why: Shakes, because their fast and easy.

Favorite Cardio Work out, why: Love the stair master 45 mins.

Favorite Cardio Equipment, why: Also love the Eliptical

Favorite exercise equipment, why: Free weights, because you can do anything with free weights.

Favorite Exercise, why: Lunges...need I say more?
Perboden - 29/05/2008 02:38 PM

Tampang emang 'ancur' tapi abs-nya itu lho....

Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

Ava Cowan


Date of Birth: October 21st

Resides: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Height: 5'4
Eye Color: Hazel
Weight: 120
Bust Size: 34DD

Waist: 23

Hips: 34

Chest: 34

Thigh: 20.5

Calf: 14

Bicep: 10

Dress size:
Shoe size: 7.5

Click Here

Learn How to become a Fitness Model

Introducing Fitness*Glamour*Bikini Model Ava Cowan

Hi Everyone, and thanks for stopping by. This year has really been amazing so far. I really began modeling just by chance. A friend of mine was booking some promotional jobs and needed to do a photoshoot. Those pictures were great and I decided to post them on One Model Place(151459).

The response was good and so I decided to shoot some more, and here I am. The best part is that I am having a great time, and have found a new hobby.

I am also a certified personal trainer NSCA-CPT, and a part time college student.

So in between writing papers, the stairmaster, and surfing the Web, I am bring new images to you.

August 3, 2005-
Daily Feature on

Thank you for your support,

Ava Cowan

Fitness Model, Competitor History: Miss Bikini Universe 2005 1st Runner-up.
Future: 2005 NPC Figure Southern States Aug 5, 2005

Career Highlights: I am really just starting my fitness career. I am booking quite a few jobs now, and am planning for a diverse career ahead.

Sports/ athletics: Gymnast 15 years. Former California State Champion All-Around.

Bodybuilding: Just building my body in the gym\)
Perboden - 29/05/2008 03:01 PM


Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

Kathy Feldman

Hair Color:
Height: 5’5”
Eye Color: Hazel
Weight: 125
Bust Size: 34C

Waist: 25

Hips: 35

Dress size: 4

Shoe size: 8.5

What is your athletic background?

It all started twelve years ago in my hometown of Charlotte, NC. I used my allowance money, since I was only 15 and walked a mile after school to workout at Ricky Steamboat’s Gym. I think I was too young to workout alone, but boy was I determined. I was amongst all men and hardcore lifters. That made it much more enjoyable. Since then, I have competed in three regional fitness competitions and three National Fitness America Pageants. After securing a contract with Twinlab, as a spokesmodel and traveling to all the big events for years, I decided it was time to take a break from “Kathy” and start helping other people to realize their own potential. I am currently in production of my stability ball training video called “Raw Crunch Workout”. I just got a publisher for my book “The Raw Crunch Diet”, and it is on its way to the printer. There is such a tremendous amount of diet information and mis-information out there these days, no wonder we feel so overwhelmed and conflicted when it comes to food. I have degree in Cellular Biology and I don’t know about you, but those long complex and contradictory diet books loose my interest real quick. “The Raw Crunch Diet” only provides the Raw Facts and lifestyle changes you can actually live with.

What is a typical workout routine?

I do a lot of stability ball training, yoga, some cardio, and heavy upper body weights. I only train about five days a week. No need to overdo it, otherwise I just retain fluid while my body is healing. My legs, like most women, respond very well to weights, so I just rely on cardio to keep them lean, any more than that and I loose symmetry. Yoga is amazing for stretching and lengthening my body, plus it oxygenates my cells and cleanses my tissues. My mom is the best medical massage therapist in Charlotte, how lucky am I? I call her mom-massage. I never could have made it through my grueling fitness competitions without her. Now she just helps relieve all of my tight muscles and expels any accumulation of fluid from training. She literally takes inches off my waste in an hour of neuromuscular massage, plus I feel absolutely incredible. Hey, at least I know I’m spoiled, right?

What body part are you most proud of?

My abs, it took twelve solid years of training and finally getting my nutrition right to see these suckers. Nutrition is 80% of the ripped abs equation. And by the way, a six-pack does not equal a six-pack, but whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie. As dieters get smarter, so do the marketers.

