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slackbuntu - 19/10/2012 06:04 PM

sore gan, ane nubi mau tanya

1. Google Adsense sekarang udah terima Blog berbahasa indonesia ya, karena ane liat banyak blog indo pake Bahasa tentunya udeh pake adsense

2. dan apakah iklan dalam 1 akun, bisa di pasang lebih dari 1 domain terdaftar
misal ane daftar pake domain dan mau pasang iklan di subdomainnya ato mungkin blog/situs lain beda domain

mohon pencerahannya
adnanreas - 19/10/2012 11:24 PM

Informasi untuk "Peta Medan Perang SEO 2012"

Apa yang di inginkan Google??

Cuplikan Update Penguin dan Panda Google Selama 2012

January 18th – Panda 3.2
January 19th –“Top heavy” – sites devalued
March 21st – Unnatural Link Warnings in WMT, followed by ranking drops
March 23rd – Panda 3.4 – announced by Twitter, 1.6% queries
April 19th – Panda 3.5
April 24th – Penguin – over optimisation penalty, bad links
April 27th – Panda 3.6
May 25th Penguin 2
June 8th Panda 3.7
June 25th Panda 3.8
July 24th Panda 3.9
August 20th 3.91
September 18th Panda 3.9.2
August 10th – DMCA penalty
September 29th – EMD penalty
October 5th – Penguin 3.0, ~0.3% impact

dan hal ini akan berlanjut setiap bulannya.. bahkan minggu.

jadi apa yang sebenarnya Google inginkan dari sebuah website??

So what is Google like in 2012?
There have certainly become more transparent, but why are they giving us this information? We know that they have been recruiting Odesk workers to carry out quality reviews, and they have always been inside link networks (they just probably know about more now!). We have had our keyword data in Analytics restricted with the introduction of “not provided” and soon Google Shopping Paid inclusion will be coming into force. Google now have a massive amount of link data following all the reinclusions so 2013 will be even tougher on link building.

So What Does Google Want in 2012?

“Write good content and you will get links” … REALLY!
How can a site gain links from good content with all the social network sharing that goes on. Years ago before Twitter and Facebook people would leave proper comments on websites, or rewrite an article on their blog, with their spin on it and link to the source. This rarely happens now as people just Tweet and Like something and then it’s gone as the noise of the internet increases.

“Build sites for users and not for Search Engines”
Google can now algorithmically determine sites that are poor for users, as seen in the over affiliated and top heavy sites update. But it’s more important than ever to also make sure your site is good for the search engines with things like speed, content and structure.

“Has Google stepped into Social for a reason”
For the last few years SEO’s have been saying that social signals is a ranking factor but how can Google trust social signals when it’s so easy to game. How can they really track all of the interactions and work out the authority or trust of each social share or mention?

“Good link building strategies”
Of course Google want you to have good, clean link profiles…. It would certainly make their life easier. With the expectations of a big Penguin roll out when Matt Cutts said “You really don’t want the next Penguin update” , it’s time people took a long hard look at their link profiles and started the clean up and changed their strategies.

yang saya tangkap sekilas dari penjelasan di atas adalah, Build content with passions.. build website for user, not for search engine.. jadilah authority blog dan Google akan sayang sama blog anda sekaligus akun adsense anda.. Just FYI.. CMIIW

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