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fredfty - 03/02/2009 12:31 PM

Original Posted By srgaribaldi
many thanks for your work!

yikes...no problem, credits to be given to you too srgaribaldi....and many thanks to some orignal scanners/uploader or used with permission(wildhawk)
srgaribaldi - 03/02/2009 03:46 PM
Kobra is a fictional supervillain published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Kobra #1 (February 1976), and was created by Martin Pasko, Steve Sherman, Jack Kirby, and Pablo Marcos.

To download issues 1-7

Old DC Comics

Hellstorm - 03/02/2009 07:56 PM

1st Issue Special was a short-lived anthology series from DC Comics, done in similar style to their Showcase series. It ran from 1975-76.

Old DC Comics

fredfty - 03/02/2009 10:43 PM
Deathstroke The Terminator
Deathstroke The Terminator TPBK and issues #6 to #60

Old DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC Comics


- DeathStroke The Terminator issues # 6 to # 60
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:16 PM
Cybernary 2.0
Cybernary is a comic book series created by comic book artist Nick Manabat with writer Steve Gerber and published by Wildstorm Productions in 1995. It tells about the story of a cybernetic anti-heroine, Katrina Cupertino, who carries the consciousness of Yamiko Gamorra.

Katrina’s story takes place in the Wildstorm Universe on the fictional post-apocalyptic island of Gamorra. She is a member of the American colony. Her parents die in a suspicious accident and Katrina opts for a life on the street. With her ’street smarts’ and low-level telepathy, she prospered in the criminal circles. She teams up with a male partner named Cisco. During one mission, there were mistakes and Vandalla, one of Gamorra’s main scientists, ends up with custody of Cisco. Her rescue attempt seemingly works, but Cisco is not truly freed and Katrina herself is vastly altered. While her outside looks like a very carefully made nympho-droid, her insides are built for killing. Not only that, her mind also contains the consciousness of Kaizen Gamorra’s lost daughter Yamiko. Intended as a present for Kaizen himself, she instead escapes and helps overthrow him.

Cybernary spends some time dimension-hopping with Savant’s unofficial super-hero team called Savant Garde. There she fought side by side with Savant herself, Mr. Majestic, the cat-girl Sheba, and many other heroes, some of who resembled Cybernary herself. Cicsco becomes part of the team, but he is now the large cyborg known as Met-L. Also joining the team is the murderous mercenary Innuendo, who helps out the heroes despite his own dark nature.

To download issues 1-5


Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:20 PM
Cinnamon El Ciclo
To download issues 1-5


Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:23 PM
Blood a tale vertigo
Blood: A Tale is a four-issue comic book limited series first published by Marvel Comics under its Epic imprint in 1988 and later re-released by DC under its Vertigo imprint in 1996. The series was written by J. M. DeMatteis and illustrated by Kent Williams.

The book, mostly illustrated by watercolors, goes back and forth between two plots. One story features an extremely ancient king who is visited by an unusual spirit. As he slowly dies, the spirit tells him many tales.

The other story, the main one, focuses on a man’s life. He was found by two women, floating in a river. The story follows him as he grows up and leaves to establish his own life.

To download issues 1-4


Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:24 PM
Black Lamb
The Black Lamb is a six-issue comic book limited series that takes place in a science fantasy setting. Published in late 1996 and early 1997 by DC Comics as part of their now defunct Helix imprint, the series was written and drawn by Tim Truman.

Set in an unnamed near future city that has a cyberpunk appearance and feel, The Black Lamb stars a character named Diarmaid Donn, a centuries old vampire who is originally from medieval Ireland. Donn, known as the Black Lamb, is a figure authorized by the supernatural elements of the city, known collectively as the Tribes of the Night, as judge, jury and executioner in matters pertaining to the protection of the Tribes of the Night.

Told mostly from the point of view of the title character, a significant amount of time also finds the story told from the point of view of a supporting character named Commissioner Damn. Damn is a police officer who has the ability to sense supernatural beings.

Although some members of the Tribes of the Night live above ground, the majority reside, hidden in secret, in a huge maze of underground caverns beneath the city.

In the back of issue #1, Tim Truman wrote a column titled “Out for Blood” in which he noted the influences and inspirations for The Black Lamb. Among the named sources are James Whale’s 1931 motion picture version of Frankenstein, the stories featuring Fu Manchu and The Iron Dream by science fiction writer, Norman Spinrad.

