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fredfty - 21/01/2009 09:28 PM
Resurrection Man
Resurrection Man

Old DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC Comics
Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:26 PM
Sea Devils
Sea Devils

The Sea Devils are a team of characters in comics published by DC Comics. They are a team of conventional (non-superpowered) adventurers, in undersea adventures. They were created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Russ Heath (through issue #10).

The team was introduced in Showcase #27 (July-August 1960)-29 (November-December 1960). They then got their own title which lasted 35 issues (1961-67).

The team consisted of leader Dane Dorrance, Biff Bailey, Judy Walton (Dane’s girlfriend), Nicky Walton (Judy’s younger brother). During a one issue crossover story with the Challengers of the Unknown in Challengers of the Unknown #47 they fight the criminal group known as Scorpio. The team also has affiliated allies called the International Sea Devils: Molo from Africa, Sikki from India, and Miguel from South America. They also sometimes team up with a green skinned Atlantean man they called the Man-Fish, and diving students they called the “Tadpoles”.

More than ten years after the cancellation of their title, the team takes a small part in the defeat of an alien invasion in Showcase #100 (May 1978). Then, Dane and Judy (now married) help out Christopher Chance, the Human Target in Detective Comics #486 (October-November 1979).

The Sea Devils (usually only Dane) later appear as part of the Forgotten Heroes team.

They help in another alien invasion, this time by the Apellaxians. They assist in entrapping a group of ‘Mercury’ aliens, assisted by Aquaman and Cave Carson.

The Sea Devils resurface in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #42 as the defacto paramilitary guardians of Windward Home. Jim Lockhart the Red Torpedo, and Elsa Magnusson, widow of Mark Merlin are the administrators of Windward.

Old DC Comics

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srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:31 PM

Resistance is a comic book limited series published by Wildstorm, based on the Resistance video game series.

The first issue, Resistance #0, details the early history of Private Jordan Adam Shepherd, the seemingly innocent soldier who volunteered to be a test subject in Project Abraham, and, due to the machinations of Doctor Fyodor Malikov, would transform into “Daedalus”; the Leader of the Chimera.

The story begins at the Project Abraham Alaskan Compound in 1950, with Shepherd restrained to his bed and in conversation with a doctor named Ortiz, who is accompanied by other medical personnel. Shepherd’s exposure to the virus has been found to be different, due to him being immunocompromised; the result of having some illness in his past he did not see fit to disclose. Ortiz rants that Shepherd’s lies and closely-kept secrets may have jeopardized the entire experiment.

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Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:46 PM
The Last One
The Last One
Old DC Comics

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srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:49 PM
Guns of the Dragon
Guns of the Dragon
Old DC Comics

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srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:50 PM
Gifts of the night
Gifts of the night
Old DC Comics

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srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:52 PM
Gemini Blood
Aztek the Ultimate Man

Aztek is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Universe. Based out of the fictional Vanity City, Aztek is the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. The character first appeared in Aztek, The Ultimate Man #1 in August 1996, created by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar. Following the short run series, Aztek appeared in several issues of JLA also written by Morrison.
Uno is raised from childhood by the Q Society, a secret organization, to be the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl to battle their enemy, the Aztec god, Tezcatlipoca. He is given a magical suit of armor that bestows many abilities, complementing Uno’s peak human mental and physical abilities.

Aztek later joins the Justice League, but resigns when it is revealed that one of the mysterious benefactors of the Q Society is supervillain Lex Luthor. He is later blinded helping the League save the Earth in a battle against the planet-destroying machine Mageddon, (apparently, the ‘Tezcatlipoca’ that the cult was referring to all along). Aztek, ultimately sacrifices himself to allow Superman the chance to destroy Mageddon/Tezcatlipoca, during the World War III.

Aztek has peak human physical and mental conditioning. He wears an ancient helmet and armor (powered by a “4-dimensional mirror”), from which he derives flight, infrared and X-Ray vision, invisibility, intangibility, bodyheat camouflage, entrapment nets, plasma beams and density manipulation, as well as augmenting his peak physical abilities to superhuman levels. The 4-dimensional power source could self destruct in a highly explosive manner.

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Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:54 PM

Chronos is the name of several fictional characters of DC Comics, both supervillains who take their name from the Greek personification of Time and have the ability of time travel and can manipulate history.

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Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 03:59 PM
Atlantis Chronicles
Atlantis Chronicles

The Atlantis Chronicles is a 7-issue comic book limited series published by DC in 1990, written by Peter David, and illustrated by Esteban Maroto. It is also the name of a series of Atlantean historical manuscripts.

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Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 04:10 PM
World of Metropolis
World of Metropolis
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Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 04:14 PM
World of Krypton
World of Krypton

Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 04:23 PM

Ragman is a fictional mystic vigilante and superhero who first appeared in the short-lived series named after him. He is one of a limited number of Jewish superheroes, and his continuity is tied to that of DC Comics’ Golem, derived from the Golem of Prague of Jewish folklore.

Ragman is sometimes compared to the other night-time defender of Gotham City: Batman.