What is your greatest motivation? My string bikini.

You are currently involved in a new health and fitness venture, tell us about it.

I feel that one of the main problems with obesity in this country is that Americans are just NUTRITIONALLY STARVED. Eating more does not necessarily mean getting more nutrients. Believe it or not, overweight people are generally malnourished. After consuming a typical meal or snack your stomach feels full while your physiology craves nutrients. You see, chances are that meal was processed and drastically altered from its natural state. To further reduce the nutrient value, most processed foods are cooked. When foods are overcooked, much of their vitamins and minerals are damaged or destroyed by heat. To make up for this, food manufacturers add nutrients back into the food in the form of synthetic vitamins and minerals. I’m sure you’ve seen the long list of non-natural, impossible to pronounce ingredients on the typical packaged food. This is why my husband and I began making our own nutritious whole food snack called “Raw Crunchâ” bars. As athletes ourselves, we understand the value of a clean burning fuel for prolonged workouts as well as a satisfying snack at the office. They not only taste incredible (yeah, I’m a bit biased), but they are truly nutritionally satisfying. We formulated “Raw Crunch” â bars with the most nutrient dense quality ingredients. We would never

compromise our own health and we will never compromise our product, regardless of how many bars we produce.

What is your healthy eating regimen?

Lots and lots of raw, organic fruits & veggies, my “Raw Crunchâ” bars, lots of whole, natural nutrient dense foods. The hardest part for people to grasp is that you have to add heart healthy essential fats to your diet if you want to lean up. These essential fats also help lubricate the joints, digestive tract and especially the skin. Essential means that your body cannot produce it on its own and it must be supplied in you diet. My “Raw Crunchâ” bars contain loads of essential fatty acids, unlike the typical unhealthy, saturated fat coated bars and snacks.

Any advice for our readers?

Promise me you’ll stay away from diet pills and devoid-of-life energy pills. Been there, done that, got a tee shirt. These pills speed up your heart rate and give you energy highs and lows. Your heart is the only muscle that never gets a chance to rest. Plus, nothing you do to control your weight is more important than keeping your liver healthy. The main function of the liver is to filter toxins, so diet pills tax the liver since they are full of chemicals your body tries to reject. This distracts your liver from performing its second function of metabolizing fats and sugars. The minute you stop taking the diet pills, you pack the pounds right back on, and then some. No one wants a sluggish liver. Rather than wearing your body down with synthetic stimulants and toxic substances, follow a nutrition plan that fully nourishes your body from the inside out. It shows,

believe me.
p1t3n6 - 29/05/2008 03:03 PM

bro, jgn yg cewe mulu donk, ga ada motivasinya nih.

cewe mah mending liat bokep aja DD

IFBB pro donk thumbup:
Perboden - 29/05/2008 03:17 PM


Perboden - 29/05/2008 03:25 PM

Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

ini siapa hayo????

mestinya juara olympia thn 2007...kok si cutler yg menang ya?
Perboden - 29/05/2008 03:30 PM

Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS

Top, from left to right: Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic - 2nd), Jay Cutler (USA - 1st),
Dexter Jackson (USA - 3rd), Bottom, left to right: Dennis Wolf (Germany - 5th),
Ronnie Coleman (USA - 4th), Melvin Anthony (USA - 6th)
*Photos courtesy of FLEX Magazine
Perboden - 29/05/2008 03:37 PM

Kl soal 'back' , jrg ada yg lebih hebat dari ini...atau malah ga ada?

Gambar2 fitness model dan bodybuilder yg dianggap BAGUS
Perboden - 29/05/2008 03:38 PM

@bung p1t3ng

sudah terinspirasi sekarang? DDD
paulbken - 29/05/2008 03:42 PM

masa yg luar smua...

yg lokal donk di share juga..

and ini bukan babe 17 D

yang terlalu expose gt harap di gantiin yap

Perboden - 29/05/2008 03:51 PM


jgn khawatir, masih dlm batas2 kelayakan kok..

tdk ada yg nude, tdk ada yg menonjolkan aurat secara vulgar, tdk ada sexual intercourse di sini..

gambar2 di atas masih dlm batas aman...

Untuk yg lokal entar saya cariin...
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