To download issues 1-6


Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:38 PM
Arrowsmith wildstorm
Arrowsmith is a fantasy comic book by writer Kurt Busiek and penciller Carlos Pacheco, published by Wildstorm’s Cliffhanger imprint. It first premiered as a six-issue miniseries in 2003.

The series is set in an alternate history Earth in which the United States is actually the United States of Columbia, magic is real, and the First World War is fought with and by dragons, spells, vampires and all other kinds of magical weapons and beings.

The story follows the protagonist, Fletcher Arrowsmith, as he joins the war effort on the side of the Allies, gets taught the rudiments of sorcery and engages in some brutal battles with the enemy Prussians.

The original limited series ran for six issues in 2003 and was collected in the trade paperback Arrowsmith, Book 1: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms (ISBN 1-4012-0299-3) in 2004.

In 2006 Busiek stated that he and Pacheco hope to produce more Arrowsmith projects. Busiek and Pacheco are working on Arrowsmith: Far From the Fields We Know, an illustrated prose novel that focuses on Fletcher Arrowsmith in a Prussian prison on a secret mission for the Allies.

To download issues 0-6

Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:41 PM
America’s best comics ABC AZ
To download 4 different issues


Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:43 PM
A man called Kev
Kev Hawkins is a comic book anti-hero who first appeared in an Authority one-shot in 2002.

Kev was created by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry and is a (former) SAS operative who is forever down on his luck. Despite all his training, Kevin is not very muscular or intelligent and is cursed with probably the worst luck of anybody on the Wildstorm Earth.

To download issues 1-5


Old DC Comics
srgaribaldi - 04/02/2009 03:46 PM
Body Doubles
The Body Doubles are fictional characters, DC Comics villains created by Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett, and Jackson Guice.

They first appeared in Resurrection Man #1. (March 1996) before appearing in their own eponymous mini-series with Joe Phillips on art duties.

Bonny Hoffman and Carmen Leno are hired killers who work for the Requiem, Inc. Assassination Agency. Bonny is the daughter of an East Coast mob boss who wanted to prove to her father that she could be as tough as any man, while Carmen is a former adult film star and exotic dancer, who hoped to advance her career as a legitimate Hollywood actress. Both women meet and become assassins and use many types of hi-tech firearms and concealed weapons, often found in their make up accessories

The Body Doubles begin working for Bonny’s Uncle Nick, an assassin himself, and a magnificent drag queen to boot. As hired killers, the Body Doubles often come into conflict with Resurrection Man.

The two spent some time working for a beauty-obsessed alien warrior woman named Mystress. She wanted to use the energies of several female superheros as part of a makeover. Usually, she used normal female victims but this time was special.

The ladies kidnapped Argent, Power Girl and Deep Blue. They went after Black Canary, going through the trouble of binding and gagging her after their vicious battle, but this was during the time she had no powers so they ended up letting her go (something the restrained Black Canary tried to scream at them along with a string of vulgar profanities, but was unable to due to the gag.)

They also tried to kill Catwoman when she was running for mayor of New York City, but they were defeated.

They continue to work for Uncle Nick, merrily murdering assigned victims while pursuing their dreams. The Body Doubles, as of Villains United #1, have joined the Secret Society of Super Villains, as well as having aided the Riddler and several other villains in Gotham City in Infinite Crisis #1.

To download issues 1-4 and New years evil click below


Old DC Comics
fredfty - 06/02/2009 09:03 PM
Superman Batman World's Finest TPBK
Superman Batman World's Finest TPBK. Art by Steve Rude.

Old DC Comics
Old DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC Comics

fredfty - 06/02/2009 09:50 PM
V for Vendetta
Alan Moore and David Lloyd's famous V for Vendetta

Old DC Comics
Old DC Comics

fredfty - 06/02/2009 11:20 PM
Will Eisner's A Contract with God
Will Eisner's A Contract with God

Old DC ComicsOld DC Comics

fredfty - 06/02/2009 11:31 PM
The Phantom Stranger
DC Comic's The Phantom Stranger by Kupperberg, Mignola and Russell

Old DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC Comics


Philliprumans - 07/02/2009 12:09 AM

Does anyone have any links to the DC Comics Presents series and the Doctor Fate series that Keith Giffen did? Thanks in advance for any leads.
fredfty - 07/02/2009 07:32 AM

Greetings, if you give me a few hours, I can look it up and post it here.
Philliprumans - 07/02/2009 07:54 AM

Thanks : )
fredfty - 07/02/2009 01:25 PM
Dr. Fate
DC Comics Dr. Fate Volume 1 1987

Old DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC ComicsOld DC Comics


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