Rory Regan is a ragman, doing good in his community by buying used items from people who need money. The suit of rags that he wears was originally just a costume made from materials found around the rag shop, Rags’n'Tatters, that he shared with his father. This was retconned in a 1991 limited series, and currently each of the patches in the suit is made from the soul of an evildoer that the Ragman had punished and absorbed.

The absorption of these souls caused a problem for Rory at one point, when the evil souls hungered for murder and finally freed themselves of Ragman. It was only with the support of Batman and Regan’s old friend, Rabbi Luria, that he regained control, though at the cost of Luria’s life. Ragman’s powers have increased since then. Currently, he can absorb souls into his costume. With each new soul added, a rag is added. He can call upon the souls in his costume to lend him their attributes or power. He is also a very proficient magic user.

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Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 04:27 PM
Gang Busters
Gang Busters

Gang Busters was an American dramatic radio program heralded as “the only national program that brings you authentic police case histories.” It premiered as G-Men, sponsored by Chevrolet, on July 20, 1935.

After the title was changed to Gang Busters January 15, 1936, the show had a 21-year run through November 20, 1957. Beginning with a barrage of loud sound effects — a shrill police whistle, convicts marching in formation, police siren wailing, machine guns firing, and tires squealing — this intrusive introduction led to the popular catchphrase “came on like Gang Busters.”

The series dramatized FBI cases, which producer-director Phillips H. Lord arranged in close association with Bureau director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover insisted that only closed cases would be used.

The initial series was on NBC Radio from July 20 to October 12, 1935. It then aired on CBS from January 15, 1936 to June 15, 1940, sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive and Cue magazine. From October 11, 1940 to December 25, 1948, it was heard on the Blue Network, with various sponsors that included Sloan’s Liniment, Waterman pens and Tide. Returning to CBS on January 8, 1949, it ran until June 25, 1955, sponsored by Grape-Nuts and Wrigley’s chewing gum. The final series was on the Mutual Broadcasting System from October 5, 1955 to November 27, 1957. It was once narrated by Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr., former head of the New Jersey State Police.

The radio series was adapted for DC Comics and Big Little Books. Universal Pictures made a very popular Gang Busters movie serial in 1942, starring Kent Taylor and Ralph Morgan. The 1952 Gang Busters TV series was reedited into two feature films, Gang Busters (1955, with Myron Healey as Public Enemy No. 4) and Guns Don’t Argue (1957, with Healey as John Dillinger).

Old DC Comics

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srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 04:28 PM
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Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 04:30 PM

Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 22/01/2009 04:32 PM
Anthro is a fictional character published by DC Comics. Anthro was created by cartoonist Howard Post; he first appeared in Showcase #74, (May 1968).
After a single Showcase appearance, Anthro was given his own title, which lasted for 6 issues (1968-69). All six issues were written and drawn by Post, with Wallace Wood providing inking for the final issue.

Since the cancellation of his title, he has made minor appearances, most notably in Crisis on Infinite Earths #2. Recently, Anthro appeared in the 2006 revival of Tales of the Unexpected and the 2008 miniseries Final Crisis by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones.

Anthro is the first Cro-Magnon boy born in the Stone Age. His father, Neanderthal caveman Ne-Ahn is the chief of his tribe, his mother a captive member of another tribe. Winning two competing cavegirls as his wives, Cro-Magnon women Embra and Nima, Anthro begins the human race, as Embra lives to bear his first child.

Justice League Europe Annual #2 features a version of Anthro. In an alternate time-line, an older Silver Sorceress, lost in time, is rescued from a large creature by Anthro. He exhibits great eagerness, smashing the beast long after it is subdued. A bored cavegirl, seemingly either Embra or Nima, joins the Sorceress in watching Anthro’s ‘battle’.

Anthro is featured in the graphic novel “Doctor Thirteen Architecture and Mortallity”. Speaking only French, he is soon melted out of an chunk of ice into what seems to be the modern day. He assists the Doctor, Infectious Lass, Genius Jones, Captain Fear and other somewhat heroic characters in a mission to keep their existence relevant. The story ends with his status seemingly threatened by the reader of the novel itself.

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Old DC Comics

fredfty - 22/01/2009 09:30 PM
Secret Origin titles
Secret Origins#030 - Plastic Man & The Elongated Man
Secret Origins#14 - Suicide Squad
Secret Origins# 022 - Manhunters

Old DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC Comics
Old DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 23/01/2009 05:06 AM
Where in the world is Carmen San Diego
Where in the world is Carmen San Diego

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Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 23/01/2009 05:08 AM
The Geek
To download issues Brother Power 1,2, and Vertigo Visions

Old DC Comics

srgaribaldi - 23/01/2009 05:13 AM
The Other Side
The Other Side

The Other Side is a five-issue 2006 Vietnam War-themed comic book mini-series published by DC Comics as a part of its Vertigo imprint. It was written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Cameron Stewart.

It tells parallel stories of an American soldier and a North Vietnamese soldier.

Received Eisner Award nomination for Best Limited Series.

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Old DC Comics

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